#9,6 My life, chasing my seadream

Massive waves started to form and splashed into the hull of the ships. It was a good thing we secured everything because the ships are bouncing on the waves. Lightning strikes the water with a loud bang and lights up everything in sight. Rain pouring from the sky with drops as big a bullets. 

“I hope the storm passes soon” i think. My stomach is turning a little from all the bobbing. The quartermaster comes in the room and sees me sitting. “First time in a storm eh?” He says. “Just lie down in your hammock, it takes most of the sick feeling away” i nod at him and walk to my hammock. I lay myself in the hammock and indeed, the hammock is not a great fix but it works better then just standing around. 

I get up from my hammock and walk to the quartermaster, who is checking on all the other mates and seeing if they are okay. I ask “when can we talk about the maps?”.” As soon as the storm settles well meet in the captain’s cabin. Don’t forget to bring your map” he awnsered. “Alright” i say as i walk back to my hammock. I lay back down in my and try not to throw up.

I can hear and feel the wind of the storm rushing trough the ship. Water splashing hard against the ships hull. And loud thunder roaring in the distance. The storm doesn’t last long and gets less dangerous. The crew is going back on the deck, so i follow them. The waves were still high and splashing wildly against the ship. I was just about to get up when a massive wave hit us. The sudden movement made me loose my footing and bash my head into the hull of the ship, and everything became a blur and silence took over. Darkness filled my sight as i noticed i fell down. 

I woke up with the sun glaring intonmy eyes. The sea was peacefull again. And seagull sceams and shipmates filled the silence. I squint my eyes and see the quartermaster in a blur standing above me. “Your awake” he says. “Let’s go to the captain’s quarters”. I got up with my head pounding on ny left side. I put my hand on my head and slowly walk towards the quartermaster who is waiting in front of the door. As he opened the door we walked into the room. The room was all messy because of the storm. The quartermaster grabbed two chairs and sat them around the table. 

As he put his map on the table, he said to me “show me the map you bought”. I reach intomy pocket and luckely it’s still there. I take it out and unfold it on the table. “Hmm” the quartermaster says as he rubs his chin while looking at it. “There is no X on my map, your map is a different but drawn in the same style”. As i puck up the quartermasters map i can see light shinig trough it making the map a lightbrown color. I spotted a little circle but i could not see it when i was looking at the map with the naked eye. “Why can’t i see this when i put it on the table” i tought to myself. I take my map while the quartermaster is still looking at it “hey, i was looking at that” he says irritated. “Look” i say while holding the map in the sunlight. The quartermaster and i look at the map. We can see the x become a center point of four lines leading to circles on the map. But there is also another circle on the map wich sits alone, and it is right around the entrance wich looks like it leads to a cave.

I take the map of the quartermaster and the coins outside of the map seem to precicely line up with the items and land on my map. “Why, if that isen’t intersting” he says while looking at the maps with a close look. He points to the corner of the map. “There is writing” he says. “How did i miss this” i tought to myself. “You are right, what does it say” i ask. “Bar…bar..naga, island of many rare… with an… the…that’s all the words on there” he says.”It seems there is still a part of the map missing. 

As we try to look for more clue’s the rest of the day, we get tired and don’t find anything else on the maps. “It seems we have dound everything there is to find on the map” the quartermaster says. I nod yes. “let us go to the captain to tell him our progress on the maps”. “Maybe he knows about any of the clue’s, let’s show him” i say. 

We walk outside to the deck and the quartermaster orders to go to the Medusa with a boat. The crew puts the boat on the water and we get in. Two crew members get in aswell to row the boat to the ship. When we get to the ship we can see the captain already awaiting our arival. The shipmates throw a ladder down and we get on the ship with some help of the captain. 

“We have news” the quartermaster says. “And what might that be” the captain asks. The quartermaster and i walk up to some barrels close to the edge and take out our maps. “When we were docked at bay, we both bought a piece of a treasure map from some curious men” the quartermaster tells the captain. The captain turned his head and made a questionable face. “Show me this” he said. 

We open both maps and share with the captain what we had found. “As you know, a captain always is on the hunt for a new adventure” he says ” this will be our next objective, but we will have to find the other pieces to the map” the captain says. We both nod and cheer in agreement. 

The captain runs up the stair to the steeringwheel and puts his hands next to his mouth. “MEDUSA” he yells. All the crew members look at the captain and stop with what they are doing. “We have a special obective after we are done with the this one” he yells. The crew mates look at each other in a questioning way. “We are going on a treasurehunt!” He announces. The whole crew cheers with happyness and delight to the words of the captain. 

“Land ahoy!” The mate in the crows nest screams. Everyone starts to walk around and getting ready to their positions to fufill their jobs. “We have two days on tortuga! Be back on the shil by first sunlight” the captain says to his crew as his crew cheered another “Hoaa!”


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#10 Am i ok?

Cold grey clouds are approaching my sight as i look up in the air. The smell of raindrops fills my nostrils, as i breathe in the fresh air. The air makes me aware it’s going to rain soon. As i close my eyes while facing the sky, i can feel a single drop of water fall on my left cheek “I better head inside” i think. I turn to my backdoor and open it. As soon as i step inside the raindrops start coming down in groups.

I wake up, and open my eyes. i notice i am still strapped to the bed because my wrists hurt from the belts wrapped around them. I pull a couple of times trying to break from the belts, but to no result it only ends in more pain in my wrists and arms. 

The room i’m in looks like a futuristic hospital, with white glowing walls and ceiling. I can’t look to the floor as my head is also strapped with a belt, but it seems the floor is illuminating the whole room, like a massive lamp. 

I hear a “kling” sound coming from my right and instantly turn my eyes to where the sound is coming from. I start breathing heavily, and it seems i’m hyper ventilating. 

I hear a footstep, almost like a man’s bare foot on a flat glossy surface. The bare footsteps are getting closer and my hart starts pounding faster as my blood starts rushing trough my veins. I’m in a panic state. But i am unable to do anything about it. 

I slowly see a silluet forming from my left and it doesn’t even look human. It’s looking at me with it’s big black eyes, turning his head while studying me. It places what i think are it’s hand on my arm. Suddenly i feel a stinging feeling in my upper left arm. 

The feeling gets too painfull and i let out a scream. The figure retreats as it got scared by my scream i think. 

Then everything went white. I woke up in my bed with a numb feeling in my left arm… i have been sleeping on it making blood unable to pass trough it wich makes it feel like i don’t have a left arm anymore. 

