#28 Visiting Adolf Hitler

“Alright, let’s go surfing on the internet. Hmm… what should i look up… i have no clue, right i am going to look up history!

What do we have on this website… ‘true history about Adolf Hitler’ interesting. Alright let me take a look at that.”

The website popped up and it looked like a dark themed page with a picture of hitler in the background where he is putting up his hand. In the left menu are many options to choose from. 

“I think i will look at… Hitlers death”

As i read the page i get a sense or eeriness trough my body wich makes the hairs in my neck stand up. Suddenly a little messenger window pops up.

“What’s this?” 

Me: Hello. What is up with this random chat window.

Them: Sorry to interrupt you’re peacefull researching. I have a question.

Me: Alright, ask away.

Them: What would you change about Hitlers past if you could?

Me: Well… that is an interesting question indeed. I would change the way hitler tought. And make him think different about the jews.

Them: What kind of effect would that have on the present day if the second world war did not happen?

Me: I dont know. Perhaps some technologies would not have been invented? Maybe some defence system would not have been invented?

Them: Would you be able to change his thinking if you could travel back to when he lived?

Me: Maybe, if i knew then, what i know now i think i would give it a shot, yeah.

Them: Well i think the same way.

*User left the chat*

“What was that all about, that was strange”

After looking up a bit more, my eyes got weak and i decided to go to bed. It was weekend after all so luckely i was able to sleep in. I went to bed and pulled the blankets over my head. A few second later i fell vast asleep.

When i woke up i was not in my bedroom. But the warmth of the sun in my face woke me up. I was laying in a bed. But when i looking at the bed it looked aged and slightly crooked.

I stood up and looked for clothes. So i walked to the closet and put on an old looking shirt and old pants. I put on a pair of socks that were in the closet and walked trough the door. The house was just slightly familiar, but it was defenitly not my house. In the hallway was a high table on wich was laying a pocket watch. I did not have my phone with me so i decided i should take the watch with me.

When i got down the wooden stairs i got in a hallway. I could hear people walking by and talking to each other. I opened the door and people were dressed as if it were the 1930s. I got so confused my head started to pound in pain. I got slightly dizzy and put my head in my right palm of my hand.

A woman came up to me and asked if i was alright. I looked up and told her i was fine. “Alright” she said. When she turned around to walk away i told her “wait!” She turned around and i got up. I asked her “this may be a strange question but what day is it in what year?” She looked at me questionably but smiled and said “its febuari 6th 1923” my eyes widend. “Whats wrong?” She asked. “Nothing” i smiled. I thanked her and she turned around an walked away. 

“How have i landed in 1923” i asked myself. My headache returned, but i started to walk around. I picked up a paper from the ground and read something interesting on the front page. “Adolf Hitler going to jail for conspiracy” i got intrigued and read what the paper said. After i was done reading i remembered hitler was going to write mein kampf in jail. I had to find out where the jail was located. I had to try and talk to adolf.

I asked people on the streets where the jail was. And lucky enough it was close by. I talked to the guards in front of the building an they surpisingly let me trough and speak with Hitler.

They put me in a chamber that was empty. It was going to be the first time i was going to see Hitler for real. No one in history had ever been able to do this before. I got very nervous with the toughts of what i knew of the future.  

The door opened, and in came a man with his hair nicely combed to one side and a toothbrush mustach. He looked at me and walked towards the table i was sitting on. When he got to the table he put his hand out to greet me. It took me a second to realize what was happening. One of the greatest warlords in history was giving me a hand greeting. I reached out my hand and smiled back. “Hitler” he said “Adolf Hitler”. I replied with my name and we sat down.  

he looked at me and asked “why did you need me so urgently. The guards say you were very restless”. “well mister Hitler”i said. “Call me Adolf” he smiled. “Alright… adolf, i have come to tell you something” Hitler looked interested in what i was about to say as he closed his fingers in his other hand. “I am from the future, and i know what your plans are”. Hitlers smile dissapeared. “What do you know?” He asked. My palms got sweaty and i got slightly light in my head. “You will write a story about your life in this prison. Then you will show how angry you are at the people you hate. You will also show how the german empire is the greatest”. Hitlers smile returned. “Am i now. And what more can you predict about my future mister traveler” hitler said. “I can not go in more detail. I just need you to know that many people died. And you have to stop the person doing this”. He looked surprised and asked “who is this person you speak of”. I cleared my throat and said “it’s you. You are responsible of the death of many people. And you have to stop yourself because in the end you will die a young age”. He looked at me with doubt and a little anger. “And how do you know all this?” He asked. “I come from the future”. I said. He was not pleased with that awnser and smashed the table wich made me jump away from my chair. 

“How do you know all this!?” He shouted. My legs started trembling and i took a few steps back. He started walking towards me with anger and kept on repeating the same question. The guard came running in the room pulling adolf hitler away from me. He was escorted out of the room back to his cell. A guard looked me in my eyes and suddenly hit me in my skull with a baton. Everything went black and i fell to the ground.

Next thing i know, i woke up in my bed with a massive headache. A cut was on my forehead, but how did that get there. I am in my own bed now. Not in 1923. I ran to the computer and searched up what happened to hitler. Everything was exactly as i told him. Suddenly it hit me like an arrow to my face.

My whole body started to shake and goosebumps got over my whole body. My headache became extreemly bad and my nose started to bleed. 

Adolf hitler was not going to kill the jews. I told him he was going to do that, and he just made it true. It is my fault millions of people have died. I was the trigger for hitler. 
Written by Michael kraus.

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