#26 fixing basements

We fix basements. The client calls me and we renovate their basement. I had many strange things show up. I even found a torture chamber once, we had to call the cops and it was a great hit in the newspapers.

Some days ago a person called us to look at their basement, since they moved there recently. He said he heard strange noises coming from the basement and did not want to go in by himself. So we decided to come by, because he realy wanted to use the basement.

In the early morning we packed everything we needed into the van. We could strip the basement and put some new paint in it if he wanted to start straight away.

So when we got there we looked at the house. It looked slightly on the expencive side. It also looked quite gentle. My colleague and i walked to the entrance of the house and knocked on the door. 

A man that looked to be around his 50’s opened the door and greeted us with a handshake. He let us in and asked us if we could talk about what the basement should be turned into. We agreed and sat around the table to discuss the matter.

When we were done talking he opened the door to the basement for us. It did not look old or croocked in any way. It was quite a nice basement. There was no old furniture and everything looked like it was going to be an easy and quick job. 

We got our ideas together and showed what could be done with the basement. The owner was pleased with our idea and told us we could start 2 days later. He had to go to some family for a few days. We agreed and went home

2 days later:

We knocked on the door of the house and someone to hang on. We waited a few seconds and the door unlocked and opened. The same guy was still in his bathrobe. He told us to get started whenever we felt like it while he got changed. 

We took a broom with us and some paintbuckets. We went downstairs and put everything in order for us to start. We begans sweeping the floor as there was a whole lot of dust and sand in there. In the corner i was sweeping while i accidently went to close to the wall and punctured it. 

We both looked at each other questionable. A wall like this should not be able to break that easely. We got curious and started knocking on the wall. One whope side of the wall sounded like there was another room there. So qe decided to make the hole a bit bigger so we could look inside with a flashlight.

We din’t see much, but it was still part of the basement. So we grabbed 2 sledgehammers and started breaking the wall. With all the noise the owner came down and asked us what we were doing. We explained there was more room behind the walls that seemed to been placed there for some kind of reason.

The guy frowned and said alright, go ahead as he turned around and went back upstairs.we raised our hammers again and started bashing the wall down. The basement seemed to be twice as big as it was with the wall still up. There was a shack inside the room. A little kind of home for someone to live in. 

We tried to open the door but it would not budge. And there were no windows. So we decided to smash the door open with our hammers. When the door waa broken down we entered the little shack. There were some tools hanging on the wall and a few workbenches. When we looked down we saw a trapdoor. We tried to open it and it opened. It was not locked at all. There was a ladder going down. We grabbed our ropes and put them around our middle after securing it somewhere around the ladder. The ladder seemed old so it could break while we went down the ladder.

While climbing down we smelled a rotten stench reaching our noses. We covered our nose and went further down. After a prety long climb we reached the bottom of the house.

We looked around with our flashlights and we saw old guns lying on the ground. Skeletons were covering most of the ground. We got scared but pulled ourselves together and went on. We walked trough a tunnel while we suddenly heard a loud bang. We jumped when we heard it and laid on the geound for a few seconds. Again we heard a loud bang. But we could also hear some people talking. 

We decided to get up and walk forward. The sounds were gone now. We saw flags that looked like they were from the second world war. Hitlers flags. This must have been a secret hidden bunker. Again we hears people talking in the distance. We looked around and saw all kind of rooms. But i no room were people to be found. While we got confused we walked into a dead end. We din’t see anyone down here, but we still heard voices. We looked at each other and decided to leave.

We were certainly not coming back again. We explained everything to the owner of the house. He told the authorities and got moved to another house. 

No one know what is going on there till this day. its a mystery to everyone. And we still were not able to make out what made those noises down there as there was no one down there.

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