I walk to the bathroom to splash some water in my face after such a strange dream i had to cool off. I took off my shirt and looked in the mirror to see what my arm looked like, because it was still feeling numb. 

To my shock, there was a black round thing on my arm covered in what seemed like old scars from a burn wound. In the middle was a pulsating red light. I tried to scratch it, but when my nail crossed the surface of the pulsating light it hurt as much as i would cut myself in my arm. 

It’s raining outside, but its clearing up now. Ill go to the doctor tomorrow.

#9,5 My life, chasing my seadream

Part 3: Tortuga!

When the sea battle was behind us I went to my hammock. Because the capatian had appointed me to the ship with the quartermaster. I felt kind of dissapointed, because I still wanted to ask the captain about the letter with my ring as a stamp, I found in the library. But these were the orders. And eitherway I don’t mind the captain putting me with the quartermaster because now we can speculate and talk about the maps we have found. I unlocked my chest and opened it, taking out the letter and putting it in my pocket. I don’t need anything else I suppose as I closed and locked my chest again.

I walked out of the room back to the stairs leading to the deck. When I got to the deck, the fresh air of the seawind blew me in my face, and small drips of salt water hitting my arm as a wave hit the hull. I walked over to a boarding plank and pulled myself on the edge of it. As I walked over I could feel the plank rocking up and down between the two ship. “as long as the boarding plank stays on the railings I’m fine” I tought. I walked across and jumped off of the other edge of the plank onto the boards of the new ship. “this is a very nice looking ship, it looks new” my toughts told me. I looked around and saw the door to the captain’s quarters, where the quartermaster was standing. He was busy, ordering fellow mates what to do.

I went to the opening near the captain’s quarters to go down to the crew’s sleeping quarters. As I walked down the stairs, the planks creeked from under my feet. When I was finally one stair down, I walked behind the stair, because there was a door to somewhere I didn’t check yet. While walking around the staircase I tought “I hope there won’t be anyone waiting for me there on the other side with a mace ready to bash my skull”. I opened the door with a slight creek “what a stenche” I said out loud while covering my nose with my arm, and to my surprise I saw a room, much like the library on my captain’s ship. but itstead of a library there was blood everywhere. Torture weapons and machines and straps on the walls. But the smell, the smell was awefull.

I closed the door to the room and walked back to the front of the stair. I glanced back to the door while I walked back up to the deck to find the quartermaster. When I got up to the deck, I wasn’t able to see the quartermaster in sight. So I decided to open the doors to the captain’s quarters and look inside. There I saw him standing, looking at some books in the shelves. “there is some interesting information on this ship” he said without even looking my way. “yes, and the room below this room looks like a torture chamber. There is so much blood everywhere” I told him.

He looked at me with his eyebrows frowned up, and said “show me instantly, what you saw” he said a little concerned. “why did he react so strange on this information” I tought. Aye, I said to the quartermaster. We walked out of the captain’s quarters onto the deck and down the stair. We then walked behind the stair and i said to the quartermaster, “here tis, sir. Cover up your nose” I said. But he din’t wait any longer and he din’t even cover up anything from the stench when he walked in. He looked around the room as if he were looking for something he lost. He then walked to the corner of the room to a small chest. He opened it and said “bollucs” he then ran back to the door and ran upstairs. I think I heard him call for the captain while running over to the boarding planks. “what’s his deal” I tought.

Wait a minute “what’s in the chest” I asked myself. I walked over to the closed chest. The strong oder of rotting flesh became stronger with every step I took towards the chest. When I stood in front of it I tought “this smell is almost making me throw up”. I open the chest with my foot and gag to the sight of a face that’s been rotting there for a couple of days. I din’t recognize it nor did I want to look at it any longer, so I closed the chest and walked out of the room, still covereing up my mouth and nose.

“how are we supposed to sail with all this stench on the ship” I tought. I walked to the boarding plank in between the ships and crossed it, landing on the captains deck. I look around and see the crew carrying some goods around. “where is the captain?” I ask a random mate. “I think he’s in hit cabin, that’s where I last saw him” he replied. So I walked my way to the captain’s quarters and pushed open the door. The captain and quartermaster looked at me, and the captain said “come in, you are just the one I want to talk to”. I make my way to the table the captain and quartermaster are standing around.

“have you seen what is in the chest” the captain asked me. “I saw a rotting head” I said. “shush! Not so loud” he replied, “no one can know about this”. I nodded and said “what’s going on?” the captain looked down at the table and said “that ship is a place where people are tortured and killed. It is a spy ship. we have to get rid of that room, and make every piece of evidence that leads to a spy ship dissapear, because even spy ships are not alowed in Tortuga” he said with a serious tone. “we need someone to clean this mess up, but we can’t tell anyone on deck that the other ship was a spy ship” the quartermaster says. “I don’t want to clean this mess up, it might take days. And the scent would be realy bad” I tought. “so you” the quartermaster said, “will clean up this mess”. I rolled my eyes and sighed “ill get right to it” I said. The quartermaster started gigling “ofcourse I will help you with this task, as it is one of the most discusting things I have seen. And it would be torture just to be there alone for days just cleaning everything up”. That was a little relief, knowing the quartermaster would help me clean the ship.

“right let’s begin cleaning immidiatly” the quartermaster said. I agreed and followed him to grab some cleaning stuff from the ship. we walked back to the room and put a bandana around our face to somewhat lower the chance of getting any illness from the rotting flesh and wood, if that was even possible. We started cleaning the flesh by collecting it in a crate, wich we eventually would throw overboard with the chackles that were hanging on the wall. We worked the rest of the day untill deep in the night. Most of the mess was gone, all we had to do now was to get the stench out of the wood. So we decided to paint the wall with a white paint. And rip out the floor to then let the carpenters make a new floor in the room.

The next day we started on the floorboards right when we had breakfirst. The ships were still together, but there were no boarding planks between them. It made it look from a distance like there were two ships visiting each other, or doing a trade. The crew knew now the floor was getting repaired and helped us out fixing it. So they threw all the old floorboards overboard and helped put in the new floor. In two days the ship was fixed and we were ready to set sail to tortuga. The good news reached our captain and unrolled the sails. We also unrolled the sails and followed the captain on the rushing waves.

Rocking back and forth we had almost arived on Tortuga, when we saw a big storm coming our way. We talked about what to do, and if we go to the side we should be able to avoid most of the storm. But the big storm was developing into an even bigger storm, and started to become a real threat. So we decided to secure everything and hoist the sails. This way the sails would not get damaged so much. The captain told us we should keep a good distance between the two ships, so there would be no collisions of sorts. We then prepared ourselves as the storm slowly took over the bright sky, and filled it with rain, thunder and massive waves.

