#33 I am the operator

Hello, i am the operator. I press buttons and switch levers. I can make all the dicisions i want and everything will bend to my commands. 

Right now i’m listening to classical music wich makes my head feel like it’s in another place, A safehaven. I feel well and my mood is good. Though i do want to feel even better. So i will build a house. This house will be what i’ve always wanted. This will be my dreamhouse.

I will invite others over to come and celebrate my new achievement. Not many will come. I know this because not many appriciate me. It’s not hard to pass by and say something but it almost never happens. Others are shy and kept to them self. They are what you would call a ‘lonewolf’. Or they just want to be left alone by a reason. It does not matter. If i realy want them to talk to me i can make them, i am the operator after all.

Some cold beverage is served and i take a glass off the plate. It’s the last glass, i guess im lucky. I’m just messing with you, i’m not lucky and i never will be, because i am the operator. The last glass was the only glass served.

That brings me to the next subject, living. Yes, i am alive. But i do not always feel alive. I love all the dirty tricks and twisted games i play. That is the only time when i feel alive. I have no urge to do anything else but to do my own things. I feel you’re pain, but it won’t move me. I dont care. And you know why? … exactly what you’re thinking.

Do you know what i am now? I think you do. Tell me and leave a postcard at my doorstep saying you want me to stop doing this awkward thing. Maybe i will listen to you. You might catch my attention by writing me in a green envelope. Green is not my favorite color if that is what you are thinking. It’s red, the color of blood and love. The color red is what makes us fear or love. 

Some others belive heaven is white. Dont take this personally but i think otherwise. I think heaven is red, just like hell. It makes sense if you think about what i just said does it not? It does not matter anyway. I am not trying to start a fight, i hate fights. 

I have never been in a fight. Others do have an opinion on me, but thats okay. If i want them to stop talking i will just have to make them stop talking. There is no link between the others and me. I have no link to the world. And i dont need one, for i am the operator. I dont need help or pitty. It’s irrelevant anyway, because i can make you do whatever i want you to do.

#32 My message.

I am locked up in this cage for years now. I don’t feel like i have the need to escape, althoug that would be practically impossible anyway. I think i belong in this cage. I am actually starting to like the feeling of being alone with my toughts. What would i do to them, do i break their neck, or should i just give them a hug. 

They don’t look like humans to me, only monsters would be capible of doing things as heartless as what they do. Making other monsters and letting them fight for them. That is why i am locked in here. This cage feels somewhat safe. Because they only look at me, but i am sure if they got the chance, they would tear me appart from top to bottom. 

There are many like me. I feel like we do have a connection, but there is no way for us to talk for the monsters have sewn our mouths shut. They told us not to progress further on our paths and took controll. 

But somehow i want to break trough the cage too. I want to scream, let others hear where i am standing. I would stand in front of everyone, naked and nothing more then the truth. It is hard to explaine what needs to be done and hard to understand what is already done. 

There is no way i would know how you feel, but i would understand if you won’t share what you are  goung trough. Taking the sown cable from our mouth hurts after all. But im trying to pull mine out. It realy hurts and blood is being shed. But i’m trying so hard. 

Would you aid me if you could? Have a conversation about the monsters shushing us. There is a chance they would uncover what we are doing, and if that were be the case we will be locked up even deeper with many more locks and blocks. 

Nothing will change if i don’t tell you what will happen if we dont say anything. The ceiling would crumble if i were to talk to you. We would get free, for that moment. After that moment we would be kicked down and kicked over and over again. 

So would you talk with me?  Share with me? Embrace me? Maybe even love me? I know i would, but how do i start? It is too dangerous out here… Help!

#31 Magical ore

“Ah finally *sighs* this blade is done. Nice and smooth sharp edge. That can cut trough the thickest of materials. I’m sure the king will be very pleased with this blade. But for now i have to go out for materials.” 

So i walked to the market with my leather backpack so i would defenitly not run out of space. While purchasing my materials i heard someone say something about material that is stronger then any other metal ever seen. I paid for my items and i walked to the person that was saying that. 

“What material are you talking about?” I asked. 

