Scary creatures #003 Aswang

WARNING! Not for the faint hearted.

Finally the day has arrived i am going to give birth to my sweet baby girl May. She has been in my belly for a week to long. Doctors were already thinking she might be a stillborn, but later confirmed that she was still alive and well. We were so happy when we heard the good news. 
One day later i gave birth to a sweet little girl. She looked oh’so pretty. When she came into this world she was crying. But as soon as i touched her she would stop crying and stare at me with those cute big green and blue eyes.

She has two different coloured eyes, can you even belive that?!
The nurses had to keep the little newborn in the hospital for another week to make sure everything was fine

And run a couple of tests. I almost refused, but eventually tought it was for the best choice for my sweet angel. So i let go of her and got ready to go home. A feeling in my stomach made me rethink going home. So i told my husband i wanted to stay with her tonight. He agreed and later brought some nicely cooked food and a blanket. 
That night i watched over my newborn child all night. She was mesmerizing and smelled so sweet. When the sun rose i finally fell asleep untill 2 hours later i was woken by a few babies crying. I looked around and saw the nurses coming to aid the little baby’s. My little May was still asleep. And when she woke up, she looked at me and smiled. A tear rolled over my cheek out of happyness. How could anything be as innocent as a newborn. 
I decided i wanted to stay one more night. I had to wait in the hallway, though i happily obliged. I kissed my little girl goodnight and went to sleep in the waiting room after a nice meal my husband brought me again. 
A few hours later i woke up in a shock. Feelings of dread took over and i ran towards the babyroom. There were still nine babies laying there. I looked at them and returned to my seat in the waiting room. Half an hour later all babies started to cry at the same time. I heard metal clatter on the ground. My knees got weak and i ran to the room with the babies. I could see a person standig there in the light of a baby bed. It’s two hands reached down for the baby and with a swift move ripped of the arm of the baby with blood spilling everywhere, and started eating the little baby arm.
I stood there… frozen in fear and anger. I din’t know what to do. I pulled open the door and yelled and screamed as loud as i could. The ghoul looked at me, smiling with it’s black beaded eyes. The ghoul was still ripping off flesh of the baby and consuming it. I flipped on the lightswitch and could see the ghoul in it’s full glory. It was standing bent over, gray skin, big head and what looked like razersharp teeth… feeding.
The ghoul walked towards my little babygirl and i got so angry i started sprinting full force towards the ghoul… Though the ghoul din’t move an inch, and it punched it’s claw right trough my heart. Falling on my knees i begged the ghoul to stop eating the babies… The ghoul smiled. It turned away and walked towards May. The ghoul reached it’s hands under May’s body and head, and lifted her in the air. The ghoul screamed and started squeezing the little newborn. Claws started to penetrate the tender skin of the baby and she started to bleed viciously. May let out screams of terror while the ghoul kept squeezing her tighter. Then the ghoul ripped the baby in two and guts and blood flew everywhere. The ghoul then ate May in two gulps, while her mother watched her die while she died herself.
That night when her husband heard what happened. He sat on the couch with his dead eyes, watching the news play the horrific scene with a shotgun in his hand and with blood on the walls. 

3 thoughts on “Scary creatures #003 Aswang

  1. Good job on describing the scenes! I can imagine what was happening, so it gave me chills 🙂 However, I think this can still be improved, especially on the shifting of perspective 🙂 Job well done!


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