#9,4 My life, chasing my seadream

I awoke early, most of the crew was still sleeping. I must have slept just a few hours. I sat up turned to the side of the hammock and put my feet on my shoes. I rub my eyes and let out a silent but big yawn. There is no light coming from the outside, it must still be dark, I tought. I put on my shoes and walked towards the stairs to the upper deck. There were still about seven crew mates walking on the deck, one came towards me and said. Aye, can you take my shift so I can get a few hours’o sleep? I nodded in agreement. I wasen’t doing anything so just keep an eye out for something to do, he said to me as he walked the stair down the deck. Will do, I replied. I see the lantern on the other ship we are soon going to attack, rocking back and forth on the oceans waves. Everything is still peacefull as the wind slowly blows us forward.

Suddenly I hear footsteps coming closer, and I feel a hand land on my shoulder. I look to my right and there stands the quartermaster. Ey there, did you get some sleep, he asked. The hammock is more comfortable then I tought, I said. He chuckled, yeah it’s not that bad. In a few hours we will drift next to them, he said to me. I looked at him and asked, what am I supposed to do? You will be on this ship, you have to make sure no one boards us as we board them. You, as someone who controles a whip, is very valuable on the defensive side. Ye’ll be provided with a leather chestplate and some leather wristbands, so everyone will know they have to grant you space. We have a rule on this ship, if you take out any enemy, you get to keep what they carry, he said to me smiling. I frowned my eyebrows. I have never hurt someone before in that way, I told him. What do you mean, he said. You are a slavemaster, you surely must have hit someone with that whip. I looked out to the ship and cleared my throat, not sure how to reply. Aah, he says, well it don’t matter what kind of slavemaster you are, as long as you can fend off the enemy. Because they don’t care if you are kind or not. They will slit your throat in a second. I gulped at the tought. I only ever got into a fist fight over a few copper coins, but I have never killed anyone. But if someone wishes me dead I will surely return the favor, I tought to myself.

C’mon then, I will show you the weapon storage, he said. I followed him down two stairs and trough one door right in front of the second stair, therewas one door to the left and the right, he opened the left door and pointed me to go inside, with his hand. I walked inside and saw many different kinds of weapons. There were three whips hanging above the top shelf to the right with two morning stars sitting on them. He pointed to the whips and said, you can take any of the whips you like. Also if you want to try out something else, just grab it. But don’t overload yourself. We also have guns in the chest over there. He walks to the corner of the room where he opens a massive chest filled to the brim with pistols and hand cannons. He takes out a singleshot handgun and looks at it from a closer angle, he then puts the gun back and shuts the chest. Well, that’s only if you know how to use one, he chuckles. As I look to my left I see some knives that are stuck in the wood of the table. Yes, you can take those too, the quartermaster says. I see a nice silver knife with a ruby looking stone in the blade and a dark wooden hilt with a nice silver lining on it. I take the knife out of the wood and get a better look at it. The sheath is over here, he says as he grabs a wooden sheath from the table. He hands me the sheath and I slide the blade in, as it fits perfectly. I think i’ll take this one, I say. Good choice, if anyone threatens to come close, you will always have a dagger as a backup plan, I like your thinking, he says. I clip the sheath with the dagger on my belt and also grab a long dark whip from the hook wich I hold in my left hand.

Come with me, the quartermaster says to me, As we leave the room we enter the room ajacent to the weapon room. This room I filled with body armor. The quartermaster reaches to a wooden chest sitting under a table and slides it from under it. He opens it and he takes out an almost black leather body armor with the left shoulder padded with strips of iron. This will be your armor, he says. He also grabs out two dark leather bracelets with an iron strip on the sides. As he hands me the bracelets he tells me to put it on. I take the chestpiece and push it against my torso, on the backside are two leather straps wich I tighten and the body piece fits like it was made for me. I put on the bracelets and tighten the belts on them. The quartermaster looks at me and says, this was the armor of our last whip user. But he died by a cannonball to the head, so the headpiece is gone. But it suits you, and it is yours to keep if you wish. I look down to the front of the chestpiece and see a ring in the middle. It opens and closes as I fiddle with it, I think this is where I put my whip, I think to myself. I put the whip in the ring and jump a few times in the air to see if the ring holds the whip, and it does.

Alright, you are all geared up now, if you find anything else in here you want to wear, you can just take it, as long as you leave some for your other ship mates. You are lucky we have plenty of armor and weapons. Many ships don’t have that luxury. When you are done, I want to meet you in the library. You know where to find it now right?  He asks. I nod, and look at the rest of the pieces in the room, as he walks out the door. There are many armorpieces here, big and small. There is even some chainmail. I see an iron helmet with an iron eye piece and some leather hanging from the iron top. I grab the hat and try if it fits, it is a little tight but when I loosen the strap a bit, it fits better. I take off the helmet and hold it in my hand.

The door of the rooms are still open, so I close both doors and walk up the stars, over the deck of the ship. As I look at the enemy ship I see it’s come a little closer now, and the sky has become a dark blue. Signs of the sun rising, are showing. The wind is still very silent and just breezes trough the rolled up sails. The light in the lantern of the other ship went off as I looked at it. But the sails were all rolled up still. I looked up and saw that we also had all our sails rolled up but one, the one sail unter the nest at the top was rolled out. This would be the only sail carrying us slowly to the enemy.

I walk to the library and open the door to see the quartermaster sitting in the chair, looking in a book. Come’ere he says to me. I walk over to him and see him looking at a blueprint of a ship, with some notes next to it. This is the ship we are attacking soon, he says. He points at a room in the ship and says, this is most likely where they hide the valuable stuff. The quartermaster looks at me and says, we were appointed a mission by a contact to take over the ship and get whatever is inside that room, back to him. We could keep the ship as a reward. There are roughly thirtyfive men on that ship, so taking it over should not be that hard. We will attack with seventy men and keep twenty men on our ship and ten men on five cannons just in case they try something funny. We should be able to take over the ship if they surrender. And if they won’t surrender we will have to take them on by force.

