#24 A getting back.

“Aah” the little things. Dont you love the small good things that sometimes happen. Small achievements can be more exiting and satisfying then big achievements sometimes. 

When you had a rough day, and someone you maybe know tells you a joke so funny you almost pee your pants. In that case it were best if you wear dypers. Who knew they were usefull for us right?

The reason i write this is because something happened. I’m sick…. well not sick, i’m ill. I sat in the smoke of the barbeque and my voice now sound like that of a person that smokes 10 packs of siggarettes a day. I quite litterally smoked my brains out. But boy!!! The meat was good!

Oh and we went metal detecting. We found some old iron objects and even a shard of an old grenade that was used in the second world war. It might have pierced some body, but luckely we din’t find any bones near the shard. 

Now my throat hurts. And i’m still going to school today. And im constantly caughing in the buss… and i don’t even smoke. 

And then ill end it here with some wise words from my library of connections of my brainwaves; when you meet and blue cow with 3 eyes, and it starts talking to you about hamburgers, you should probably ignore it. But if you give it a banana milkshake it will run off into the ground. Or it would be possible you had enough shrooms πŸ™‚

I’ll upload stories from here on out again. I’m also going to try to tell my stories in video’s as soon as my voice gets better, peace. Michael.

4 thoughts on “#24 A getting back.

  1. Have Medicines & TK CR! of U’r self.SOUNDS GD! that u don’t smoke & in future also stay Away from Smoking.NOT-N-ISSUE! U’r followers will eagerly wait 4 u’r Upcoming Video based Stories bt 1st U get well soon 🌺🌷🌹🍎🍊🍐

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