Im trying to expand

Hey everyone. Thank you for all your sweet and adorable comments on my blog. It’s realy what keeps my motivation up. Im not uploading daily because i am in my last 4 weeks of school and i get loads of homework and other stuff to do to prepare me for the exams. 

After i am done with school (in about a month) i want to start on recording the stories and put them on youtube as stories you can listen to. They will be edited with sound effects and ambience music. This will be a realy fun thing for me to do and i will absolutely enjoy it way more if people would support me here too.

I have no doubt in my mind that this would not work out and i find this project so exiting to do that i might even start earlyer…. but, there is a dilemma. I cannot record anywhere close where i live. There is noises in the background and to many things happening for me to concentrate. I dont know where i could record my stories. So if any of you have any suggestion or ideas please please let me know. This might be extreemly helpfull.

Also if you want your story on my youtube channel later on. That will be more then possible. Ofcourse i will link all the adresses to the authors site and other social media if wished. 

Alright thats it for now. Im gonna go sleep. Ill try to squeeze out a story the upcoming 2 days. C:

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