With a blow he shuts the book and takes out a paper of his pocket. He folds it out and lays it on the table. I look at it and it looked like an island with items around it, just somewhat like the one I had. But this one was a bit different. There were only coins drawn on the map. A pile of coins, a bag with coins, a few coins, a little purse, and two single coins. The quartermaster looks at me and says, what do you make of this. It’s an island surrounded by coins, I say after looking at the map. Now isn’t that curious, he said. I nod and say, I also picked up a map like this from the mechant in the towni live, but there were some other things on it. I bought this off a beggar for a few copper coins the quartermaster said grinning. I have no idea what it’s supposed to mean, but who knows, maybe it’s part of something bigger. I nod and say, it is very curious indeed. As he folds up the map he says, right, let’s go to the deck. I think we might be boarding soon. As we both walk to the deck the quartermaster walks down to the deck where the other crew  is still sleeping.

I look over the sea to the other ship, and see the horizon getting lighter. the sky was already an orangy red covered under a blanket of light blue sky. With a thump the door, the doors to the captain’s quarters opens and out comes the captain. Morning lads, he says with a slightly loud and tired voice. Slowly the other mates start filling the deck. Now lads, the captain says anouncing. We are going to pretend to just mind our own thing when we fare next to the enemy ship. No one will move a wrong muscle or you are sharkfood, understood? He yells.  Keep your weapons close and when I give the order we throw the grapplinghooks, and when we are close enough we will put the boarding planks down. In the meanwhile the mates in the mast swing over and get them from above. The mates staying on this side have been appointed other jobs, the rest will attack.

The boat slowly gets closer and closer. in my stomach I get a tingly feeling, this felt realy exiting as the blood rushed faster trough my veins every inch we got closer. I went to my spot on the ship and put my helmet and also the whip out of sight . This way it would not look suspicious. I sat myself down on a box and waited for the captain to give his sign. As we got closer to the other enemy ship, we could see the other people on the ship staring at us, wondering what we were doing here. But seeing we had the same flag they din’t think much of it I suppose, just a friendly visit. The captain of the other ship was also visible. He wore a big red hat and a long red coat. He was obviously the captain. I took a stick from the deck and started sharpening it with my dagger. The dagger went trough the wood like butter, it is a very sharp dagger, i tought.

The captain on the other ship looked suspicious, you could see it by the pase he was walking. He yelled to our captain, do what do I owe the pleasure of a random visit on this lovely morning. We came here to get the goods we ordered, Said our captain. Ah the goods, the other captain said. Lads, grab the goods. A small group of eight men went under the deck. A couple of seconds later the captain suddenly screamed, CHARGE!

I jumped of my crate and grabbed my whip and helmet. a lot of men from our ship swung over to the other ship. The mates on the deck at the edge grabbed grappling hooks from under the railing and threw them over the railing of the other ship, pulling the ship closer. The other captain was caught by surprise and stepped backwards because he did not carry a weapon. He retreated to his cabin and left his men to fight alone. The men that swung over to the other ship were now climbing down on the ropes of the other ship. Three big wooden board planks were spread on the opening between the two ships, making it easy’er for our crew to board the other ship. I walked to the ege of the board plank and looked over to the other side with my whip ready to lash. I also looked above me if no one passed the ropes to our ship.

Suddenly out of nowhere, a guy from the enemy ship jumped up the plank and ran screaming towards me. I rushed backwards, but I went to fast and fell on my back. The guy charged at me with a hatchet and was to close for me to use my whip on him. I rolled over to the side and took my dagger out of my sheath. He was grinning at me, as if he knew I never killed anybody. But I was very focused and walked around him. I knew he was out to kill me, i tought. He then charged at me, swinging his hatchet at my face, I could barely dodge him. As i went under his arm and used my dagger to cut him in his side. He collapsed to the ground with his left hand on his side, and dropping his hatchet. I ran towards him with adrenaline rushing so fast trough my blood I was nearly blinded. I held my dagger high up in the air, ready to stab him with all my might, when he suddenly sobbingly screamed, I yield, I yield. In an instant my sight returned to me. I saw him laying on the ground, he was in much pain. So how could he do anything to me anyway.

I lowered my dagger and walked towards him. I kicked his hatchet away and put the knife to his throat as he turned around. Please don’t kill me, he whispered with tears streaming on his cheeks. I looked in his eyes, and I saw fear, a lot of fear. I then lowered my dagger again and put it back in my sheath. Can you get up, I asked. He shaked his head no. I pulled him on his arms on the crate I was sitting on before. Thanks, he said in pain. I looked around, and saw the captain was fighting two other people. I left my victim behind and grabbed my whip. I ran towards the captain and from a distance whacked one of the fighters on his back. He fell on his knees and the cutlass of the captain penetrated his throat, gushing blood out on the floor. The other guy raised his sword above the captain and I lashed the guy in his right side. As he collapsed, the captain slid the edge of his cutlass through his neck, decapitating him. Heavily breathing he looked at me and smiled, while he regained his footing. The captain saw the guy I cut in his side witting behind my on the create, and started waking towards him. I looked at him as he stared back at me with fear in his eyes. Don’t, I screamed to the captain. The captain looked at me and with his head in an angle and raised his sword above the guy. He is my prisoner, I yelled. The captain started laughing and lowered his cutlass. Take care of him then, he yelled at me.

I ran towards the guy, swung his arm around my neck, and brought him to the medic of our ship downstairs. Patch him up and put him in the prison cargo hold I told him. After I told the medic what to do I rushed back onto the deck. Our captain was waiting for me outside and made a gesture with his cutlass so I would come to him. I jogged to the captain and he said slightly out of breath, now begins the fun part he says.

The captain asks the quartermaster how many people are wounded, only one captain, he says. Today is a good day, he shouts. three men came up from under the deck of the enemy ship, tied with their hands in a rope. We have three more prisoners, the ship mates shouts. With a smirk on the captains face he knocked a few times on the door of the other captains quarters, with the back of his cutlass. The fight is over captain! He yelled trough the door. Come out and you will live. If not, well who knows what is going to come trough that door. The lock from the inside unlocked and the door opened. Out came the captain with the long red jacket. Surrendering his weapon by throwing it out of is hands in front of him. Tie him up, the captain shouted, and bring him to an isolated cell on our ship. Two men grabbed the arms of the captain and dragged him on our ship.

Alright, the captain said. Let’s go search tho holds!. Leave everything in the hold, and only take the special things. Quartermaster, I want you to take someone and check out the chamber we need. Said the captain. The quartermaster pointed at me to my surprise. Let’s go check out whats in there, he said. As we walk down and navigate trough the cargo holds to the chamber of interest we come across much cargo, from realy rare goods to other expensive goods. If we sell this we could afford a whole fleet of battleships, the quartermaster said lauging. I grinned, and kept walking behind him.