“Aaah… yes i will tell you. But, at a price.” He said. “The information i have to share is very valuable. The finest and strongest material you can make any weapon out of.” This sounded like gold to my ears. 

“What do you want” i asked him. “I want a special blade made out of this material. I will go with you to get the material, and you make a blade out of it for me.”

“I suppose that is not an unfair trade. When do you want to leave?” I said. 

“In the morrow, i still have business. Meet me here in the morrow” he explained to me. 

He turned around and walked out of the store. I wonder what material this is. Stronger and sharper then normal metal. Well, i think i should worry about if it is even forgable at all. I need to figure out the perfect heat to modify the material. But i guess we’ll see when we actually got it. I went home and got off to bed.

That night i had a dream, i made the sword with the material. But i had no real idea what it would look like to the dream should not be acurate. The metal looked very blue, almost saffire blue like. When i heated it in my dream it went purple and then white. It was easy to make a blade out of. But then i woke up. It was time to make the journey to the place.

I got up, packed my backpack and walked to town and met up with the mysterious guy. He was already there waiting for me. when he saw me, he walked towards me and pulled me with him. “People are following us” he said. “Let’s hope they will not follow us outside of town.

We started walking to the outskirts of town and fortunatly lost the persuers, at least we did not see them anymore. We entered a forest filled with beautifull nature. Sunbeams shine trough the big old oak trees, the birds are chirping and the bumblebees are polling the flowers. It is very peacefull right now. “I hope this peace will last” i tought to myself. 

We arrived at a long bridge hanging over a cliff. It did not look well built at all. But nevertheless we slowly walked step by step over the bridge and safely reached the other side. We took a short break and had something to drink and ate some fruit. After another long hike we finally reached the mountain where the ore should be. 

We entered the mountain and looked around. It was rich with other materials to forge with. I was defenitly coming back here again later. The guy told me, “we should be close now. It should be behind this wall” we walked around the wall and found a mountain of strange stone. It was purple but with a gleam of cyan. It looked beautifull, almost magical. I grabbed out my pickaxe and swung at the stone while my guide stood back. A big chunk fell off. This should be enough to make at least 6 swords out of the ore.

We took the ore and returned to the town. I took the my guide to my smithy and showed him how the process worked. He watched as i hit the blade to a smooth and beautfully sharp sword. The material was very easy to handle and when i would hit it with my hammer it sounded like glass. After a day i finished the blade. It looked smooth and like the guy said, very sharp. I did not even put it on the grindstone yet. 

I decided to give the handle a special form since it was my guide’s blade. The blade was a little thicker the  a rapiers blade. But it was so magically beautifull. I handed over the finished sword to the guy, he looked very pleased with the result. With these swords i would be able to make a fortune. The upcoming weeks i would make 5 more swords out of the material. And i sold 4 wich gave me a hefty sum of money.

I decided to keep one sword to test out against other metals. So i put a thick piece of metal horizontal on a stool. I lifted the magnificent sword above my head and with all my might pushed it downwards. And to my surprise it cut trough the metal like butter. After inspecting the metal i was able to see that the purple sword had molten the metal. The sword gains temperature the faster you swing it. That would explaine the glow i see every time i swing the sword. I concluded this coyld be very dangerous if it were to land in the wrong hands. 

I kept my piece. And never made a new sword from that material. But maybe i should mix it with other metals. I have not decided yet.

Im trying to expand

Hey everyone. Thank you for all your sweet and adorable comments on my blog. It’s realy what keeps my motivation up. Im not uploading daily because i am in my last 4 weeks of school and i get loads of homework and other stuff to do to prepare me for the exams. 

After i am done with school (in about a month) i want to start on recording the stories and put them on youtube as stories you can listen to. They will be edited with sound effects and ambience music. This will be a realy fun thing for me to do and i will absolutely enjoy it way more if people would support me here too.

I have no doubt in my mind that this would not work out and i find this project so exiting to do that i might even start earlyer…. but, there is a dilemma. I cannot record anywhere close where i live. There is noises in the background and to many things happening for me to concentrate. I dont know where i could record my stories. So if any of you have any suggestion or ideas please please let me know. This might be extreemly helpfull.

