There once was a boy. He loved to collect feathers of all sorts. Always looking up in the sky gave him chills and a tingly feeling. As the birds were flying around above him, he would look with glistering watery eyes up to them. He slowly lowers himself to the ground to lie on his back. The thought of flying was so beautiful and satisfying. He would imitate every movement the birds made while he was laying in the damp, tall morning grass.

When he grew up year by year, he collected more feathers. By now he had ten boxes filled to the brim with feathers. The boxes were all stored in the basement of the home he lived in. The stench coming from the boxes was inhumane. It smelled like there were dead bodies down there. But his parents could not throw away all these feathers. When they tried to, the boy would cry and scream his lungs out. His obsession with feathers had become troublesome.

The boy felt that the feathers he found were bound to him. He would never ever be able to part from them. Whenever the boy would be out of school he either spent his time collecting feathers or sorting his already thousands of collected feathers. There were blue ones, red ones, purple, grey, white, striped, dotted. Anything you could think of, he would have them. Fake or real, a feather is a feather.

The boy was now thirteen. He had been collecting feathers for over eight years. The boxes stacked up to the ceiling. About thirty five boxes were overflowing with the delicate feathers. In these years he started bird spotting. He may even have seen one of the rarest birds on the world, The Imperial Amazon. Only an average of hundred fifty Imperial Amazon’s are left on the world, and he saw one of them. It must have gotten lost.

All he would think about is the beauty of these feathers. The soft touch they had. The way they worked on a bird. The different winds the feathers had caught must have been in the hundreds. He eventually became so obsessive with his feathers he would grind some of them, and ate them in his meals. His parents thought this was very worrisome, so they hired a professional psychiatrist and let him go there for three times a week.

A couple of years later the boy was free of his obsession. He was now 17 and started to live his life in a way he never did before, like everybody else. He started to build up his own life, he got a job and still went to school. He got himself a girl and married her. They had a beautiful little boy.

He showed his son the beauty of the world. The living creatures and the animals on the world. One day they were both laying on the grass looking at the sky. The son had grown up and now was seven years old. He pointed at the sky and giggled, as a magnificent magical bird crossed their eyesight. He looked at his dad as he laid there with wet swollen eyes, with tears rolling down his cheek. “That’s the Imperial Amazon”, his dad said.

He slowly stood up from the place they were laying. He grabbed his son by the hand and walked to the car. They got in and closed the door. “You can sit in front this time” his father said. Smilingly he climbed to the front seat from the back. He buckled his seatbelt and the got off the driveway.

They drove for one hour until they reached his parents’ house. His parents opened the door and welcomed them with a big hug. They walked to the basement and looked around. The stench was still there. And there was one box left. The father let out another tear as he grabbed the left over box. He opened it and looked inside. It was still full of the most beautiful feathers. He closed it and walked back upstairs to the car. He opened the backdoor and put the box on the back seat.

He called his son to come back to the car. The little boy came running with a big smile and got in the front seat and buckled his seatbelt. They waved his parents goodbye and started driving. After 2 hours or so they arrived at the city. They stopped at a hotel as the father booked a room for one night. The boy was wondering what the big idea was, but he brushed it of as some kind of surprise.

That night the father took his son to the roof. He locked the roof door and opened the box with feathers. His father had a screwdriver with him and started to stab himself in his arm, then his legs, then his face and his chest. The boy was screaming and crying to his father to stop stabbing himself. His father smiled at him and said he was fine, and not to worry. Then finally he stopped stabbing himself and the boy was sobbingly sitting on the ground looking at what his dad was doing to himself.

He took the feathers and started pushing the feathers in the holes he made with the screwdriver. Blood was dripping out of every single hole as he did. His son had stopped crying, and stared at his dad with a dull and emotionless face. Once the box was empty and all the feathers were sticking in the father’s skin he said to his boy barely smiling “hop on”. The boy got up and climbed his back without saying a word.