There must be the room, he says. We walk closer to the door and he pushes down on the handle making a click sound. The quartermaster slowly pushes the door open. And we saw many chests neatly ordered. We walked to the chests and opened them. There we four chests filled with weapons, two chests filled with tabacco, six chests filled with alcohol and there was one chest with a lock on it. The quartermaster and I were curious as to what might be in the locked chest. We took an axe from the chest with weapons and smacked the lock off. When the quartermaster opened the chest he saw a strange iron metalic shiny cube, with some kind of strange symbols carved in it. And it was filled with cheap gemstones. Nevertheless, they looked pretty. The quartermaster shut the chest and bound the chest with a cloth.

Alright, we have seen enough. I think it’s all here, the quartermaster said to me. We went back up to the upper deck and told exactly what was in the room with the chests. The captain was impressed by the finds. But the cargo that sits in the ship will make for a grand profit, the captain laughed. We head for the pirate island to sell this cargo on the ship, and we should keep the ship and start our own fleet, as we then would have enough money to get a good second crew together. Also we can sell the prisoners on the pirate island.

Getting into the docks wont be easy captain, said the quartermaster. Aye, you are right, we need a plan. He said. The only thing I can come up with is to change the flag into a pirate flag. But we will have to fare a long distance with a pirate flag, as pirates are always scouting the area around that island for their enemies. Said the quartermaster. Good thinking, the captain said. Then it’s decided. We will first go to Tortuga and sell our goods, then we will return to your home island, as he looked at me. After that we will try to find a good crew to make a second combat ship out of this big bucket, the captain said. It’s almost bigger then my own mighty medusa, but I would never leave her.

I would have to appoint a new quartermaster and the current one will be the new captain of that ship. We will fare in a fleet to make other sea travelers think again about aporaching us. We can do very profitable and more transports, the captain explained to his crew, as they gathered around. We devide our crew we have and my quartermaster will take the wheel of our new ship. Let’s set sail to tortuga! The captain cheered. And everyone cheered with him.

#9,3 My life, chasing my seadream

Part 2, The letter from the library.

It was the quartermaster who yelled all hands on deck. As I walked up the deck I saw the crew running around getting everything ready to set sail. The anchor was pulled up and the sailes were dropped. Quickly the wind picked up and the sails were blown full of air. I could feel the brushes of the salty air rush on my cheeks. As the captain pushed the steering wheel over, slight waves hit the hull of the ship and the ship slowly rocking forward on the foamy edges of the water.

I look at the captain, he is very busy getting the right angle for the ship to fare.  then I look at the quartermaster. He is wearing a black captains hat with a cannon emblem on the side, wich is holding a white and a black feather. He turns and looks at me. His finger points at me and then points down, in front of his feet. He seemed to want to have me come to him, so I walked towards him. When I was standing in front of him he said, so you are our newest ship mate. I think I have a special job for you on the ship, follow me, he said.

We walked trough a door down to the back of the ship. While we were walking he said, I saw your recruitment test, with the whip it was. Very impressive. The quartermaster opened a door and pointed his hand into the room. When I walked inside I was greeted by a messy chamber filled with books, books laying open and closed on the table, ground and chairs. The quartermaster looked at me and said, this room needs to be neatly cleaned, as this is the library of the captain, as you might have noticed. This library is directly under the captains quarters, so don’t make irritating noises. The books have to go in order of the alphabed. There are books for orders that we keep track of, those have to go in the chest below the table, they are most important. Also maps you find have to go in the chest. Sorting all this out might take some time, but I am sure you wil be able to handle it. Good luck to ya lad, the quartermaster said as he closed the door behind him.

I don’t mind this job, there are many books for me to sort and they are all very different it seems. I walk towards the table with the chest placed under it. I pull it out from under the table and open it. There were eight thick books sitting in the chest. And filled less then half of the chest. I looked around the room to see if I could find matching books, and there were some. But I also saw maps rolled out, on the table and the ground. I took the matching books and placed them in order back into the chest. After that I picked up the maps and pieces of paper and put them on the table to sort them out. There appeared to be maps of islands I have never seen before, there were documents from merchants and other people. There were also all kinds of contracts. I put the contracts on one pile and bound them together and placed them neatly inside the chest. Then I took the documents in my hand and started reading some, as I had to do this for I had to sort them. They were not realy interesting, only one old looking piece of paper caught my eye. There was a red wax stamp on it formed as a skull. It was a letter, adressed to the captain of the ship. It read,

Captain, I have tought about your request and I accept your offer. However, if the requirements are not met, there wil be concequesnces. In five years you will have your child, and i will have my freedom. Signed by, yours truly.

I tought nothing of it, but then I looked at the wax stamp again, and it seemed so familiar. I turned my hand and I saw the shine of the ring I was wearing. I stared at it, and looked back at the wax stamp. They looked so identical. I looked puzzeled. As I pull my ring off my finger I placed the letter in my other hand. Then I hold the ring on the wax, and it is a perfect fit. This stamp was made by this ring. But how was that even possible, I got this ring from my father. I fold the letter back and put it in my pocket. I have to ask the captain about this, I tought.

I start to pick all the documents together and also put them neatly in the chest near the books. The rest of the day I picked up many books and sorted them in the right order. When I was a quarter of the way done and hours later, the door opened and in came the quartermaster. He looked around and said, I see you’ve done alright, you can return to the library tomorrow and keep working on your job. Now come get some food with the rest of the crew. I followed him to the area where everyone was sitting down and eating their food. He pointed me to table where all the other 100 crew members were sitting. I sat down and took some of the pork on the table and put it on my wooden plate. I also took a piece of bread and some cheese. ‘ere, have a nice cuppa ale me mate, said the mate next to me as he poured me some ale. I smiled at him and took the cup with ale. Gratitude, I said politely. The mate chuckled and bit a chunk of flesh of the bone he was holding. Tis some well done meat. Go on, eat up, he said. I put my hands on the meat and take a good bite out of it. It was indeed wel prepaired food. It smelled as dilicious as it tasted, as the meat saps flow richly into my mouth, a bite of the bread kept my mouth clean and it tasted realy good with some cheese.

The captain came into the room and punched the ground with his sword. Eat! He said, as everyone went silent and looked at him. We will need the strength to sail into the enemy in the morrow. We have eyes on an enemy ship but they are far, so it will take time to close in. But when we do I need you at full strength! He said with a loud voice. We will board them and take their ship. I will hoist the same flag to fool them and then we will get close. When we are beside them we will board them and take over the ship. We will all then fight with all our skill. It will not be easy. But we will be victorious!

