#27 A look into the future

It is the year 2528. Earth was so full of people that we built around the earth. We call this the earth shell. It is on the edge of the breathable atmosphere. All the materials we used were salvaged from material rich planets and space debree.

We built a litteral shell around the earth where 30 billion people can live in. Only the elite 5 billion people can go to earth. The earths eco system is now controled from different stations on the earth shell, making the planet have the perfect heat or cold for that area. 

We started building on the earth shell as soon as we could safely travel and haul materials trough the universe, wich was is 2064. The first cargoshuttle was launched to start on the first buildings in space. Every government soon caught up and before you knew it earts shell was complete in 2144. In 80 years we made a suitable place for people to live in for over 30 bilion people. Because you can live anywhere in the shell. The shell is 1 kilometer wide, wich makes it easy to make rooms for everyone.

In the shell is an ecosystem that is replicated from earth. And all our water is caught from space and waterhaulers. Waterhaulers take massive amounts of water from other planets and bring them to the earth shell. We figured out how to travel faster then the speed of light so traveling does not take very long. 

Something that is 300 lightyears away can be reached in 20 minutes. Wich makes it easy to reach other stations that are placed in outer space. These stations are used for scanning planets and meteors. They scan them for minerals and other usefull material. We will get orders to get the stuff we need to get and we get paid. 

Everyone one the earth shell has agreed to pay with a different kind of money. We do not have any physical money, that would take to many recourses. When we are born we get a chip implanted in our arm wich makes us a citizen of the earth shell. But the chip also allows us to store our currency. We call our currency shells because the place we live in is called earths shell.

Our waste is used in our biosystem for fertilizer. And our fruits and vegitables are made in many greenrooms to sustain 35 billion people so there is never any major hunger on the earth shell. 

The governments are devided in 50 pieces on the earth shell. But there is only 1 government left on earth. They are called the elite government plan or EGP for short. The EGP decides what happens on the earth shell. And on earth researchers plan their plans and make new things. 

On earth it is like paradise now. No pollution. As cars are forbidden and used in the making of the earth shell. There are still some cars. But they float between the magnetic field of the earth and earths shell. And they are only for the people that can afford them. 

If you are born on earth you are most likely more lucky then if you are born on earths shell. On earth you can live like an earthling. And you can go cycling in the mountains or walk in a forest. This is not possible on the earth shell. Well… you can do some things like cycling. But it would never be anything like on earth. 

But it does not matter where you are born. You can look at earth from the earth shell and hear stories about how great it is there. You would want to go there when you grow up and work hard to get a place on earth. This is how they select the elite. You go trough a program when you are 15. If you are gifted, have a special ability or have worked your ass off to master a skill, you have a good chance of being accepted in the EGP.

There are only 25.000 people accepted to earth each year. And only the best of the best are sellected to breath earths atmosphere. You can try your whole life to get to earth. So the hardest workers will get rewarded by going to earth for the rest of their life. 

The avarage age people become in this year is 125. But when people reach 100 they would still look fairly young. This is all because the food we produce is modified slightly to help people enjoy their lives longer. In 200 years it is expected that we can live until we are 175. 

When you are born on earth you have to prove that you are worthy of staying on earth. You have 25 years to show off your skill. Otherwise you are deported to the earth shell and you would be given a good life there. Nevertheless most newborns on earth show promise trough genetics. 

The total count of the humans is 35 bilion now. We are planning to expand our race into the galaxy by making massive eco systems in space. Enormous cubes with a diameter of 500km by 500km. They would be like mini earths. With the same systems as the earth shell. 

If you have any more questions on how the universe works now, i would be glad to tell you in another mail. But for now i have to get back to my research. Time traveling is not an easy task when it’s incomplete.


#26 fixing basements

We fix basements. The client calls me and we renovate their basement. I had many strange things show up. I even found a torture chamber once, we had to call the cops and it was a great hit in the newspapers.

Some days ago a person called us to look at their basement, since they moved there recently. He said he heard strange noises coming from the basement and did not want to go in by himself. So we decided to come by, because he realy wanted to use the basement.

In the early morning we packed everything we needed into the van. We could strip the basement and put some new paint in it if he wanted to start straight away.

So when we got there we looked at the house. It looked slightly on the expencive side. It also looked quite gentle. My colleague and i walked to the entrance of the house and knocked on the door. 

A man that looked to be around his 50’s opened the door and greeted us with a handshake. He let us in and asked us if we could talk about what the basement should be turned into. We agreed and sat around the table to discuss the matter.

When we were done talking he opened the door to the basement for us. It did not look old or croocked in any way. It was quite a nice basement. There was no old furniture and everything looked like it was going to be an easy and quick job. 

We got our ideas together and showed what could be done with the basement. The owner was pleased with our idea and told us we could start 2 days later. He had to go to some family for a few days. We agreed and went home

2 days later:

We knocked on the door of the house and someone to hang on. We waited a few seconds and the door unlocked and opened. The same guy was still in his bathrobe. He told us to get started whenever we felt like it while he got changed. 

