#19 Love does not forget

This story was suggested by: loveurownlife

College is finally done for this year, and now it’s summer. A friend of mine is a flight attendant wich he always wanted to be, and he has been doing this job for a few months now. It’s also always been my dream to work onboard a plane. The feeling you get when you are in the air is unbelivable. The sights you can see from the plane are amazing.

When I was about 10 years old, my parents and I went on holliday. And we had to travel by plane to our destination. While we were in the air, I’d look out of the window and fantasize about the things that were below us on the ground. Then a steward came our way and offered us some food and drinks for underway. I looked at the lady with wonder, she smiled back and gave me a candybar. “here you go” she said while looking at me.

From that moment on I knew I wanted to do the same thing. Make people at ease on a flight, and help them out with whatever is needed. I was destined to make my dream come true.

But my parents always wanted me to become a teacher.  They did not care what I wanted. If I would say I wanted to work aboard a plane, they would scold me and say that I would not be able to find a job in the area. Where I live, teachers are greatly appriciated, so they earn a good salary. But I din’t want to be a teacher. I knew I had the skill to be one, but my feelings would be crushed. So I decided to attend to flight school anyway.

When my parents found out they were furiously mad with me. I was not alowed to do anything anymore. And I would be kicked out as soon as I had a job.

I also had a brother a year older then me. He was always very neat and always listened to our parents. He was going to be a teacher for them. He got his degree and started as a math teacher. My parents were proud of him and we all loved him very much.

So now, I can almost start being an air hostess. I’ll have to wait 3 weeks and then I can start as a stewardess onboard of airplanes. Ill be away a lot from home, but I don’t care. It’s my dream, and I wanted to do this almost my whole life.

The last night before I had to go on trail was hard. I could not sleep because I was so nervous. My head was filled with toughts, and I could not relax. So I had only 5 or 6 hours of sleep. Nevertheless this is the day I am going to make my dream come true.

2 hours later I was standing in a room where I got told what to do as an air hostess. I paid close attention to every detail they had to say to me. I had to complete my trail stage of 3 months before I got my official licence. When I had that licence I was able to work aboard flights whenever I got hired by someone.

That same day I got to work aboard a plane. And I had never had so much fun, because coincidently my friend worked for the same company. he already completed his trail and had to give me a tour.

When the days and weeks passed by we started to have feelings for each other. We went on dates and became very close.

The upcoming 6 months we worked many hours. But it felt as if the time went by flying. Our time together on planes had made our relationship the real deal. We knew we loved each other. And would often fantasized about what the future might hold. And everything seemed to go so well.

Then one day something very terrible happened. When my brother got some weeks off from work. He decided to go on vacation to madagascar. He had the flight I was supposed to have with my boyfriend, but we were late and missed the flight… later that night on the news we saw the plane crashed with my brother inside.

My boyfriend helped us the upcoming days with everything we needed. He was there when we needed him.

After 2 weeks my parents said they wanted to talk to me. They said I was not alowed to go on any flight anymore. And they swore that if I did, I would not be allowed to enter the house anymore. So I had to make a decision. My parents were now even more determent to make me a teacher. And I din’t want to abandon my parents for a selfish dream I had. So I decided to become an english teacher.

I asked my boyfriend to come with me, and become a teacher also, but he refused.

My heart was broken, I sobbed for days. Then after 3 weeks he send me a text.


Hey dear, an international company was so pleased with my work, I get to work for them now, ill be flying all over the world, isn’t that great? “smileyface”


When I saw the text, I got dizzy. I had to lay back on my bed and rest my head on my pillow. The rage inside me made me cry even more. He’ll be going to places for longer periods of time, leaving me behind. All alone. I texted him I wanted to break up, and I deleted and blocked his phone number. I was so jelouse.

Time went by as I had a quick period of learning how to become a teacher. Never one day, I forgot about my dreamjob, and what I could have been doing if it weren’t for my parents. Frustration and anger filled me for the upcoming 3 months. And I never went to work with a happy face. Ofcourse teaching people things is a great thing to do, and it paid well. But this wasn’t what I wanted to do.

My ex boyfriend and me din’t speak anymore, but then, out of nowhere when I came home, he was sitting there. In the chair, waiting for me at my parents house. My hart stopped and I froze. He noticed me and turned his head. Water started filling my eyes and a light headache appeared in my head, but I couldn’t move.

He picked up the single red rose he had laying next to him and started walking towards me. With tears rolling over my cheeks, my knees started to shivver and they got weak. He noticed and ran towards me just in time to catch me when I collapsed in his arms. While my tears soaked his shirt he said “I’m sorry, I should have come with you”

My hands reached around his middle to his back.

“how could you just leave me here” I said to him sobbingly.

“I’m so, so sorry. I came here to join you, but am I to late?” he asked.

I pushed him away from me and stared at him“ofcourse you are to late!” I screamed.

His eyes started to get damp, and looked at me. “I’m… realy sorry” he said with a trembling voice.

I stepped back toward him and put my hands on his jaw. I pulled him closer to me and our lips touched.

It’s now 4 years later since this all happened. My boyfriend and I are living together now, in 3 weeks im am giving birth to a sweet baby boy.

The last principal of the school I worked for, retired. And all the teachers voted me to be the new principal, so I am the head of the school now. My boyfriend works in the same school. He is the new math teacher of the school after he got his degree last year.

We also started a planemodel collection, and it’s surprisingly big.


10 thoughts on “#19 Love does not forget

  1. I enjoyed reading your life story, but I know when you went through it how hard it was. I will always suggest to follow your dreams, but sometimes certain things happen for a reason. It cannot be justified at moment. When u get to connect the dots later u would realize why it all happened. Sorry to hear you lost your brother , it’s very hard to cope with a loss of a loved one in the family.

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  2. THANKS! THANKS! THANKS! alot Michael,4 writing My Story bt 1st I must Clear that this is Reality of My own life not only an assumed Story or suggestions that I gave u…I must Say that u Write better much better than any1 else & u’r perfect content made me cry…As I recalled Each & Everything of my past,just the difference is that my bro is Alive & he left the house as he did an Intercaste Marriage & in r family Intercaste Marriage is not allowed,So My dad told him 2 leave the house 4 4ever..After he left nobody was there 2 look-After My parents. That’s y,I was not allowed 2 become n Airhostess & they told me 2 do Graduation in Entire English Literature & Become an English Teacher.Anyway,I was very eager 2 know the end of this Stroy bt End filled my Eyes with tears…As till now in my own life,I don’t know will he choose Aviation or Me??? Or I’ll ever b happy after becoming an English Teacher in Future or not???? As I never wanted 2 b a teacher bt My fate had not left any option infront of me…SORRY! I become nostalgic while commenting on u’r this post bt Anyway,Thanks 1nce Again & U r the Best writer with great talent to Elaborating Story…

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