The father ran as fast as he could to the edge of the high building and… jumped. He spread his arms and started crying. “Aren’t we beautiful?” he said to his son. His son clung on to his dad as he squeezed him, “yes dad”

​Dreamcode 49302, Lines

I was sitting at a friends house with some drinks and snacks. We were just together for some talks and overall just hanging out. 
I looked on my phone and could see it was still early in the evening. It was 13 minutes past 9. It was weekend however, so it din’t matter that much. I scrolled on my phone some more, just out of slight boredom, when my phone suddenly shut down. 
“Hey, hey” i said to my phone. I tapped it a few times on the screen with my fingers but nothing happened. I pushed the button on the right side on my phone, wich normally would turn it on and off. But everytime i pressed the button, my screen lit up just ever so slightly and then shut off again with some random lines appering in the screen.
I pressed the power button again. In the meantime my 3 other friends gathered around me to see if it might work. And again it shut down with some random lines. I took the back of my phone and took out the battery pack. Then i put it back in and shut the back.
I looked at my screen and something caught my eye. The lines that i saw before were just slightly visable on the black screen as i turned it slightly. Then i pressed the on button again. A quick slight static appeared and it quickly dissapeared again. The lines also reappeared. But this time a face appeared as big as my screen. It opened it’s mouth in an unnatural way and started screaming so highly pitched, my ear drums started to hurt. 
My friends around me were looking at me with massive eyes. I was glued to the screen of my phone in terror. I was unable to move and it felt as if i was paralyzed. All i could do was look at my screen while this face was hurting my eardrums with that scream. I felt my hands grip the phone tighter then before and i was very tense. My finger kept on pressing the power button in the hope that the phone would turn off. 
My friends saw that i was in some kind of shock and slapped the phone out of my hands. He ripped the back off and took out the batteries. The lines were still visible inside my head and i fell sideways on the ground. My eyes started to spin and move quickly from left to right. My mind was hearing the scream and seeing that god awefull face. 
My friend looked at my phone and turned it around. There was nothing wrong with it anymore. 
The next couple of days I could feel my head throbbing with every movement that i made. I figured there was something wrong. So i asked a friend who was staying over to call my doctor. He made an appointment for the next morning. I had to endure this headache for only one more night. 
After another restless night, dawn finally arrived and soon we were on our way to the doctor. When we arrive we waited for the doctor to call my name and walked to the designated room. After a couple of small tests with no results the doctor said he would like to take some pictures of my skull. I agreed and let him do his thing. 
The doctor said they were testing some new kind of technology. An invention that was able to make photo’s of the brain and mind in one. He placed some kind of hairnet on my head and put some white sheets around me. In front of me he placed, what i presumed was the camera. I heard some beeps and the doctor said he was done. He told me to hold on while he was getting the photos. 
When he returned, the expression on his face changed. He handed over the photo and i looked at it. I saw a small ball shaped thing on the left side of my skull. I looked back up to ask the doctor what it was. I looked at his face, but it changed into the face from my phone. My head was throbbing again. And my heart was pounding in terror. 
The face that used to be the doctors face started opening it’s mouth and started screaming at me. An extreemly high pitched scream that made my eardrums bleed. The face was jerking around while i was just sitting in the chair, pertrified and scared for my life. 
My skin started to itch and got worse and worse. I had to scratch it because it was not going away. I kept scrarching while the thing was screaming at me. I felt little and so extreemly scared. 
3 years later, so now, i have been sent to an asylum for people with braindamage. I am aware of everything that happens around me. But the constant screaming is making my face itches so much and so often that i even scratch open my oldest scars. But the worst of it all are the lines. I see random lines everywhere. And where i see lines, i see the screaming face, screaming at me, constantly, all the time. I wish i would just wake up.

The curse of the Sea God

On May 21st, 1722 there was a massive ship sailing to the harbor. It was battered and the sails were all torn up. Even from the coast, one could hear people screaming.