We took a broom with us and some paintbuckets. We went downstairs and put everything in order for us to start. We begans sweeping the floor as there was a whole lot of dust and sand in there. In the corner i was sweeping while i accidently went to close to the wall and punctured it. 

We both looked at each other questionable. A wall like this should not be able to break that easely. We got curious and started knocking on the wall. One whope side of the wall sounded like there was another room there. So qe decided to make the hole a bit bigger so we could look inside with a flashlight.

We din’t see much, but it was still part of the basement. So we grabbed 2 sledgehammers and started breaking the wall. With all the noise the owner came down and asked us what we were doing. We explained there was more room behind the walls that seemed to been placed there for some kind of reason.

The guy frowned and said alright, go ahead as he turned around and went back upstairs.we raised our hammers again and started bashing the wall down. The basement seemed to be twice as big as it was with the wall still up. There was a shack inside the room. A little kind of home for someone to live in. 

We tried to open the door but it would not budge. And there were no windows. So we decided to smash the door open with our hammers. When the door waa broken down we entered the little shack. There were some tools hanging on the wall and a few workbenches. When we looked down we saw a trapdoor. We tried to open it and it opened. It was not locked at all. There was a ladder going down. We grabbed our ropes and put them around our middle after securing it somewhere around the ladder. The ladder seemed old so it could break while we went down the ladder.

While climbing down we smelled a rotten stench reaching our noses. We covered our nose and went further down. After a prety long climb we reached the bottom of the house.

We looked around with our flashlights and we saw old guns lying on the ground. Skeletons were covering most of the ground. We got scared but pulled ourselves together and went on. We walked trough a tunnel while we suddenly heard a loud bang. We jumped when we heard it and laid on the geound for a few seconds. Again we heard a loud bang. But we could also hear some people talking. 

We decided to get up and walk forward. The sounds were gone now. We saw flags that looked like they were from the second world war. Hitlers flags. This must have been a secret hidden bunker. Again we hears people talking in the distance. We looked around and saw all kind of rooms. But i no room were people to be found. While we got confused we walked into a dead end. We din’t see anyone down here, but we still heard voices. We looked at each other and decided to leave.

We were certainly not coming back again. We explained everything to the owner of the house. He told the authorities and got moved to another house. 

No one know what is going on there till this day. its a mystery to everyone. And we still were not able to make out what made those noises down there as there was no one down there.

#25 A very good meal

‘Oooh how i love this food’ it was some kind of salad made of turnips, carrots and some other ingredients. One bite is so fresh that it would tingle a little in my mouth. And it mademy stomache feel funny, that good.

The waiter came up to me and asked how i liked their new salad. I was told him it was one of the best salads i had in my entire life. I told him how it made me feel. A smile appeared on the waiter’s face and said ‘very good. I will give the cook your compliments.’ ‘Very well’ i said.

When the waiter returned he said ‘sir, this has never happened before, but the cook was so pleased with your compliment that he invites you over to the kitchen. I looked at the waiter, ‘alright, lead the way’ i awnsered.

The waiter walked in front of me and pushed open two big doors to the kitchen. It looked clean and the kitchen smelled like food was being prepaired. The dishes were all clean and the cook that was making the food was the only cook in the kitchen. 

The cook met my eyes as he smiled and gestured me to come over to where he was cooking. I walked over and thanked him for the magnificent salad he made for me earlyer. He nodded and thanked me. ‘I can show you how i made it’ he said. I was baffled and said i defenitly wanted to know how he made it.

He told me to stay put as he grabbed the ingredients. He showed me exactly how to make the dish. And i was taken by surprise as to how easy it was to make the salad. He let me taste the salad, but it din’t taste as good as the one dish i got from him in the restaurant. ‘There is something missing’ i said. Again, he smiled and said ‘you’re right. Follow me’ 

We walked down to a basement and he turned on the lights. He opened another door and i saw some kind of a cage. The cook made a sound and out of the corner came a grey-green creature with a big head and a small torso. The legs were long and thin. As were the arms of the creature. It stopped in front of the cook and put its arm trough the cage. 

I was getting light headed and scared at the same time. I fell on my behind. The cook looked me and told me not to worry. He took a syringe from his pocket and took off the cap. The needle punctured the creatures arm and it looked at me with big sad eyes as the cook drew green fluid into the syringe. 

It made me feel sick to my stomach. ‘This is the secret ingredient to my best dishes’ the cook said laughing. ‘Ofcourse you are surprised and maybe scared, but there is no need to be scared. The creature wont harm you, we removed it’s teeth and claws’ he said. My stomach turned and i puked everything out i ate that day. 

The cook started laughing and walked back up the stair. My legs were so weak, i could not get up. A loud bang sounded as the cook shut the door above me. The light was still on so i could see the creature holding the bars of the cage while looking at me. I never seen something like it before. It looked very much like an alien. 

