#20 The Disney Waterpark.

Hi, this is my first recording. I will tell you what happened at the park in Walt Disney. You know… the closed down waterpark. 

I heard many ghost stories about the park. People getting murdered there and people never being found ever again after going there. Not even their bodies have been recovered. 

One day i was in the library with my friend. We laughed about some crazy funny comic we saw on the internet while browsing trough the library. We looked for something that peaked our interest and a lot of things did. 

Great articles about ghost and creature stories were our most favorite subjects, and we have been to some ‘haunted’ places. But nothing ever realy happened. We then searched for ghost places around in our city. And living close to Disney Land this came up. 

We looked trough what people found there and what had happened there. It closed down some day and was not attended anymore. But it’s still visited without permission by vandalists to this day. 

All these articles about this place were so interesting that we wanted to check it out for our self. Ofcourse we din’t believe it. We have been to places where nothing happened. And became more skeptical about the subject. So we decided to go there in the weekend on saturday night. 

We met at a parking lot around 6 pm close to the park. It was still light outside, but we were going to check the place out. So we brought torches and some extra batteries. 

We walked around the fence of the waterpark, and it did indeed look like a ghost park. We got exited and went to look for a way in. After looking around we saw a tree hanging over the fence. It was a good oppertunity, so we took it. We got up in the tree and walked over the thick branch to the inside of the fence. 

We looked around because we din’t know where to go. We just decided to start walking and look for interesting things. We came to a small pond with a small wooden crooked shed in the middle. It din’t appear in any of the fotos we saw so it atracted our attention. 

We looked around the pond to see if there was something to cross to the middle with. And we saw a small dingy. It was drifting in the middle of the lake so it was obviously leak free. We grabbed a big branch and reached out formthe small boat. We hooked it on the boat and got it close to us so we could step in. 

When we were in the boat we got the branch to puch us of the side of the pond and drift us to the middle. We were finally in the middle of the pond. We looked at the shed. It semlled like wet rotten wood. We tried to find an opening into the shed while walking around it. But we were unable to find one. 

I found a little hole in one of the planks of the shed. I looked trought the hole but i could not see anthing. So i put my torch trough the hole and used the other end of my torch as a lever. And i pushed the plang right out as i pushed my torch to the shed. Some other planks were then easely removable since it was all rotten. 

We stepped in and used out torches to look around. There was nothing to see. It was empty. While walking around slowly we suddenly hears the cracking of wood. I pointed my torch down and i saw my friends standing on a hatch. As he saw it he stepped of the hatch. There was a little handle, we pulled it up and the hatch opened. 

We saw there was a metal staircasing going down. So after a little arguing we decided to explore the hole. As we walked down we came in a tunnel. The echo of our steps jumped from the wals deep into the tunnel. 

Suddenly after walking straight for about 5 minutes, we came up to a door. The door looked fairly new. And when we tried to open it, it was locked. We decided to turn back and explore the rest of the waterpark. So after walking back trough the tunnel for about 10 minutes we became confused. 

We were walking the right direction because there are no other corridors. The tunnel was straight. We kept walking the same direction for another 5 minutes. Thats when we got scared. Were we going crazy? 

We decided to turn around and walk back to the door to get us back to where we started. Maybe we din’t see a corridor that was actually there. 

After walking about 2 minutes we reached the door… this seemed way to quick. We walked 15 minutes towards the entrance. But nevertheless we walked back to the entrance from the door. After walking for 5 minutes we reached another door. This looked the same as the last door… in fact, this is the last door we were at. 

We were now certain we were losing our mind. We got our cellphones out and tried to call the police. We got someone from the police department on the phone and she told us what our emergency was. I told her we were at disney world’s water park. And that we got stuck somehow in a tunnel. 

The police woman said she would send a cop car to our lication. She told us not to wory and that we were not to move. the police car would be there in 10 minutes. We agreed and sat down on the ground. 

Our phone batteries died now. And we are soon going to have to use our spare batteries for our flashlights. We called the cops without doubt about 1 hour ago. And we have hears nothing but our own breathing and shivvering in this tunnel. I hope we get out fast. Because it’s starting to get scary.

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