Also if you want your story on my youtube channel later on. That will be more then possible. Ofcourse i will link all the adresses to the authors site and other social media if wished. 

Alright thats it for now. Im gonna go sleep. Ill try to squeeze out a story the upcoming 2 days. C:

#30 Last week i found a box.

A few months ago i bought myself a brand new metal detector for about 300 dollars. It is very expensive but it has many buttons and switches. And i still don’t know what all of them do, but i’m working on it. Reading the manual also helps, but i like to find out how things work by myself.

I would realy like to find some coins or some other old relics that were left from the war or something. Realy anything i would like to find. And i did find some stuff. When i was sweeping trough the woods i found a load of chucks of iron ore. I kept them all and i would say i now have like 4 kilo’s of only iron ore. I also found some bike parts, some random household items and some other random items. 

But last week i found something peculiar. A little iron box the size of a lunchbox with a tiny padlock attached. I put it in my backpack and took it home. The lock was very rusty so i decided to smash the padlock with a hammer. With 3 taps the lock broke loose and i was able to open the little box. When i looked inside i saw a photograph of a boy. It was very unclear but it was defenitly a child. Next to the photo was a bundle of old sticks. There was also a little toy and a tooth. A small tooth that probably belonged to the child. 

I tought the child probably would have burried the first tooth he lost, and put a photo with it to look at it later. I took the photo out of the box and turned it over. It was hard to read but all i could read was a name. It read  “Max”. I closed the box and put it in my desk in the garage. 

The next morning when i woke up, i went downstairs and cleaning myself. To my surprise i saw the box on my coffee table. It was opened, and everything was still inside. At first i was just staring at it for a couple of minutes. In disbelief i examined the the box again but i was unable to figure anything out. I knew something paranormal was going on.

I put my finding on 4chan and soon i got replies. Some said “cool” and some said “go kill yourself” ofcourse i should take the comments with a grain of salt, so i did. But one comment was actually helpfull. 

“It is possible you dug up a sacraficial item, or maybe disturbed the child’s death.”

It got me interested so i told them on 4chan that it appeared in the room when i woke up. I told them i left it in the garage. Suddenly many more replies came in and everyone started asking for photos. I took a few pictures of everything and uploaded them. The hate dissapeared and everyone suddenly knew everything about the box i found. Only one comment stuck out to me

The bundle of sticks is sacrificial sage, you can see it is black on top, so it has burned. The tooth could be the link to the spirit, it could be attached to that. If you keep the box, more strange things might happen.

I replied that i was not going to throw it away. I would rather keep it and see what happens. 

When i was asleep that night, something woke me. I tough i heard a light voice was calling out my name. It sounded like a childs voice. I looked to my opened door and i suddenly hear feint footsteps running trough my hallway. I got up and walked to my hallway. I looked around but i din’t see anyone. I put on the lights and started to investigate my house. 

Near the hallway is the bathroom. The door was open and the light was on. When i walked towards it i could hear a giggling coming from the bathroom. The door shut and the hallway was drowned in darkness. I quickly switched on the light in the hallway and walked towards the bathroom. I knocked on the door and i said to my surprise something i did not expect coming from my mouth. 

“Max, is that you”

I got no reply. Then i tought, this must be a kid and must be treated as one. I said;

“I count to three and i want you to open the door max”

I began counting, “one!…” i again heard a giggling sound from the bathroom


“Thrrrr….” and before i knew it the door slammed open with a bang. But there was not no one inside. I could feel a sad precence inside the bathroom. I could feel it staring back at me. I did not feel scared, it felt like it wanted my help. I put the lid of the seat down and sat on it. I put my hands on my legs and asked “how can i help Max?” I heard nothing. I waited for about 10 minutes and listened to all the sounds i could hear. But also the feeling of someone staring at me dissapeared. 

I sat there for another 15 minutes and no other activities happened. I repeated my question multiple times and had no response. I decided to post my expiriences on 4chan again. So i updated my post. A few minutes later more replies were left on my page. Most of them felt sorry for Max. Some of them said i was mentally ill and i needed help. But i know better. I know what happened. I decided to set up my camera for the night while i was asleep. I seen it in many movies and maybe i get to see something i told myself.

