#25 A very good meal

‘Oooh how i love this food’ it was some kind of salad made of turnips, carrots and some other ingredients. One bite is so fresh that it would tingle a little in my mouth. And it mademy stomache feel funny, that good.

The waiter came up to me and asked how i liked their new salad. I was told him it was one of the best salads i had in my entire life. I told him how it made me feel. A smile appeared on the waiter’s face and said ‘very good. I will give the cook your compliments.’ ‘Very well’ i said.

When the waiter returned he said ‘sir, this has never happened before, but the cook was so pleased with your compliment that he invites you over to the kitchen. I looked at the waiter, ‘alright, lead the way’ i awnsered.

The waiter walked in front of me and pushed open two big doors to the kitchen. It looked clean and the kitchen smelled like food was being prepaired. The dishes were all clean and the cook that was making the food was the only cook in the kitchen. 

The cook met my eyes as he smiled and gestured me to come over to where he was cooking. I walked over and thanked him for the magnificent salad he made for me earlyer. He nodded and thanked me. ‘I can show you how i made it’ he said. I was baffled and said i defenitly wanted to know how he made it.

He told me to stay put as he grabbed the ingredients. He showed me exactly how to make the dish. And i was taken by surprise as to how easy it was to make the salad. He let me taste the salad, but it din’t taste as good as the one dish i got from him in the restaurant. ‘There is something missing’ i said. Again, he smiled and said ‘you’re right. Follow me’ 

We walked down to a basement and he turned on the lights. He opened another door and i saw some kind of a cage. The cook made a sound and out of the corner came a grey-green creature with a big head and a small torso. The legs were long and thin. As were the arms of the creature. It stopped in front of the cook and put its arm trough the cage. 

I was getting light headed and scared at the same time. I fell on my behind. The cook looked me and told me not to worry. He took a syringe from his pocket and took off the cap. The needle punctured the creatures arm and it looked at me with big sad eyes as the cook drew green fluid into the syringe. 

It made me feel sick to my stomach. ‘This is the secret ingredient to my best dishes’ the cook said laughing. ‘Ofcourse you are surprised and maybe scared, but there is no need to be scared. The creature wont harm you, we removed it’s teeth and claws’ he said. My stomach turned and i puked everything out i ate that day. 

The cook started laughing and walked back up the stair. My legs were so weak, i could not get up. A loud bang sounded as the cook shut the door above me. The light was still on so i could see the creature holding the bars of the cage while looking at me. I never seen something like it before. It looked very much like an alien. 

I pulled myself together and sat myself against the wall. The creature was still looking at me with it’s big sad eyes. It made some kind a gnarling noise while it blinked is eyes. I started to feel realy bad for the creature. It must have been here for months, maybe even years. I looked back at it and reached my hand at the creature. It got scared and pulled back a few feet behind the bars. 

I put my arm trough the bars as the creature carefully watched my moves. It slowly got closer while it lifted and lowered it head up and down. ‘What are you’ i said to the creature. It reached out for my hand and touched my fingers. It’s hand fell cold and smooth. 

Suddenly it grabbed my hand with a firm grip. I got light headed and lost controll of my body. I fell to the ground and everything became white. Slowly i woke up in a room. It was white with no furnature, not even a door. I heard a loud hiss as the wall seemed to open up. In came two tall creatures that looked like the creature i was with. They grabbed me, but i was unable to move, so the creatured dragged me to the opening in the wall. 

I appeared to be in a hallway where the creatures put me in some kind of seat. It was pretty comfortable as they put me in the seat. The creatures made some gnarling noises as they walked away from me. ‘Where am i, what’s happening to me’ i tough. I wondered what happened to the creature in the basement. 

Moments later the creatures came back. They gently got me up from the chair and took me with them to the hallway. We walked to a dead end of the hallway and then suddenly the dead end wall opened.

There was a big room with a massive window. It looked like a massive cockpit of a huge ship. When i looked out of the window i lost my breath. I was looking at earth, from a spaceship, with alien creatures. 

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