With his last word he sat down next to the crew, as the whole crew went cheering. Everyone was cheering with their ale up in the air, spilling little bits of ale on the table. I did they same and raised my cup, then gulped down my ale.

After the great meal I went to my hammock, where some of the crew were already laying. I took the key from my belt and unlocked my chest, removing the lock. I opened it and put the letter I had from the library in the chest. After closing it and locking it again I go lie in the hammock. I tought I would not ask the captain what the letter was about untill after the battle with the other ship. He had to focus on the task ahead, I tought. I rolled over and listened to the sounds of the waves calmly bumping into the hull of the ship. The cracking of the ropes and squeeling of the pulleys, with some of the crew still running around on the deck. After a few minutes I fell peacefully asleep not thinking about my first battle I had to survive tomorrow.

#9.2 My life, chasing my seadream.

After the captain told me I was accepted, I asked what I should do next. I will show you around my beautiful ship lad, he said. You are standing on the beautiful Spanish galleon Medusa. This is the ship my father gifted me on his deathbed. We mainly transport goods trough the seven seas, but also sometimes escort merchants and other ranking people. Let me show you the inside, please follow me. after 2 hours or so we went trough the whole ship. What do you think, he asked. I think the ship is wonderful and big, I said. Yes, he laughed. She is a big lady, but pretty. I nodded in agreement. We will depart tomorrow when all goods are on board. So do what you have to do and get what you need, if you are not back in time we might have to leave you behind, the captain said. I thanked the captain and went to the local store.
I bought some shoes a dagger and a bag. The merchant said to me, I see you are going on an adventure, maybe I have something of interest to you. Somebody came by and sold me this map for a few copper coins. I read the map, but I can’t make anything out of it. You can have the map for 30 copper coins. That’s a lot of coin, I said. Tell you what, he replies, you get your supplies and this map for 60 copper coins. I jingle my small bag of coins and empty it on the counter. Seems you have only 48 copper sir, he says. I look at him and say, that’s all I got. Alright then, he says. What am i to do with this map anyway. I hand over the copper, and I receive my supplies and my map. While I put my stuff in the bag I thank the merchant and go outside.

 I should tell my dad I am leaving, I thought. So I turned to the gate outside and asked the guards to open the gate for me. The gate opened and I walked trough. The guard outside of the gate asked how it went. I told them I was granted a spot on the Medusa. The two guards looked at each other in disbelief and told me I did a good job. We are to depart in two days, so I have to say my goodbye to my father. The guards nodded and waved me goodbye. 

when i was walking to my home I saw someone eyeballing me. He walked towards me and asked if I had some food to spare. I told him I just gave all my money to the merchant for my supplies, but I offered him my old shoes, as he din’t wear any. He smiled at me and kindly accepted my old shoes and put them on, they fit his feet nicely. He thanked me and said to me, your kindness will one day be repaid. I bowed slightly to the man and walked on to my home. 

When I was there I saw smoke coming from the chimney, and it smelled like food. I opened the front door and walked in. my dad looked at me and said smiling, I knew you would return. It smells good, I said to my dad. Would you like some carrot soup, he asked me while handing over the bowl of soup. I sat down and took the steaming bowl from my fathers hands. He took a bread from the basket on the table and broke a piece of, there you go, he said. He poured some soup in a bowl for himself and sat across me at the table. So, what happened he asked. I told my father what had happened today, and he listened to the things I had to tell while eating his soup.
After I told him everything, we both finished our bowls and put them aside. So the ship will be parting in two days, I said to my father. What great news, he said. You can finally take the first steps of making your dream come true. I nodded. How long will you be gone for, he asked. I don’t know I said, I haven’t asked the captain. Well, I hope it won’t be too long, my father said. I hope so too, I said. He stood up and picked up the bowls and put them away. Now you might want to rest a little for you have much energy to spend the upcoming weeks I suppose, my father said to me. He patted me on my shoulder and sat himself in his rocking chair. I went to my room and looked around for things I could bring with me on my journey. I din’t have much stuff, but I did have some copper coins and 2 silver coins in my drawer. I decided to take 1 silver coin and the 15 copper coins I had, and put them in my coin bag. You never know when you might need some copper or silver on the road. I laid myself on my bed with my arms behind my head and thought to myself what I could do while I was on the ship. I know I’d be working my bottom off, but i don’t mind working hard. That is what i have done all my life. That would be the easy part. I guess i could ask the captain if there was someone who could train me how to fight with a sword, I thought. I took off my shoes, rolled over and quickly fell asleep.

The next morning the sun greets me with a warm light in my face. As I open my eyes, I roll over to my side and sit up on the edge of the bed. My father is already doing stuff in the living room. It sounds like he is sweeping the floor. As I put on my shoes I walk out to the room where my father is. Good morning son, he says. Good morning father, I reply. Father, I have something to show you. What might that be, he asks. I say, yesterday I bought a map from the merchant in town, but he din’t know what it is for. That’s curious, my father replies. Let’s see it then. As I pull out the map from my bag and roll out the map on the table we see several items drawn and some sort of map. On the map it shows a dagger, a goat, a ship, some coins and fruits. There is also some kind of island drawn on the map, but it has no name. There is also a small X on the map. My father points to the x and asks me, what is that? I don’t know, I reply. It looks like a treasure map, my father says. Maybe these are the items that you need, to get whatever is there. or maybe that is what you can trade on that island. That is a very curious map my father says. I agree and let him look a little bit longer. I stand up and get some water from the jug, and put it in a cup to drink it. As I look at my father, looking at the map he suddenly puts up his finger and makes a movement which symbols I got to get closer.
As I look at the map where my father is pointing he says, doesn’t this look like a drawn entrance of something? Maybe a cave, I reply. Possibly, he says. Well, I hope you will find whatever this map will bring you, he says as he rolled up the map and gave it back to me. I will try to find whatever it is, and share my findings with you father. My father smiles and walks outside. The rest of the day I spend with my father caring for the horses. When suddenly my dad asks me, why did they say you were a slave master again?  Because I handle a whip, and I din’t really get time to explain to them I am just a horse trainer, I answered. You better tell them as soon as possible, don’t hide anything from your captain son. I nod in agreement with my father. The evening falls, we eat and go to bed. The next morning it is just getting lighter outside. My father silently wakes me up and tells me not to get late. I put on my shoes and collect my things. As I am about to give my father a hug and say goodbye he stops me and hands me a small chest. He opens the chest and a nicely carved ring with a skull and red ruby eyes appears. I want you to take this with you my son, he says to me. Are you sure father? He nods and hands me the ring. I try it on my middle finger and it fits perfectly. See, it even fits you, he says with a happy tone. I thank my father for his kindness and give him a big hug. I’ll be back with the most spectacular stories father, I say. My father smiles and says, I can’t wait my boy. I grab my bag and walk trough the door. Waving my father goodbye I walk to the town gates. 