I put my camera in the corner of my room so it could record everything. And i went to sleep.

The next morning i was realy exited to go trough my footage. And sure enough did i find something strange. At 3:29pm my door opened up by itself. A few seconds later i roll over to the other side of my bed. I can see the sheets go up a little bit as if someone is entering the bed. I can hear a sound on the video so i decide to amplify it in audacity. I could not make out what it said so i decided to pots the audio file on 4chan. Someone told me in a comment it said “i’m scared” and it was defenitly a high pitch voice. I listened to the file this person uploaded wich was a moddified sound of the origional. And sure enough you could clearly hear the voice say “i’m scared”.

I decided to buy a very sensitive microphone to capture more sounds and voices that i was unable to hear. I put it everywhere i went in the house and listened to it with some headphones. It recorded everything, so if i heard something i would be able to review it later. 

The next day i had some more voices wich i put on 4chan. They got modified and everyone was able to hear the same thing. 

One recording said “help” one said “my teddy is gone” another one said “what’s happening” and the last one said “he is chasing me” 

Everyone got emotional over the last voice they heard. But we were certain this was the spirit of a kid looking for a way to the afterlife. Everyone gave tips on how to tackle this. But i was not sure what to do. I decided to give it some time. Stop the recordings and wait for a couple of days. 

Every night for 3 nights i would wake up to a scream or a banging noise or some other strange noises. Every time i went to check it out, there was nothing to see. Only some moving lamps and some opened doors. I decided something had to happen. This was something i could not ignore anymore.  

The next morning i grabbed my shovel and metal detector. I decided i was going to look in the area for clues that might help. When i got to the hole i dug for the chest i sat down and took a sip of water. After a couple of minutes i swung my metal detector over the hole again, but i did not get a response. Nevertheless something in my head told me to dig there. So i widend the hole and started digging.

After about 30 minutes of digging i got pretty deep. And when i pulled the next shovel of dirt on the ground above me i could hear something scratch my.shovel. i looked over the edge at the sand. I could see a white bone. It looked like a chickin bone, but i knew better. I started to scoop out nore and more bones. Ribs, leg bones. Even finger bones.

I took my phone and called 911. They got there in no time and told me to back off and let them do an investigation. They would tell me everything they found. After pondering behind the cops and investigators for about 2 hours, 1 investigator walked up to me and handed me a small flask with a letter in it. On the flask was written, “to my gravedigger” 

I opened the flask and took out the little piece of rolled up paper. I unrolled it and it said. “Thank you for setting me free. Don’t be scared when you get home” i grabbed my shovel and my metal detector and went home. Once i got to the porch of my house the door was slightly open. I pushed open the door and carefully scanned the hallway. A feeling of happyness and dread took over the atmosphere in the house. Then i walked towards the livigroom. On the couch sat a boy, about 6 or 7 years old. He turned his head. But when i looked at him, he had no eyes to look back at me. I got scared at first, but i remembered the note.

He smiled and moved his mouth, i was unable to hear what he was saying but i could read his lips for some reason. He said: “I will never forget this, thank you for setting me free” then in a blink of an eye he got up and ran trough the hallway up the stairs. When he got out of my sight and reached the floor above me, he jumped 3 times and then it was silent. 

I walked up to the second floor and looked around in every room but no one was there to be found. This happened yesterday, and last night i slept realy good. I think i might have seen him again in my dream last night. But whatever, must be coincidence right?

I shared the story on 4chan. People were in awe. And some called me bad names. But you need to take their comments with a grain of salt, remember? 

3 days later i read on the frontpage of a paper “missing child found dead in forest” it went on about where the child had lived. Who the parents were, and some other things. That night i went out and looked for the his parents and eventually found them. I told them what had happened. They started crying and thanked me for telling them what happened. 

#29 A nice day at the theme park

My girlfriend and i went to a new and unknown theme park. The people that built the park finished a rollorcoaster, some other booring attractions and some food and drink stands. The ticket to enter was very cheap since the park wanted many people to come by. And people did come by. There was a small queue before the entrance. And everything was going well.