The ship didn’t make it to the harbor. It sank to the bottom of the ocean and only one man made it to the coast. I was working in the harbor when it all happened. Without hesitation, I dropped my crate with fish and ran to the man. He was severely wounded and needed medical attention. The man was saying something about a sea monster or sea God, which destroyed the ship, but no one on the coast had seen anything particular when the ship sank. It all was really strange. I still remember how the man firmly clenched my hand and said:

”The monster has killed us all. The sea is hiding a treasure, and the monster is guarding it. You must get this treasure. It’s very important because it’s also the weapon to kill the monster!”

I looked at the man and told him not to worry as there were people coming to aid his wounds, but soon the man drew his last breath after he had put something in my hand.

It was a map. A map to a secret island which no other maps depicted. I scratched the back of my head as I tried to read the map more closely. Then I remembered some old folk tale which my mother used to tell me when I was just a little kid. The tale was about the Sea God who was guarding some hidden island in the sea. I couldn’t remember anything else, but I knew that this tale was somehow connected to the poor man.

I didn’t even have a dingey or a ship to go anywhere, but I knew that I had to avenge all the sailors which the monster had killed.

I was pondering about how to get to the island for a long time after this happened. Then I remembered that my harbour employer had a pretty big and sturdy fishing boat which he was using to go catch fish. I came up with a plan, and the next day I stole the boat. All week I was gathering food and equipment to go on my journey to the secret island. The last thing I needed was a spyglass, and when I got it, I was ready.

The morning of departure was windy and chilly, but it just made me even more determined. I pushed the boat out of the rocks where I had hidden it before and started my quest.

After a couple of days, I was very close to the place where the secret island was depicted on the map.  Then something strange started to happen. My head got all fuzzy and my hands were numb. I looked through the spyglass and could see the land, but I didn’t know if I would be able to get there. I took my paddles back out and started to row faster, but my headache got worse and worse the closer I came to the island.

When I got out of the boat, I had completely drained all of my strength, and I lost consciousness. I guess I hadn’t been out for long because the monster would have killed me if I had. I remember that at first, I thought that my sight was gone because all I could see was black, but as my eyes got used to the darkness, i knew that it was just nighttime. My head wasn’t throbbing anymore.

After a little while of coming to my senses, I heard an extremely loud growl. I figured it was the monster, but I didn’t know what it looked like. No one had seen the monster, except those who yhe monster had killed. Although I didn’t know where to go, I just started to run to the center of the island. It was a small island and there wasn’t much elsewhere to go. I just had to find the weapon, although I didn’t know what it would look like.

While I was running I tripped over something and fell face first into the wet dirt under my feet. A disgusting stench of rotting bodies reached my nostrils.

I lifted my head and right in front of me was a skull of a man who had died a long time ago. His mouth opened, and his corpse’s voice still echoes in my head:

”Kill the Sea God and avenge our souls!”

Adrenaline rushed through my body, and I immediately got up and ran. I didn’t even feel the pain from the fall. Faint screams of all the people who had died started haunting my head, I figured that was the head throbbing from earlier, the dead screaming to me. which I just didn’t hear at that time.

In the distance I was able to see a shimmering light, but i couldn’t figure out what it was? The light was coming from the crater of some inactive volcano. I got on the crater’s edge and you won’t believe me what I saw. It was the treasure, the sacred weapon. What else could it be? It looked like a massive harpoon with a sharp, crystal glass head on it. It was emitting some kind of a strange humming noise and a light blue, pulsating glow.

I grabbed the weapon from the monument where it was standing. Although it looked big and massive, once I was holding it in my hands it seemed really light and handy. It was very cold to the touch, and the coldness shot through my spine when I held it.  I looked at my hands and arms, and to my surprise they were changing into something different. I still had the human form, but I also felt realy tough and athletic.  That wasn’t all. The growls I had heard before weren’t just growls anymore. I somehow was able to understand what they said.

