The curse of the Sea God

On May 21st, 1722 there was a massive ship sailing to the harbor. It was battered and the sails were all torn up. Even from the coast, one could hear people screaming.

The ship didn’t make it to the harbor. It sank to the bottom of the ocean and only one man made it to the coast. I was working in the harbor when it all happened. Without hesitation, I dropped my crate with fish and ran to the man. He was severely wounded and needed medical attention. The man was saying something about a sea monster or sea God, which destroyed the ship, but no one on the coast had seen anything particular when the ship sank. It all was really strange. I still remember how the man firmly clenched my hand and said:

”The monster has killed us all. The sea is hiding a treasure, and the monster is guarding it. You must get this treasure. It’s very important because it’s also the weapon to kill the monster!”

I looked at the man and told him not to worry as there were people coming to aid his wounds, but soon the man drew his last breath after he had put something in my hand.

It was a map. A map to a secret island which no other maps depicted. I scratched the back of my head as I tried to read the map more closely. Then I remembered some old folk tale which my mother used to tell me when I was just a little kid. The tale was about the Sea God who was guarding some hidden island in the sea. I couldn’t remember anything else, but I knew that this tale was somehow connected to the poor man.

I didn’t even have a dingey or a ship to go anywhere, but I knew that I had to avenge all the sailors which the monster had killed.

I was pondering about how to get to the island for a long time after this happened. Then I remembered that my harbour employer had a pretty big and sturdy fishing boat which he was using to go catch fish. I came up with a plan, and the next day I stole the boat. All week I was gathering food and equipment to go on my journey to the secret island. The last thing I needed was a spyglass, and when I got it, I was ready.

The morning of departure was windy and chilly, but it just made me even more determined. I pushed the boat out of the rocks where I had hidden it before and started my quest.

After a couple of days, I was very close to the place where the secret island was depicted on the map.  Then something strange started to happen. My head got all fuzzy and my hands were numb. I looked through the spyglass and could see the land, but I didn’t know if I would be able to get there. I took my paddles back out and started to row faster, but my headache got worse and worse the closer I came to the island.

When I got out of the boat, I had completely drained all of my strength, and I lost consciousness. I guess I hadn’t been out for long because the monster would have killed me if I had. I remember that at first, I thought that my sight was gone because all I could see was black, but as my eyes got used to the darkness, i knew that it was just nighttime. My head wasn’t throbbing anymore.

After a little while of coming to my senses, I heard an extremely loud growl. I figured it was the monster, but I didn’t know what it looked like. No one had seen the monster, except those who yhe monster had killed. Although I didn’t know where to go, I just started to run to the center of the island. It was a small island and there wasn’t much elsewhere to go. I just had to find the weapon, although I didn’t know what it would look like.

While I was running I tripped over something and fell face first into the wet dirt under my feet. A disgusting stench of rotting bodies reached my nostrils.

I lifted my head and right in front of me was a skull of a man who had died a long time ago. His mouth opened, and his corpse’s voice still echoes in my head:

”Kill the Sea God and avenge our souls!”

Adrenaline rushed through my body, and I immediately got up and ran. I didn’t even feel the pain from the fall. Faint screams of all the people who had died started haunting my head, I figured that was the head throbbing from earlier, the dead screaming to me. which I just didn’t hear at that time.

In the distance I was able to see a shimmering light, but i couldn’t figure out what it was? The light was coming from the crater of some inactive volcano. I got on the crater’s edge and you won’t believe me what I saw. It was the treasure, the sacred weapon. What else could it be? It looked like a massive harpoon with a sharp, crystal glass head on it. It was emitting some kind of a strange humming noise and a light blue, pulsating glow.

I grabbed the weapon from the monument where it was standing. Although it looked big and massive, once I was holding it in my hands it seemed really light and handy. It was very cold to the touch, and the coldness shot through my spine when I held it.  I looked at my hands and arms, and to my surprise they were changing into something different. I still had the human form, but I also felt realy tough and athletic.  That wasn’t all. The growls I had heard before weren’t just growls anymore. I somehow was able to understand what they said.

“Stop what you are doing, keep your hands of the harpoon, or it will curse you just like it cursed me! You can still stop. Just throw the spear away…”

The monster had finally caught up to me. He had a humanoid shape, but his arms and legs were like tentacles. His face somehow resembled a person, but his body had the same light blue shade as the harpoon. He was emitting the light too, but it was a little bit dim compared to the harpoon. The monster was some kind of devilish mixture of human and octopus.

I wasn’t listening to the monster. I kept holding the harpoon while thinking of all the people that had died by its tentacles, which filled my heart only with more rage and anger. Oh, how wrong I was! Now I wish I would have listened.

The monster suddenly moved towards me and adrenaline took over my body, i threw the harpoon and pierced Sea God’s chest. It went right through his heart and with a loud thump it fell on the ground. After a little while he drew his final breath. I could see in his eyes the remorse and defeat, but also joy. His gaze was strikingly similar to a human’s one.

then I understood why it was like that. Suddenly I felt all the pain of the monster, all the suffering. The Sea God had failed to keep me from getting the weapon, and killing him. I felt many feelings come over me, and images of dying people rushed through my mind. The monster wasn’t a monster at all. It was some sad, sad person who had become this Sea God once because of some curse.

Then I suddenly remembered the old folk tale my mother used to tell me. The Sea God is the guardian of everyone who had died at sea, ever. That’s why I could sense all the pain and cries. So, you may ask why does the Sea God kill people? But Sea God doesn’t kill just anyone. He kills the greedy people who want to get the treasure without knowing what they are dealing with. That’s why peaceful people on the coast have never seen the Sea God.

The additional changes started to appear on my body, my arms and legs started to multiply and got longer. My mind opened up to the sea, and I could feel everything in the water. Feelings of dread and misery took over and everything was becoming clear to me. The monster died… and in return I took its form. The harpoon fell to the ground with its point in the sand as I grew massively in size. I turned away from the volcano crater and the island. I walked into the sea. This is where i belong now.

All these feelings… such overwhelming feelings make me want to turn people away from here. I don’t want anyone to experience these bad feelings. I have to take care of all the lost souls who have died at sea. I am the Sea God, I am the monster now.

Authors: Sebastian winter, Storybuss

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