We went trough the gates and entered the theme park. It looked pretty so we decided to get some food and sit somewhere. There was a nice patch of grass where we could sit on to eat our food. Some guy in a uniform came up to us and asked us to leave the patch of grass we were sitting on and go sit somewhere else. We were ruining the grass. A little irritated we stood up and walked off the grass. 

There was a bench we sat on and finished our food. We walked around a little and found the only rollercoaster. There was quite a line, but we decided to enter the line anyway. While waiting in the line we went trough some kind of massive boulder that was cut out to enter trough. It looked very pretty with nice and moody music in the background. 

Every minute we waited we could walk a few steps forward untill we had to go up the stair to the gates of the ride. The coaster did 2 identical laps and when we walked up to the gates it rushed very fast trough the station. It was loud and it made the wood we were standing on tremble. Finally the carts came back and stopped in front of us.

The people that were in the seats stood up and got out on the other side. The gates opened and we could enter the carts. They were little red carts with some nice decorations on them. The seats were nice and fluffy so the carts would not hurt you. We had to secure ourselves with a belt first and then the security bar came down. Some employees checked every belt and put their thumbs up to the operator.

I was looking forward to this ride, it was kind of short but it had 2 loops. Wich i think is pretty cool. I felt some vibration in the seat and we started to get pulled forward. All the way up to the top of the coaster. When we were at the top we stood still for a few seconds. Then we got pulled down with a fast rush. When the last cart went over the top on the way down everyone could hear a loud ‘clunk’ sound. As we rushed trough the rails we noticed the last cart had came loose.

But it dint go forward. It was stuck in a small ditch in between the top and the next way up. We were already heading for the loops. The first loop was alright but with the second loop the g-force was way bigger. I noticed 2 people on the ride were leaning their heads to the side. When we came close to the start we could see people running as the operator was busy pushing all kinds of buttons. We were supposed to stop, but we only went faster. With high speed we flew trough the gate section up the high top. Keep in mind that the cart that had came loose is still bobbing in the ditch. The people inside that cart could not jump out, it was way to far from the ground When we almost reached the top we came to a stop. But then… we started to go backwards down trough the gate section where people were screaming their lungs out from fear. We went faster backwards then we did forwards. The first loop was approaching. And one peraon puked on the ride covering the carts in front of him with his puke. Everyone was screaming at this point. When we hit the first and the second loop there were 5 people hanging their heads to the side. And when we made the sharpest turn all 5 heads were bend to the other side. I could hear one of the necks cracking as his face dint go to the side anymore, but to the back. He had broken his neck. 

We were going with such high speed and we were rushing towards the other cart. There was no way to prevent what was going to happen. The loose cart was only 1 bump away. 

As we crashed into the loose cart, the cart that hit it came of the rail and got flinged in the air. The loose cart was destroyed and the people in the cart were unrecognizable with blood everywhere. The cart that got flinged into the air, fell near the rail, pulling 2 other carts from the rail. 

People were screaming around the rollercoaster and peramedics and police arrived soon after the accident. They confirmed 9 dead people and 5 people critically injured. My girlfriend and i survived luckely, but we decided to never go on a rollercoaster again.

3 months later they re-opened the park some people came but the park had lost all trust of everyone. No one entered the rollercoaster. Only the booring attractions. 6 months after the re-opening the park closed and was left alone. No one spent any more attention to the park, and it became known as the park roaming with ghosts of the people that died in the accident. 

#28 Visiting Adolf Hitler

“Alright, let’s go surfing on the internet. Hmm… what should i look up… i have no clue, right i am going to look up history!

What do we have on this website… ‘true history about Adolf Hitler’ interesting. Alright let me take a look at that.”

The website popped up and it looked like a dark themed page with a picture of hitler in the background where he is putting up his hand. In the left menu are many options to choose from. 

“I think i will look at… Hitlers death”

As i read the page i get a sense or eeriness trough my body wich makes the hairs in my neck stand up. Suddenly a little messenger window pops up.

“What’s this?” 

Me: Hello. What is up with this random chat window.

Them: Sorry to interrupt you’re peacefull researching. I have a question.