“Stop what you are doing, keep your hands of the harpoon, or it will curse you just like it cursed me! You can still stop. Just throw the spear away…”

The monster had finally caught up to me. He had a humanoid shape, but his arms and legs were like tentacles. His face somehow resembled a person, but his body had the same light blue shade as the harpoon. He was emitting the light too, but it was a little bit dim compared to the harpoon. The monster was some kind of devilish mixture of human and octopus.

I wasn’t listening to the monster. I kept holding the harpoon while thinking of all the people that had died by its tentacles, which filled my heart only with more rage and anger. Oh, how wrong I was! Now I wish I would have listened.

The monster suddenly moved towards me and adrenaline took over my body, i threw the harpoon and pierced Sea God’s chest. It went right through his heart and with a loud thump it fell on the ground. After a little while he drew his final breath. I could see in his eyes the remorse and defeat, but also joy. His gaze was strikingly similar to a human’s one.

then I understood why it was like that. Suddenly I felt all the pain of the monster, all the suffering. The Sea God had failed to keep me from getting the weapon, and killing him. I felt many feelings come over me, and images of dying people rushed through my mind. The monster wasn’t a monster at all. It was some sad, sad person who had become this Sea God once because of some curse.

Then I suddenly remembered the old folk tale my mother used to tell me. The Sea God is the guardian of everyone who had died at sea, ever. That’s why I could sense all the pain and cries. So, you may ask why does the Sea God kill people? But Sea God doesn’t kill just anyone. He kills the greedy people who want to get the treasure without knowing what they are dealing with. That’s why peaceful people on the coast have never seen the Sea God.

The additional changes started to appear on my body, my arms and legs started to multiply and got longer. My mind opened up to the sea, and I could feel everything in the water. Feelings of dread and misery took over and everything was becoming clear to me. The monster died… and in return I took its form. The harpoon fell to the ground with its point in the sand as I grew massively in size. I turned away from the volcano crater and the island. I walked into the sea. This is where i belong now.

All these feelings… such overwhelming feelings make me want to turn people away from here. I don’t want anyone to experience these bad feelings. I have to take care of all the lost souls who have died at sea. I am the Sea God, I am the monster now.

Authors: Sebastian winter, Storybuss

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Scary creatures #003 Aswang

WARNING! Not for the faint hearted.

Finally the day has arrived i am going to give birth to my sweet baby girl May. She has been in my belly for a week to long. Doctors were already thinking she might be a stillborn, but later confirmed that she was still alive and well. We were so happy when we heard the good news. 
One day later i gave birth to a sweet little girl. She looked oh’so pretty. When she came into this world she was crying. But as soon as i touched her she would stop crying and stare at me with those cute big green and blue eyes.

She has two different coloured eyes, can you even belive that?!
The nurses had to keep the little newborn in the hospital for another week to make sure everything was fine