I pulled myself together and sat myself against the wall. The creature was still looking at me with it’s big sad eyes. It made some kind a gnarling noise while it blinked is eyes. I started to feel realy bad for the creature. It must have been here for months, maybe even years. I looked back at it and reached my hand at the creature. It got scared and pulled back a few feet behind the bars. 

I put my arm trough the bars as the creature carefully watched my moves. It slowly got closer while it lifted and lowered it head up and down. ‘What are you’ i said to the creature. It reached out for my hand and touched my fingers. It’s hand fell cold and smooth. 

Suddenly it grabbed my hand with a firm grip. I got light headed and lost controll of my body. I fell to the ground and everything became white. Slowly i woke up in a room. It was white with no furnature, not even a door. I heard a loud hiss as the wall seemed to open up. In came two tall creatures that looked like the creature i was with. They grabbed me, but i was unable to move, so the creatured dragged me to the opening in the wall. 

I appeared to be in a hallway where the creatures put me in some kind of seat. It was pretty comfortable as they put me in the seat. The creatures made some gnarling noises as they walked away from me. ‘Where am i, what’s happening to me’ i tough. I wondered what happened to the creature in the basement. 

Moments later the creatures came back. They gently got me up from the chair and took me with them to the hallway. We walked to a dead end of the hallway and then suddenly the dead end wall opened.

There was a big room with a massive window. It looked like a massive cockpit of a huge ship. When i looked out of the window i lost my breath. I was looking at earth, from a spaceship, with alien creatures. 

#24 A getting back.

“Aah” the little things. Dont you love the small good things that sometimes happen. Small achievements can be more exiting and satisfying then big achievements sometimes. 

When you had a rough day, and someone you maybe know tells you a joke so funny you almost pee your pants. In that case it were best if you wear dypers. Who knew they were usefull for us right?

The reason i write this is because something happened. I’m sick…. well not sick, i’m ill. I sat in the smoke of the barbeque and my voice now sound like that of a person that smokes 10 packs of siggarettes a day. I quite litterally smoked my brains out. But boy!!! The meat was good!

Oh and we went metal detecting. We found some old iron objects and even a shard of an old grenade that was used in the second world war. It might have pierced some body, but luckely we din’t find any bones near the shard. 

Now my throat hurts. And i’m still going to school today. And im constantly caughing in the buss… and i don’t even smoke. 

And then ill end it here with some wise words from my library of connections of my brainwaves; when you meet and blue cow with 3 eyes, and it starts talking to you about hamburgers, you should probably ignore it. But if you give it a banana milkshake it will run off into the ground. Or it would be possible you had enough shrooms 🙂

I’ll upload stories from here on out again. I’m also going to try to tell my stories in video’s as soon as my voice gets better, peace. Michael.

#23 Demensia

“Ahh, i can’t remember where i left my keys!” I shout in frustration. But then i remember, they are in my pocket of my jacket. “Ofcourse” thats where i always put them.

I’m going to see my mother today. I hope she remembers me this time. She’s got alzheimer’s. I’m sure most of you know what that means, but for those who don’t, alzheimer’s is the most commor form of dimentia. The brain declines the recent memories in this case with my mother. She remembers the memories of 15 years ago, when i was still 7. So when i visit her, she often does not remember me. And her alzheimer’s is uncurable.

I don’t visit my mother often. It’s not because i dont like her, it’s just still hard to accept that she does not remember me. It’s scary to see her in that kind of state of confusion. Inside it makes me sick and weird because i know that it will only get worse, and there is absolutely nothing we can do about it. 

It sometimes even feels like she is… dead. The way she stares into nothingness. She doesn’t move, and breathes very slow. When you stand in front of her she will look at you the same way she looks into the distance. I asked her sometimes what she sees. But trough her broken speech i can barely make anything of it. I think she sees something like little waves and dots. Many waves under each other, like watching a tv that has realy bad reception. And dots like the snow on tv when therr is no reception at all.

It’s scary because i can’t feel what she feels. Sometimes she talks about things that never happened. Or she starts crying out of nowhere. She tells me she doesn’t live where she lives and that she does not want to die yet. 

But the scaryest thing is when she looks at me. Just looking without expression. She has darkbrown eyes. Real tired eyes. She just moves her mouth just a little bit, grinding her toothflesh on each other since she doesn’t have any teeth anymore. She looks at me like she doesn’t know me. And them she says “hey” and smiles a little bit. 

I know she wants to tell me things. But almost never can she make whole words, let alone sentences. She realy tries to say stuff and she realy wants to tell what she is going trough. But she can’t complete any words. And frustration of being unable to talk, takes over. And she’ll start crying again. I then sit next to her and make her at ease. She needs all the support we can give her. 

The things she can say is “yes”, “no” and “i’m thirsty or hungry” and “i need to go to the toilet” but thats it. The rest she speaks is out of frustration, or it’s just all broken words. 

But the thing is, i don’t know if i will get this too. And that scares me the most. I can’t remember any birthdays other than the one of my best friend and my own. The little things i forget seem to increase over the years. Being forgetfull is very frusrating.
Written by michael kraus.