#32 My message.

I am locked up in this cage for years now. I don’t feel like i have the need to escape, althoug that would be practically impossible anyway. I think i belong in this cage. I am actually starting to like the feeling of being alone with my toughts. What would i do to them, do i break their neck, or should i just give them a hug. 

They don’t look like humans to me, only monsters would be capible of doing things as heartless as what they do. Making other monsters and letting them fight for them. That is why i am locked in here. This cage feels somewhat safe. Because they only look at me, but i am sure if they got the chance, they would tear me appart from top to bottom. 

There are many like me. I feel like we do have a connection, but there is no way for us to talk for the monsters have sewn our mouths shut. They told us not to progress further on our paths and took controll. 

But somehow i want to break trough the cage too. I want to scream, let others hear where i am standing. I would stand in front of everyone, naked and nothing more then the truth. It is hard to explaine what needs to be done and hard to understand what is already done. 

There is no way i would know how you feel, but i would understand if you won’t share what you are  goung trough. Taking the sown cable from our mouth hurts after all. But im trying to pull mine out. It realy hurts and blood is being shed. But i’m trying so hard. 

Would you aid me if you could? Have a conversation about the monsters shushing us. There is a chance they would uncover what we are doing, and if that were be the case we will be locked up even deeper with many more locks and blocks. 

Nothing will change if i don’t tell you what will happen if we dont say anything. The ceiling would crumble if i were to talk to you. We would get free, for that moment. After that moment we would be kicked down and kicked over and over again. 

So would you talk with me?  Share with me? Embrace me? Maybe even love me? I know i would, but how do i start? It is too dangerous out here… Help!

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