Me: Alright, ask away.

Them: What would you change about Hitlers past if you could?

Me: Well… that is an interesting question indeed. I would change the way hitler tought. And make him think different about the jews.

Them: What kind of effect would that have on the present day if the second world war did not happen?

Me: I dont know. Perhaps some technologies would not have been invented? Maybe some defence system would not have been invented?

Them: Would you be able to change his thinking if you could travel back to when he lived?

Me: Maybe, if i knew then, what i know now i think i would give it a shot, yeah.

Them: Well i think the same way.

*User left the chat*

“What was that all about, that was strange”

After looking up a bit more, my eyes got weak and i decided to go to bed. It was weekend after all so luckely i was able to sleep in. I went to bed and pulled the blankets over my head. A few second later i fell vast asleep.

When i woke up i was not in my bedroom. But the warmth of the sun in my face woke me up. I was laying in a bed. But when i looking at the bed it looked aged and slightly crooked.

I stood up and looked for clothes. So i walked to the closet and put on an old looking shirt and old pants. I put on a pair of socks that were in the closet and walked trough the door. The house was just slightly familiar, but it was defenitly not my house. In the hallway was a high table on wich was laying a pocket watch. I did not have my phone with me so i decided i should take the watch with me.

When i got down the wooden stairs i got in a hallway. I could hear people walking by and talking to each other. I opened the door and people were dressed as if it were the 1930s. I got so confused my head started to pound in pain. I got slightly dizzy and put my head in my right palm of my hand.

A woman came up to me and asked if i was alright. I looked up and told her i was fine. “Alright” she said. When she turned around to walk away i told her “wait!” She turned around and i got up. I asked her “this may be a strange question but what day is it in what year?” She looked at me questionably but smiled and said “its febuari 6th 1923” my eyes widend. “Whats wrong?” She asked. “Nothing” i smiled. I thanked her and she turned around an walked away. 

“How have i landed in 1923” i asked myself. My headache returned, but i started to walk around. I picked up a paper from the ground and read something interesting on the front page. “Adolf Hitler going to jail for conspiracy” i got intrigued and read what the paper said. After i was done reading i remembered hitler was going to write mein kampf in jail. I had to find out where the jail was located. I had to try and talk to adolf.

I asked people on the streets where the jail was. And lucky enough it was close by. I talked to the guards in front of the building an they surpisingly let me trough and speak with Hitler.

They put me in a chamber that was empty. It was going to be the first time i was going to see Hitler for real. No one in history had ever been able to do this before. I got very nervous with the toughts of what i knew of the future.  

The door opened, and in came a man with his hair nicely combed to one side and a toothbrush mustach. He looked at me and walked towards the table i was sitting on. When he got to the table he put his hand out to greet me. It took me a second to realize what was happening. One of the greatest warlords in history was giving me a hand greeting. I reached out my hand and smiled back. “Hitler” he said “Adolf Hitler”. I replied with my name and we sat down.  

he looked at me and asked “why did you need me so urgently. The guards say you were very restless”. “well mister Hitler”i said. “Call me Adolf” he smiled. “Alright… adolf, i have come to tell you something” Hitler looked interested in what i was about to say as he closed his fingers in his other hand. “I am from the future, and i know what your plans are”. Hitlers smile dissapeared. “What do you know?” He asked. My palms got sweaty and i got slightly light in my head. “You will write a story about your life in this prison. Then you will show how angry you are at the people you hate. You will also show how the german empire is the greatest”. Hitlers smile returned. “Am i now. And what more can you predict about my future mister traveler” hitler said. “I can not go in more detail. I just need you to know that many people died. And you have to stop the person doing this”. He looked surprised and asked “who is this person you speak of”. I cleared my throat and said “it’s you. You are responsible of the death of many people. And you have to stop yourself because in the end you will die a young age”. He looked at me with doubt and a little anger. “And how do you know all this?” He asked. “I come from the future”. I said. He was not pleased with that awnser and smashed the table wich made me jump away from my chair. 

