#27,1 A look into the future

The last 2 weeks have been very busy. I came up with a more efficient way to create my way to the past. This way i can write to you, so i better make sure to reach as many people as i can.

Now, i had some more questions asked on this mail so i guess people actually recieved the mail. I will tell you what i invented since that was the questions most of you asked about.

I basically have used an old personal computer from 2099. I got it to work by moddifying it a lot. I built a big reciever on it and some magnetic coils so the systems network can propell into viritual space and travel trough time. But a massive amount of energy is needed to start such a field for time travel.

I can not physically travel trough time, i can use old networks to link my personal computer to the past and send messages to the past. I know it might be confusing and trust me, it is. I think i can expand on my research for time travel but i have just accomplished to send these emails. And i wanted to push as much information trough as i can with the time i have. Before you know it i make a mistake and stuff blows up. 

I am free to do research whenever i want to and  i spend about 12 to 16 hours a day working and researching on my invention. But i think i know how to improve my machine in theory. I might know how to do calls into the past using an old calling network called skype. Skype never went out of business but people stopped using it my the time everyone could just call anyone in the world with just thinking about calling them with the chip we got. But i can still use skype to reach the past i theory. I would just have to test it. I will continue working on that. Also i need a contact to reach, so please leave me a bit of contact information to test my machine.

Another question someone asked is what we eat. As i told you before we eat a bunch of vegitables and fruit. We can produce food that contains the same vitimins and minerals a meat. This is what is used on the earth shell since there is not a lot of animal life on there. We change these into protein bars and taste like a fat juicy steak.

Here on earth we still have cattle and lots of other animals. But many have gone extinct when pollution began in to go into the danger zone in 2023. Pollution was a big deal back then.

So we eat meat from animals. Bit only animals that are bred for eating. No wildlife is hunted. There is  adeath pennalty for people who hunt wild animals. The animals are kept out by big fences around cities and villages. And there is a bunch of animal controll. There are also still pets if you are wondering. The only thing is that not many people have time for pets anymore. They are mostly used to be kept by children and blind people. They also help the elderly.

Let me see if there were any other questions… ah yes, what happens when people kill each other. Well we have a simple sollution for this. The chip keeps track of your stress levels. As soon as these spike you’ll get a call and asked what you are doing. If you do not reply the EGP security team will arrive in just mere seconds thanks to our advanced travel technology. If you still manage to kill someone, you will be sentenced to death.

In this new world, having so many people be alive is dangerous requires a realy good security system. Or else people will just start rebelling. There is still hate, anger and jellousy so our security has to be able step up against that. 

Well here is another question. Is reincarnation possible. Well? Studies have shown that reincarnation is possible. It has been tested but it is diffucult to achive a succesfull reincarnation. Bringing people back to life is nearly impossible. The brain has to get restarted with absolute carefull procautions. It you give the brain to many shocks it will have a chance to rapture and start to bleed. If this happens the person will be unable to be brought back. And even if we should manage to bring someone back, there is no guarantee that they know who they are.

Well we have another option to keep people alive after you die. When you die, your head is going to be scanned and saved on a bluebox. A bluebox is a box that saves a persons memories. All the memories stored will be placed in a viritual reality that can only be accessed when your memories are saved in the bluebox room. It is somewhat like a server. In this server you can reunite with family trough memories. But our technology allows the viritual people to still learn new things. And when someone is completely able to learn new things they will be asked to become an artifficial intelligence. And they can choose the be put into an android.

Highly intelligent androids are very rare and we currently only have 14 androids. They work on earth with the researchers. One android even came up with the correct theory to travel even faster then the speed of light. We testes this theory and it worked. Let’s say we have more then unlimited intelligence.

That’s all i have for now. Ask me more questions for the next time i am able to send a mail back. Also don’t forget to add you’re skype names.

2 thoughts on “#27,1 A look into the future

  1. What an interesting subject, you’re very creative and talented! I find your blog unique and fascinating, the perfect place where imagination and creativity are free to express. Thank you so much for following my blog, I’m honored and I’m looking forward to read more stories!
    Best regards,


    • I want my blog to be nothing but creativity and a place to express your feelings without feeling like you are the only one that has to go trough something.
      My stories sometimes reflect how i feel but sometimes my story is just purely what i dream or think of. Thanks for taking the time to look trough my blog i will defenitly check yours out again. Just give me a heads up when u upload something. The notification might slip past me. C:

      Liked by 1 person

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