I see your time to depart has arrived boy, one of the guards says as he opens the gate. Yes sir, I awnser. I thank the guards and walk to the bay. The Medusa is still moored in the distance, and I can see the captain on the shore with some of the crew members. As he sees me aproaching him he gets up and yells, it is time to depart lads! Come come he says, let’s start our adventure. We get in the boats and row towards the ship. As we get on board of the ship the cook points me to my hammock under the deck and the chest for my belongings. He hands me the key to the chest and walks off into the distance. I put my belongings in the chest and put the key on my belt. Slowly I try out my new hammock which is very wobbly at first, but after a few tries I sit in it very comfortably. All of a sudden I hear a loud scream from the upper deck saying, WE ARE DEPARTING! ALL HANDS ON DECK!

#9.1 My life, chasing my seadream.

Part 1, My dream starts today.

It is 1655 and i am a guy at the age of twenty. i live with my father as my mother passed away five years ago. we live on a small farm with two horses, rust and spike. Rust is a big brown horse and spike is an even bigger black horse.

I have a dream to become a ships captain, but i have never been on a boat. One day i told my father i want to go to the townshore to look for a job on a ship. But he din’t want to lose me too, he said. I told him this is what i wanted to do. I wanted to follow this dream before i’m too old and no one would accept me anymore. and not to worry for i would return home everytime i was going to be on this shore. My father looked down, and said alright son, go look for a job then. He looked up and gave me a tight hug. But don’t let anyone fool you or make a fool of you. I looked my father in the eyes and told him, i will become captain, father. His father nodded. I’m sure you will son. I walked trough the door opening towards the shore town while waving my father goodbye.

After walking for a fair amount of time i could smell the seashore coming closer every step. It made me feel energetic and i got exited. The guards of the town halted me at the gate and said, why do you want to enter the town. I want to look for a job on a ship, i told them. The guards lookt at each other with a grin on their face and one guard said, a lackey like you? Well try your luck on the Medusa. she just came ashore today and i tought i heard them talking about new recruits. She’s a beauty, she is, he said. I most certaintly will try, i said The guards opened the big doors. As i walked trough i thanked the guards. They nodded at me and said, good luck boy.

My face shifted to the shore and there were a couple of boats and ships. In the far distance was a big ship like non of the ships in front of them. There were just some sloops in the neaby bay. I looked around to see if anyone looked like a captain, but there were only normal people walking by  and people who were carrying big bags and sacks. I went to the local pub and looked around  there were a lot of people there drinking to their hearts content. In one of the chairs i saw a guy with a nicely trimmed beard and with a big black hat. I stepped towards him while other people started staring at me. When i stood in front of him i said. Are you a captain mister? Aye! He said with a loud voice. I be the captain of the mighty medusa son. What do you desire, he asked. I heard you were looking for new recruits, i said. Aye that we are, he awnsered. We lost a couple of lazy rats to the sharks he said chuckling. I am not lazy, i am a hard worker. And i would like to join your crew, i said with a selfasured voice. You? He said. You look fit and all but can you even handle a sword or any other weapon for that matter. My hart sunk as the whole pub started laughing. I had never even touched a weapon, i tought. But wait, i have used a massive whip all my life because i always trained my horses. I use a whip, i said. A whip? So you are a slave master then?  All the people in the pub were now quite and were all staring at me with big eyes. Before i could say anything the captain stood up and said, you don’t realy look like a slavemaster to me but we will put you to the test outside on the ship. He sofly grabbed me by my neck and lead me outside.

We walked to the towns bay and got in the boat with two other crew mates. They rowed the boat to the ship as the captain asked me. It is rare to find someone who is good with a whip. Have you used any other weapons boy, he asked. I told the captain i had not even touched an other weapon in my life. The captain smiled and looked at his ship as we arrived. Well then, welcome aboard the mighty medusa, he said. As we climb the ladder up to the ship, a crewmate came running to the captain. What’s the matter captain, he asked. The captain looked atound on his ship as his crew was looking back at him. It seems… lads… we have found a slavemaster. Get a whip, he yelled. And you there on the mast, come down. We will test if he truly is what he says he is, he said with a loud voice. A lump started to form in my throat, it was all wrong… i am a horse trainen, i tought. But was it wise to tell them that now? A crewmate came from below deck and had a big whip with him. I think it would have been twice my size maybe even three times my own length. They gave me the whip and the guy from the mast a club. The captain told me, if you can make him lose his club, i will let you fare with us as deckhand on this ship. As i unrolled the whip the other crewmembers started to cheer and yell. I walked away from the guy with the club to get a good distance between him and me. I tested the whip on the deck with two hard lashes to see how long it realy was. The guy with the club was looking alert as he heard the lashes. He went into a half squatting position and charged at me. With a smooth flick i lashed the whip in front of his feet wich made him lose his footing and make him tumble over he rolled over his back and on his feet again. The crewmates started laughing. And you could see the irritation grow in his eyes. Again he charged at me but this time he went to the side. This was tricky, as i had to lash him on one of his feet. So i lashed to his feet but it missed and hit he boards of the ship leaving a dent in the wood. The guy now ran the other side again and charged towards me. I managed to run a couple of steps back and lashed my whip around his left foot. With the speed he had build up the guy fell face first into the wood making the club fly overboard. He got up and saw his club was gone. Red streams of blood running over his mouth he backed up and started clapping his hands together. After a few seconds everyone on deck was clapping. I looked at the captain as he was looking at me and also clapping his hands together. The captain walked towards me and said, welcome to the crew boy. You have earned your position on my ship.

#8 Wonderfull things happen.

What a strange situation. I was about to go to my appartment and i had a realy strange thing happen to me. In the weekend i was just minding my own business and suddenly someone stood in front of me. He had beautifull long blond hair. And had mascara on his face. His build was very big. Many big muscles and biceps, as he wasen’t wearing a shirt and only a pair of sandals and short shorts. This is absolutely not how a guy like this should look. Either way he asked me if i wanted to be part of a film he was shooting. I was going to be a random passer by. And he was going to fake attack me by using some wrestle moves. I was surprised by all the things that were going on so i doubtfully said “..y..yes?”. Great! He said. He showed me where i should stand and walk. So i did. I got my position and just cassually walked forward like it was a normal day. Then he charged at me with a high speed while screaming. I knew he wasent going to hurt me.but i got scared either way. So i din’t have to act scared. He grabbed me by my middle and picked me off the ground. Then he threw me on the ground, but somehow in a way i din’t feel any pain. He said to me whispering i should act if i got hurt realy bad. I did my best and formed my face so it looked like i was in agonizing pain. 