“How do you know all this!?” He shouted. My legs started trembling and i took a few steps back. He started walking towards me with anger and kept on repeating the same question. The guard came running in the room pulling adolf hitler away from me. He was escorted out of the room back to his cell. A guard looked me in my eyes and suddenly hit me in my skull with a baton. Everything went black and i fell to the ground.

Next thing i know, i woke up in my bed with a massive headache. A cut was on my forehead, but how did that get there. I am in my own bed now. Not in 1923. I ran to the computer and searched up what happened to hitler. Everything was exactly as i told him. Suddenly it hit me like an arrow to my face.

My whole body started to shake and goosebumps got over my whole body. My headache became extreemly bad and my nose started to bleed. 

Adolf hitler was not going to kill the jews. I told him he was going to do that, and he just made it true. It is my fault millions of people have died. I was the trigger for hitler. 
Written by Michael kraus.

#27,1 A look into the future

The last 2 weeks have been very busy. I came up with a more efficient way to create my way to the past. This way i can write to you, so i better make sure to reach as many people as i can.

Now, i had some more questions asked on this mail so i guess people actually recieved the mail. I will tell you what i invented since that was the questions most of you asked about.

I basically have used an old personal computer from 2099. I got it to work by moddifying it a lot. I built a big reciever on it and some magnetic coils so the systems network can propell into viritual space and travel trough time. But a massive amount of energy is needed to start such a field for time travel.

I can not physically travel trough time, i can use old networks to link my personal computer to the past and send messages to the past. I know it might be confusing and trust me, it is. I think i can expand on my research for time travel but i have just accomplished to send these emails. And i wanted to push as much information trough as i can with the time i have. Before you know it i make a mistake and stuff blows up. 

I am free to do research whenever i want to and  i spend about 12 to 16 hours a day working and researching on my invention. But i think i know how to improve my machine in theory. I might know how to do calls into the past using an old calling network called skype. Skype never went out of business but people stopped using it my the time everyone could just call anyone in the world with just thinking about calling them with the chip we got. But i can still use skype to reach the past i theory. I would just have to test it. I will continue working on that. Also i need a contact to reach, so please leave me a bit of contact information to test my machine.

Another question someone asked is what we eat. As i told you before we eat a bunch of vegitables and fruit. We can produce food that contains the same vitimins and minerals a meat. This is what is used on the earth shell since there is not a lot of animal life on there. We change these into protein bars and taste like a fat juicy steak.

Here on earth we still have cattle and lots of other animals. But many have gone extinct when pollution began in to go into the danger zone in 2023. Pollution was a big deal back then.

So we eat meat from animals. Bit only animals that are bred for eating. No wildlife is hunted. There is  adeath pennalty for people who hunt wild animals. The animals are kept out by big fences around cities and villages. And there is a bunch of animal controll. There are also still pets if you are wondering. The only thing is that not many people have time for pets anymore. They are mostly used to be kept by children and blind people. They also help the elderly.

Let me see if there were any other questions… ah yes, what happens when people kill each other. Well we have a simple sollution for this. The chip keeps track of your stress levels. As soon as these spike you’ll get a call and asked what you are doing. If you do not reply the EGP security team will arrive in just mere seconds thanks to our advanced travel technology. If you still manage to kill someone, you will be sentenced to death.

In this new world, having so many people be alive is dangerous requires a realy good security system. Or else people will just start rebelling. There is still hate, anger and jellousy so our security has to be able step up against that. 

Well here is another question. Is reincarnation possible. Well? Studies have shown that reincarnation is possible. It has been tested but it is diffucult to achive a succesfull reincarnation. Bringing people back to life is nearly impossible. The brain has to get restarted with absolute carefull procautions. It you give the brain to many shocks it will have a chance to rapture and start to bleed. If this happens the person will be unable to be brought back. And even if we should manage to bring someone back, there is no guarantee that they know who they are.

Well we have another option to keep people alive after you die. When you die, your head is going to be scanned and saved on a bluebox. A bluebox is a box that saves a persons memories. All the memories stored will be placed in a viritual reality that can only be accessed when your memories are saved in the bluebox room. It is somewhat like a server. In this server you can reunite with family trough memories. But our technology allows the viritual people to still learn new things. And when someone is completely able to learn new things they will be asked to become an artifficial intelligence. And they can choose the be put into an android.

