#31 Magical ore

“Ah finally *sighs* this blade is done. Nice and smooth sharp edge. That can cut trough the thickest of materials. I’m sure the king will be very pleased with this blade. But for now i have to go out for materials.” 

So i walked to the market with my leather backpack so i would defenitly not run out of space. While purchasing my materials i heard someone say something about material that is stronger then any other metal ever seen. I paid for my items and i walked to the person that was saying that. 

“What material are you talking about?” I asked. 

“Aaah… yes i will tell you. But, at a price.” He said. “The information i have to share is very valuable. The finest and strongest material you can make any weapon out of.” This sounded like gold to my ears. 

“What do you want” i asked him. “I want a special blade made out of this material. I will go with you to get the material, and you make a blade out of it for me.”

“I suppose that is not an unfair trade. When do you want to leave?” I said. 

“In the morrow, i still have business. Meet me here in the morrow” he explained to me. 

He turned around and walked out of the store. I wonder what material this is. Stronger and sharper then normal metal. Well, i think i should worry about if it is even forgable at all. I need to figure out the perfect heat to modify the material. But i guess we’ll see when we actually got it. I went home and got off to bed.

That night i had a dream, i made the sword with the material. But i had no real idea what it would look like to the dream should not be acurate. The metal looked very blue, almost saffire blue like. When i heated it in my dream it went purple and then white. It was easy to make a blade out of. But then i woke up. It was time to make the journey to the place.

I got up, packed my backpack and walked to town and met up with the mysterious guy. He was already there waiting for me. when he saw me, he walked towards me and pulled me with him. “People are following us” he said. “Let’s hope they will not follow us outside of town.

We started walking to the outskirts of town and fortunatly lost the persuers, at least we did not see them anymore. We entered a forest filled with beautifull nature. Sunbeams shine trough the big old oak trees, the birds are chirping and the bumblebees are polling the flowers. It is very peacefull right now. “I hope this peace will last” i tought to myself. 

We arrived at a long bridge hanging over a cliff. It did not look well built at all. But nevertheless we slowly walked step by step over the bridge and safely reached the other side. We took a short break and had something to drink and ate some fruit. After another long hike we finally reached the mountain where the ore should be. 

We entered the mountain and looked around. It was rich with other materials to forge with. I was defenitly coming back here again later. The guy told me, “we should be close now. It should be behind this wall” we walked around the wall and found a mountain of strange stone. It was purple but with a gleam of cyan. It looked beautifull, almost magical. I grabbed out my pickaxe and swung at the stone while my guide stood back. A big chunk fell off. This should be enough to make at least 6 swords out of the ore.

We took the ore and returned to the town. I took the my guide to my smithy and showed him how the process worked. He watched as i hit the blade to a smooth and beautfully sharp sword. The material was very easy to handle and when i would hit it with my hammer it sounded like glass. After a day i finished the blade. It looked smooth and like the guy said, very sharp. I did not even put it on the grindstone yet. 

I decided to give the handle a special form since it was my guide’s blade. The blade was a little thicker the  a rapiers blade. But it was so magically beautifull. I handed over the finished sword to the guy, he looked very pleased with the result. With these swords i would be able to make a fortune. The upcoming weeks i would make 5 more swords out of the material. And i sold 4 wich gave me a hefty sum of money.

I decided to keep one sword to test out against other metals. So i put a thick piece of metal horizontal on a stool. I lifted the magnificent sword above my head and with all my might pushed it downwards. And to my surprise it cut trough the metal like butter. After inspecting the metal i was able to see that the purple sword had molten the metal. The sword gains temperature the faster you swing it. That would explaine the glow i see every time i swing the sword. I concluded this coyld be very dangerous if it were to land in the wrong hands. 

I kept my piece. And never made a new sword from that material. But maybe i should mix it with other metals. I have not decided yet.

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