And run a couple of tests. I almost refused, but eventually tought it was for the best choice for my sweet angel. So i let go of her and got ready to go home. A feeling in my stomach made me rethink going home. So i told my husband i wanted to stay with her tonight. He agreed and later brought some nicely cooked food and a blanket. 
That night i watched over my newborn child all night. She was mesmerizing and smelled so sweet. When the sun rose i finally fell asleep untill 2 hours later i was woken by a few babies crying. I looked around and saw the nurses coming to aid the little baby’s. My little May was still asleep. And when she woke up, she looked at me and smiled. A tear rolled over my cheek out of happyness. How could anything be as innocent as a newborn. 
I decided i wanted to stay one more night. I had to wait in the hallway, though i happily obliged. I kissed my little girl goodnight and went to sleep in the waiting room after a nice meal my husband brought me again. 
A few hours later i woke up in a shock. Feelings of dread took over and i ran towards the babyroom. There were still nine babies laying there. I looked at them and returned to my seat in the waiting room. Half an hour later all babies started to cry at the same time. I heard metal clatter on the ground. My knees got weak and i ran to the room with the babies. I could see a person standig there in the light of a baby bed. It’s two hands reached down for the baby and with a swift move ripped of the arm of the baby with blood spilling everywhere, and started eating the little baby arm.
I stood there… frozen in fear and anger. I din’t know what to do. I pulled open the door and yelled and screamed as loud as i could. The ghoul looked at me, smiling with it’s black beaded eyes. The ghoul was still ripping off flesh of the baby and consuming it. I flipped on the lightswitch and could see the ghoul in it’s full glory. It was standing bent over, gray skin, big head and what looked like razersharp teeth… feeding.
The ghoul walked towards my little babygirl and i got so angry i started sprinting full force towards the ghoul… Though the ghoul din’t move an inch, and it punched it’s claw right trough my heart. Falling on my knees i begged the ghoul to stop eating the babies… The ghoul smiled. It turned away and walked towards May. The ghoul reached it’s hands under May’s body and head, and lifted her in the air. The ghoul screamed and started squeezing the little newborn. Claws started to penetrate the tender skin of the baby and she started to bleed viciously. May let out screams of terror while the ghoul kept squeezing her tighter. Then the ghoul ripped the baby in two and guts and blood flew everywhere. The ghoul then ate May in two gulps, while her mother watched her die while she died herself.
That night when her husband heard what happened. He sat on the couch with his dead eyes, watching the news play the horrific scene with a shotgun in his hand and with blood on the walls. 

A cold icy night

It was a cold and icy night. It had snowed the night before, so everything was very slippery. I’d say it was warmer in the freezer at home than outside. Anyway, i had to walk home from my work and carefully put one step after another, It was like skating on ice. I was walkink like i was on the verge of falling.
Just when i was about to go around the corner, i caught a glimpse of a light on the left of me. So i carefully turned around and looked at the light. There was no house there. I think that’s why it caught my attention. Then i heard a soft bang and a hiss coming from that direction. Like some kind of mechanism was working. 
It peaked my interest so i decided to take a quick peek. With “quick” i ment slowly and carefully going over there and look around a little. When i was walking i got blocked by some woods. But i could see the light better now. It was pretty close by. If i’d go trough these woods i would be able to see it better. And i did go into the woods. Luckely the treeline ended quikly and the light was very close now. I could make out a shape. A human-like shape, but not quite human. 
There was a soft clinging of what sounded like thousands of crystals. I crept closer to the last tree of the treeline to see what i just found. I was able to see everything way better. The light was very big and bright and it had no shape to it. But i did see the humanoid figure. And it walked towards me. Suddenly adrenaline rushed trough me, and my mind suddenly switched to “survive” mode. My feelings told me that figure had bad intends, and i had to run. I turned around and started moving back to the street as fast as i could. I moved trough the woods so fast i fell and scratched my face on some plants and branches. It was slippery after all.
I ran out of the woods and i was now on the middle of the street. I turned around and i saw the light still coming from the woods. I turned my head forward and started walking home again. But one thing kept bothering me, i could not shake the feeling of being followed. Maybe it was just my imagination or maybe i was just being paranoid. 
When i got home i unlocked my door. In front of me stood a massive humanoid shape. It had cole black skin that seemed to be reflecting. I looked up towards it’s neck, and it was small but long. There was a pain in my chest, an extreemly painfull pinching pain in my left arm as i looked at it’s head. It was slender, had no mouth and no nose. It had lightblue eyes with small black dots in the middle that were looking at me. They were so painfully penetrating my soul that i fell backwards onto my porch with the pain in my chest that kept increasing. But then it stopped… Everything stopped. 
There was no pain anymore. And i was unable to see the creature. I also was not home, yet i felt comfotable. My eyes were a bit blurry, but my sight slowly returned to normal. I was in a big room.  it was all white and reflecting. I din’t know where i was, but i felt… at home.

