#27 A look into the future

It is the year 2528. Earth was so full of people that we built around the earth. We call this the earth shell. It is on the edge of the breathable atmosphere. All the materials we used were salvaged from material rich planets and space debree.

We built a litteral shell around the earth where 30 billion people can live in. Only the elite 5 billion people can go to earth. The earths eco system is now controled from different stations on the earth shell, making the planet have the perfect heat or cold for that area. 

We started building on the earth shell as soon as we could safely travel and haul materials trough the universe, wich was is 2064. The first cargoshuttle was launched to start on the first buildings in space. Every government soon caught up and before you knew it earts shell was complete in 2144. In 80 years we made a suitable place for people to live in for over 30 bilion people. Because you can live anywhere in the shell. The shell is 1 kilometer wide, wich makes it easy to make rooms for everyone.

In the shell is an ecosystem that is replicated from earth. And all our water is caught from space and waterhaulers. Waterhaulers take massive amounts of water from other planets and bring them to the earth shell. We figured out how to travel faster then the speed of light so traveling does not take very long. 

Something that is 300 lightyears away can be reached in 20 minutes. Wich makes it easy to reach other stations that are placed in outer space. These stations are used for scanning planets and meteors. They scan them for minerals and other usefull material. We will get orders to get the stuff we need to get and we get paid. 

Everyone one the earth shell has agreed to pay with a different kind of money. We do not have any physical money, that would take to many recourses. When we are born we get a chip implanted in our arm wich makes us a citizen of the earth shell. But the chip also allows us to store our currency. We call our currency shells because the place we live in is called earths shell.

Our waste is used in our biosystem for fertilizer. And our fruits and vegitables are made in many greenrooms to sustain 35 billion people so there is never any major hunger on the earth shell. 

The governments are devided in 50 pieces on the earth shell. But there is only 1 government left on earth. They are called the elite government plan or EGP for short. The EGP decides what happens on the earth shell. And on earth researchers plan their plans and make new things. 

On earth it is like paradise now. No pollution. As cars are forbidden and used in the making of the earth shell. There are still some cars. But they float between the magnetic field of the earth and earths shell. And they are only for the people that can afford them. 

If you are born on earth you are most likely more lucky then if you are born on earths shell. On earth you can live like an earthling. And you can go cycling in the mountains or walk in a forest. This is not possible on the earth shell. Well… you can do some things like cycling. But it would never be anything like on earth. 

But it does not matter where you are born. You can look at earth from the earth shell and hear stories about how great it is there. You would want to go there when you grow up and work hard to get a place on earth. This is how they select the elite. You go trough a program when you are 15. If you are gifted, have a special ability or have worked your ass off to master a skill, you have a good chance of being accepted in the EGP.

There are only 25.000 people accepted to earth each year. And only the best of the best are sellected to breath earths atmosphere. You can try your whole life to get to earth. So the hardest workers will get rewarded by going to earth for the rest of their life. 

The avarage age people become in this year is 125. But when people reach 100 they would still look fairly young. This is all because the food we produce is modified slightly to help people enjoy their lives longer. In 200 years it is expected that we can live until we are 175. 

When you are born on earth you have to prove that you are worthy of staying on earth. You have 25 years to show off your skill. Otherwise you are deported to the earth shell and you would be given a good life there. Nevertheless most newborns on earth show promise trough genetics. 

The total count of the humans is 35 bilion now. We are planning to expand our race into the galaxy by making massive eco systems in space. Enormous cubes with a diameter of 500km by 500km. They would be like mini earths. With the same systems as the earth shell. 

If you have any more questions on how the universe works now, i would be glad to tell you in another mail. But for now i have to get back to my research. Time traveling is not an easy task when it’s incomplete.

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