Highly intelligent androids are very rare and we currently only have 14 androids. They work on earth with the researchers. One android even came up with the correct theory to travel even faster then the speed of light. We testes this theory and it worked. Let’s say we have more then unlimited intelligence.

That’s all i have for now. Ask me more questions for the next time i am able to send a mail back. Also don’t forget to add you’re skype names.

#27 A look into the future

It is the year 2528. Earth was so full of people that we built around the earth. We call this the earth shell. It is on the edge of the breathable atmosphere. All the materials we used were salvaged from material rich planets and space debree.

We built a litteral shell around the earth where 30 billion people can live in. Only the elite 5 billion people can go to earth. The earths eco system is now controled from different stations on the earth shell, making the planet have the perfect heat or cold for that area. 

We started building on the earth shell as soon as we could safely travel and haul materials trough the universe, wich was is 2064. The first cargoshuttle was launched to start on the first buildings in space. Every government soon caught up and before you knew it earts shell was complete in 2144. In 80 years we made a suitable place for people to live in for over 30 bilion people. Because you can live anywhere in the shell. The shell is 1 kilometer wide, wich makes it easy to make rooms for everyone.

In the shell is an ecosystem that is replicated from earth. And all our water is caught from space and waterhaulers. Waterhaulers take massive amounts of water from other planets and bring them to the earth shell. We figured out how to travel faster then the speed of light so traveling does not take very long. 

Something that is 300 lightyears away can be reached in 20 minutes. Wich makes it easy to reach other stations that are placed in outer space. These stations are used for scanning planets and meteors. They scan them for minerals and other usefull material. We will get orders to get the stuff we need to get and we get paid. 

Everyone one the earth shell has agreed to pay with a different kind of money. We do not have any physical money, that would take to many recourses. When we are born we get a chip implanted in our arm wich makes us a citizen of the earth shell. But the chip also allows us to store our currency. We call our currency shells because the place we live in is called earths shell.

Our waste is used in our biosystem for fertilizer. And our fruits and vegitables are made in many greenrooms to sustain 35 billion people so there is never any major hunger on the earth shell. 

The governments are devided in 50 pieces on the earth shell. But there is only 1 government left on earth. They are called the elite government plan or EGP for short. The EGP decides what happens on the earth shell. And on earth researchers plan their plans and make new things. 

On earth it is like paradise now. No pollution. As cars are forbidden and used in the making of the earth shell. There are still some cars. But they float between the magnetic field of the earth and earths shell. And they are only for the people that can afford them. 

If you are born on earth you are most likely more lucky then if you are born on earths shell. On earth you can live like an earthling. And you can go cycling in the mountains or walk in a forest. This is not possible on the earth shell. Well… you can do some things like cycling. But it would never be anything like on earth. 

But it does not matter where you are born. You can look at earth from the earth shell and hear stories about how great it is there. You would want to go there when you grow up and work hard to get a place on earth. This is how they select the elite. You go trough a program when you are 15. If you are gifted, have a special ability or have worked your ass off to master a skill, you have a good chance of being accepted in the EGP.

There are only 25.000 people accepted to earth each year. And only the best of the best are sellected to breath earths atmosphere. You can try your whole life to get to earth. So the hardest workers will get rewarded by going to earth for the rest of their life. 

The avarage age people become in this year is 125. But when people reach 100 they would still look fairly young. This is all because the food we produce is modified slightly to help people enjoy their lives longer. In 200 years it is expected that we can live until we are 175. 

When you are born on earth you have to prove that you are worthy of staying on earth. You have 25 years to show off your skill. Otherwise you are deported to the earth shell and you would be given a good life there. Nevertheless most newborns on earth show promise trough genetics. 

The total count of the humans is 35 bilion now. We are planning to expand our race into the galaxy by making massive eco systems in space. Enormous cubes with a diameter of 500km by 500km. They would be like mini earths. With the same systems as the earth shell. 

If you have any more questions on how the universe works now, i would be glad to tell you in another mail. But for now i have to get back to my research. Time traveling is not an easy task when it’s incomplete.