He laughed victoriously and yelled CUT! Three people with headphones on came out of the people that were watching and congratulated the big guy and me. The big guy came at me while he was smiling. He told me i did a great job and if i was interested in doing a few more shots with him. I tought to myself i didn’t have anything else to do, so i agreed. He then explained to me that what he was shooting was part of a bigger film. And this sketch was a spoof film of lazytown. The girl with the pink hair had evolved into a massive person with lots of muscles and long blond hair. 

I actually got a little interested and tought it would be funny to take part in the movie. So i went with him and the three other guys. Behind us were two camera crews that were following us. They seemed to be still filming the big guy and me. Suddenly he said to me while walking next to me. When i tap you on the shoulder i want you to punch me in the face. I widend my eyes and looked at him. Don’t wory he said. Just don’t punch me too hard, he said chuckling. I smiled and agreed. So when he tapped me on the shoulder and i quickly turned to my right and punched him soflty on his cheek. He let out a loud scream and jumped to the side. He screamed CUT! That was perfect! You are a natural he told me. I was flattered but i barely did anything. 

After a few more sketches and 2 hours later he said to me. That was the last one for today. I was actually a little sad and wanted to do some more acting, i was actually enjoying it for some odd reason. He told me i could join him again tomorrow if i wished to. I agreed and after he gave me the adress of where i should be tomorrow we parted ways. This was great fun i tought to myself. 

The next morning i went to the adress. The big guy was already waiting for me in front of the building. He asked me to come inside, and i followed him up the stairs into the building. It kinda looked like a big hotel from the outside. Once inside he pointed me to a room i should go to. I opened the door of the room and went inside. There was a man, he told me to sit down in front of him and said we should talk business for a moment. I was a little confused but i did as he told me. He gave me a few pieces of paper and said to me, this is a 5 year contract, you can become famous as an actor. my head became a little light. I never tought they would make me sign a contract. I was indeed looking for a job. So i read trough the contract and it all seemed to be in order. I was going to be treated rightfully so i put my signature under every page in agreement to their terms. After that was done he asked me.i he could make a copy of my identification, for legal purposes ofcourse, he said. I agreed and gave him my card. He made a copy of my card on paper and handed the card back to me. Smiling he said, welcome to our hollywood. My eyes opened wide in wonder. Our “hollywood” he said with his fingers going up and down next to his head. You can have a room in this building or you can stay where ever you live. I told him i had a house of my own and that it wasen’t that far away. He nodded and said alright, tell me whenever you need anything as he handed me his card. John will pick you up in a moment so you can catch up on the movie you shot with him yesterday. I thanked him and waited in my seat.

A few minutes later the guy with the long blond hair walked in and asked me, did you sign the contract? I said yes, as a smile appeared on my face. C’mon he said, i’ll intorduce you to the crew. I smiled and tought to myself, what a strange situation.

Written by Michael Kraus

#7 Being cured.

Isn’t it beautifull. As the morning clouds dissapate in front of the sun. The sunlight hits my face, and blinds me by it’s warmth and light. i close my eyes and take in the almost flight sensation i get from the feeling of being free from all the ties of worry from the world. I widen my arms and i let the warm breeze flow trough my hair and on the side of my cheeks wich almost feels like being stroked by your loved one.

Have you ever felt the sensation of freedom that you tought you could fly over land and sea. The smells and aroma’s the ocean makes you inhale wich cures illness and dread. The fresh smell of curating salt. Tiny drips of salted water hit your face and vaporize almost instantly as the sun hits your face again. The dried up water makes your skin feel silky smooth when the salted water dries up.

The taste of the air of the sea as you slowly breathe in and slowly breathe out, wich makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside. Having the feelings of butterflies in your stomach and head as you breathe. The sound of the waves as they splash into each other, creating a slight foam layer wich dissapears as fast as it appeared.

You dip your hand into the water and feel the slightly cold but warm liquid flow trough the openings of your fingers. As you put your other hand into the water you feel almost as if you are grabbing the sea. And you feel connected to the water as if it were almost yourself. The water feels so good around your wrists you decide to dip your head into the water. The water feels so extreemly satisfying, you can’t help but slowly let youself slip into the water. The air you take in as you go under the water feels soft and warm. You close your eyes and slightly let yourself sink into the ocean.

The weightless sensation you get from the water that carries you into the flow of it’s currents. It’s as if floating after a long night of worry into your silky smooth bed that makes you feel warm. You cant help but open your eyes and look around. The sea life and the countless colors of the coral is beautifull. Your feet can feel sand between your toes. You wiggle the oceanfloor sands between them as they make you feel as if you were standing on a beach.

You exhale the air from your lungs and close your eyes. You take in all the beauty you have expirienced and you feel liquid coming up you eyelids. Bus as your tears come up they quickly dissapear in the vastness of the salty sea. The current is slow and peacefull. You open your.eyes for the last time and look up. Slight beams of light hit your face trough the clear blue sea. This is it, you cant inhale anymore. And you are to far away from the surface to swim there. Your sight slowly dissapears and your mind feels like it getting blurry, but you don’t struggle as the peacefullness of the sea carries you. You accept your faith. No more worry, no more pressure, no more nothing…

Suddenly you change into a narwhale and the horn you carry pierces trough the salty sea as you rush up to the surface, you jump as high as you can over the surface of the water and you make the most beautifull wave from the water as your tail rushes you into the air. You bow to the sun as you touch the water with your horn again. And went back in the water as fast as you came out of it. You swim swiflty with the fishes and other sea creatures. You rush to the surface once again and fly into the air as you wish you could fly you change into a seagul. You wings carry you into the group of other seaguls. Together you rush into the fresh wind of the salty air. You see a bright light wich reminds you of the sun so you decide to part youself from the group and fly towards is. You fly and fly untill your wings can’t carry you anymore. Everything becomes bright and warm. You feel a soft sensation as if standing on the softest carpet you ever stood on. Then out of nowhere you hear a voice saying softly: no need to worry my child for you are safe.

Your mind gets funny when it’s on the brink of death.
Written by Michael Kraus.