I looked at the wall. My hart stopped when i saw my reflection. I made sure it was me so i tried waving. 
A tall black humanoid shape with big bright blue eyes with a black dot in the middle was waving back at me. 
The same kind of creatures came into the room and walked slowly towards me. 

“You are one of us now, don’t be afraid. It is an honour to have you with us” my toughts said to me. I figured these “toughts” were actually things they said to me. I am overwhelmed and i collapse.  I close my eyes and try to figure out what is happening. 

“You are one of us now, you can never go back”

#33 I am the operator

Hello, i am the operator. I press buttons and switch levers. I can make all the dicisions i want and everything will bend to my commands. 

Right now i’m listening to classical music wich makes my head feel like it’s in another place, A safehaven. I feel well and my mood is good. Though i do want to feel even better. So i will build a house. This house will be what i’ve always wanted. This will be my dreamhouse.

I will invite others over to come and celebrate my new achievement. Not many will come. I know this because not many appriciate me. It’s not hard to pass by and say something but it almost never happens. Others are shy and kept to them self. They are what you would call a ‘lonewolf’. Or they just want to be left alone by a reason. It does not matter. If i realy want them to talk to me i can make them, i am the operator after all.

Some cold beverage is served and i take a glass off the plate. It’s the last glass, i guess im lucky. I’m just messing with you, i’m not lucky and i never will be, because i am the operator. The last glass was the only glass served.

That brings me to the next subject, living. Yes, i am alive. But i do not always feel alive. I love all the dirty tricks and twisted games i play. That is the only time when i feel alive. I have no urge to do anything else but to do my own things. I feel you’re pain, but it won’t move me. I dont care. And you know why? … exactly what you’re thinking.

Do you know what i am now? I think you do. Tell me and leave a postcard at my doorstep saying you want me to stop doing this awkward thing. Maybe i will listen to you. You might catch my attention by writing me in a green envelope. Green is not my favorite color if that is what you are thinking. It’s red, the color of blood and love. The color red is what makes us fear or love. 

Some others belive heaven is white. Dont take this personally but i think otherwise. I think heaven is red, just like hell. It makes sense if you think about what i just said does it not? It does not matter anyway. I am not trying to start a fight, i hate fights. 

I have never been in a fight. Others do have an opinion on me, but thats okay. If i want them to stop talking i will just have to make them stop talking. There is no link between the others and me. I have no link to the world. And i dont need one, for i am the operator. I dont need help or pitty. It’s irrelevant anyway, because i can make you do whatever i want you to do.

#32 My message.

I am locked up in this cage for years now. I don’t feel like i have the need to escape, althoug that would be practically impossible anyway. I think i belong in this cage. I am actually starting to like the feeling of being alone with my toughts. What would i do to them, do i break their neck, or should i just give them a hug. 

They don’t look like humans to me, only monsters would be capible of doing things as heartless as what they do. Making other monsters and letting them fight for them. That is why i am locked in here. This cage feels somewhat safe. Because they only look at me, but i am sure if they got the chance, they would tear me appart from top to bottom. 

There are many like me. I feel like we do have a connection, but there is no way for us to talk for the monsters have sewn our mouths shut. They told us not to progress further on our paths and took controll. 

But somehow i want to break trough the cage too. I want to scream, let others hear where i am standing. I would stand in front of everyone, naked and nothing more then the truth. It is hard to explaine what needs to be done and hard to understand what is already done. 

There is no way i would know how you feel, but i would understand if you won’t share what you are  goung trough. Taking the sown cable from our mouth hurts after all. But im trying to pull mine out. It realy hurts and blood is being shed. But i’m trying so hard. 

Would you aid me if you could? Have a conversation about the monsters shushing us. There is a chance they would uncover what we are doing, and if that were be the case we will be locked up even deeper with many more locks and blocks. 

Nothing will change if i don’t tell you what will happen if we dont say anything. The ceiling would crumble if i were to talk to you. We would get free, for that moment. After that moment we would be kicked down and kicked over and over again. 

