#29 A nice day at the theme park

My girlfriend and i went to a new and unknown theme park. The people that built the park finished a rollorcoaster, some other booring attractions and some food and drink stands. The ticket to enter was very cheap since the park wanted many people to come by. And people did come by. There was a small queue before the entrance. And everything was going well.

We went trough the gates and entered the theme park. It looked pretty so we decided to get some food and sit somewhere. There was a nice patch of grass where we could sit on to eat our food. Some guy in a uniform came up to us and asked us to leave the patch of grass we were sitting on and go sit somewhere else. We were ruining the grass. A little irritated we stood up and walked off the grass. 

There was a bench we sat on and finished our food. We walked around a little and found the only rollercoaster. There was quite a line, but we decided to enter the line anyway. While waiting in the line we went trough some kind of massive boulder that was cut out to enter trough. It looked very pretty with nice and moody music in the background. 

Every minute we waited we could walk a few steps forward untill we had to go up the stair to the gates of the ride. The coaster did 2 identical laps and when we walked up to the gates it rushed very fast trough the station. It was loud and it made the wood we were standing on tremble. Finally the carts came back and stopped in front of us.

The people that were in the seats stood up and got out on the other side. The gates opened and we could enter the carts. They were little red carts with some nice decorations on them. The seats were nice and fluffy so the carts would not hurt you. We had to secure ourselves with a belt first and then the security bar came down. Some employees checked every belt and put their thumbs up to the operator.

I was looking forward to this ride, it was kind of short but it had 2 loops. Wich i think is pretty cool. I felt some vibration in the seat and we started to get pulled forward. All the way up to the top of the coaster. When we were at the top we stood still for a few seconds. Then we got pulled down with a fast rush. When the last cart went over the top on the way down everyone could hear a loud ‘clunk’ sound. As we rushed trough the rails we noticed the last cart had came loose.

But it dint go forward. It was stuck in a small ditch in between the top and the next way up. We were already heading for the loops. The first loop was alright but with the second loop the g-force was way bigger. I noticed 2 people on the ride were leaning their heads to the side. When we came close to the start we could see people running as the operator was busy pushing all kinds of buttons. We were supposed to stop, but we only went faster. With high speed we flew trough the gate section up the high top. Keep in mind that the cart that had came loose is still bobbing in the ditch. The people inside that cart could not jump out, it was way to far from the ground When we almost reached the top we came to a stop. But then… we started to go backwards down trough the gate section where people were screaming their lungs out from fear. We went faster backwards then we did forwards. The first loop was approaching. And one peraon puked on the ride covering the carts in front of him with his puke. Everyone was screaming at this point. When we hit the first and the second loop there were 5 people hanging their heads to the side. And when we made the sharpest turn all 5 heads were bend to the other side. I could hear one of the necks cracking as his face dint go to the side anymore, but to the back. He had broken his neck. 

We were going with such high speed and we were rushing towards the other cart. There was no way to prevent what was going to happen. The loose cart was only 1 bump away. 

As we crashed into the loose cart, the cart that hit it came of the rail and got flinged in the air. The loose cart was destroyed and the people in the cart were unrecognizable with blood everywhere. The cart that got flinged into the air, fell near the rail, pulling 2 other carts from the rail. 

People were screaming around the rollercoaster and peramedics and police arrived soon after the accident. They confirmed 9 dead people and 5 people critically injured. My girlfriend and i survived luckely, but we decided to never go on a rollercoaster again.

3 months later they re-opened the park some people came but the park had lost all trust of everyone. No one entered the rollercoaster. Only the booring attractions. 6 months after the re-opening the park closed and was left alone. No one spent any more attention to the park, and it became known as the park roaming with ghosts of the people that died in the accident. 

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