So would you talk with me?  Share with me? Embrace me? Maybe even love me? I know i would, but how do i start? It is too dangerous out here… Help!

#31 Magical ore

“Ah finally *sighs* this blade is done. Nice and smooth sharp edge. That can cut trough the thickest of materials. I’m sure the king will be very pleased with this blade. But for now i have to go out for materials.” 

So i walked to the market with my leather backpack so i would defenitly not run out of space. While purchasing my materials i heard someone say something about material that is stronger then any other metal ever seen. I paid for my items and i walked to the person that was saying that. 

“What material are you talking about?” I asked. 

“Aaah… yes i will tell you. But, at a price.” He said. “The information i have to share is very valuable. The finest and strongest material you can make any weapon out of.” This sounded like gold to my ears. 

“What do you want” i asked him. “I want a special blade made out of this material. I will go with you to get the material, and you make a blade out of it for me.”

“I suppose that is not an unfair trade. When do you want to leave?” I said. 

“In the morrow, i still have business. Meet me here in the morrow” he explained to me. 

He turned around and walked out of the store. I wonder what material this is. Stronger and sharper then normal metal. Well, i think i should worry about if it is even forgable at all. I need to figure out the perfect heat to modify the material. But i guess we’ll see when we actually got it. I went home and got off to bed.

That night i had a dream, i made the sword with the material. But i had no real idea what it would look like to the dream should not be acurate. The metal looked very blue, almost saffire blue like. When i heated it in my dream it went purple and then white. It was easy to make a blade out of. But then i woke up. It was time to make the journey to the place.

I got up, packed my backpack and walked to town and met up with the mysterious guy. He was already there waiting for me. when he saw me, he walked towards me and pulled me with him. “People are following us” he said. “Let’s hope they will not follow us outside of town.

We started walking to the outskirts of town and fortunatly lost the persuers, at least we did not see them anymore. We entered a forest filled with beautifull nature. Sunbeams shine trough the big old oak trees, the birds are chirping and the bumblebees are polling the flowers. It is very peacefull right now. “I hope this peace will last” i tought to myself. 

We arrived at a long bridge hanging over a cliff. It did not look well built at all. But nevertheless we slowly walked step by step over the bridge and safely reached the other side. We took a short break and had something to drink and ate some fruit. After another long hike we finally reached the mountain where the ore should be. 

We entered the mountain and looked around. It was rich with other materials to forge with. I was defenitly coming back here again later. The guy told me, “we should be close now. It should be behind this wall” we walked around the wall and found a mountain of strange stone. It was purple but with a gleam of cyan. It looked beautifull, almost magical. I grabbed out my pickaxe and swung at the stone while my guide stood back. A big chunk fell off. This should be enough to make at least 6 swords out of the ore.

We took the ore and returned to the town. I took the my guide to my smithy and showed him how the process worked. He watched as i hit the blade to a smooth and beautfully sharp sword. The material was very easy to handle and when i would hit it with my hammer it sounded like glass. After a day i finished the blade. It looked smooth and like the guy said, very sharp. I did not even put it on the grindstone yet. 

I decided to give the handle a special form since it was my guide’s blade. The blade was a little thicker the  a rapiers blade. But it was so magically beautifull. I handed over the finished sword to the guy, he looked very pleased with the result. With these swords i would be able to make a fortune. The upcoming weeks i would make 5 more swords out of the material. And i sold 4 wich gave me a hefty sum of money.

I decided to keep one sword to test out against other metals. So i put a thick piece of metal horizontal on a stool. I lifted the magnificent sword above my head and with all my might pushed it downwards. And to my surprise it cut trough the metal like butter. After inspecting the metal i was able to see that the purple sword had molten the metal. The sword gains temperature the faster you swing it. That would explaine the glow i see every time i swing the sword. I concluded this coyld be very dangerous if it were to land in the wrong hands. 

I kept my piece. And never made a new sword from that material. But maybe i should mix it with other metals. I have not decided yet.