#22 Nature taking over

It’s cold outside. The stray dogs are still eating from the carcass a few feet away. I have to get to that body. The fallout has long settled and we have been hiding for a 100 years underground. But last month i ran from my fellow people because they were changing mentally into beasts. When the food ran out they started to vote who should be next on the spit.

I ran very far so no one would be able to find me. But dangers outside of the base would also play a big roll in the outside world. And there were more dangers then 100 years ago. There were people who became greedy and even more arrogant. At least that’s what the stories say.

But the reason i am in hiding, is because this carcass has some stuff i could realy use to survive down here. There is a gun and a medkit close to it. And i want those. So i’ll.just have to wait untill the dogs are gone. 

All animals have gone into a madness mode. But the other day i saw someone walking with a dog on a leash. I had never seen that before. And that dog looked realy healthy. No red spots without fur anywhere. He must have had some kind of food for the dog. 

I notice the dogs are done eating, or whatever they were doing. So i decided to approach the body and look trough the jacket also. In his inside pocket was a map. I think it was a map from the land around us. I never learned how to read a map but i decided i was going to take it with me. 

I walked away from the body and i went in the direction of the morning sun. I had to find a place to stay. But nowhere is safe. There is a city up ahead wich i can check out. There might be an empty building wich i could settle in maybe.

So i decided to go to the city. It should not take very long, only about an hour or so. You could get into the city from all sides, but there was only one broken road that lead to the city. I decided i would follow the road, since the land near it was all swamp-like land. 

When i got there, there were some building that i could not enter. But there would not be anything if i checked it out i think, just rubble. I did find an appartment building. I went up the stairs of the building and walked on the side of were the front doors are. 

I could see a key laying on the ground. I picked it up and tried it on all the doors. The key went into the keyhole of the 4th appartment i tried. The door opened and i was greeted by 2 skeletons looking at me. I had seen enough dead so it was not scary. I took the skeletons and threw them off the appartment building. 

I saw a broom in the corner so i started to sweet the place. It just looked like a normal home. Very suitable for someone to settle in. The walls were old and a little bit cracked. But that should not be a problem i just can’t belive that no one searched this place in those 100 years.

There even was some canned soda in the refrigerator. And some other things that went bad. I heard the stories about canned soda, but i never actually saw one. Let alone taste one. So i was very curious. I did see in a book how you should open a can of soda. So i put my finger under the lip and pulled it open. I tool a sip…and spewed it out. The soda was extreemly sweet. It hurt my jaws, that sweet.

I took another sip. And the prickly feeling of the soda on my toung wasn’t painfull or anything. It did feel kind of refreshing. And there were no foods with sugar in them. So this was a big sugar shot. I took another sip and put the can on the counter. I looked around in the appartment to see if there was anything usefull. 

I opened one of the doors and i saw there hung a shotgun on the wall. With 5 boxes of ammo on the side. This surely was the jackpot. 

That day i cleaned the whole place. It still looked crooked, but it was defenitly suitable to live here. I barricaded the entrance of the building and put a lock the i found on the inside of the backdoor. That way only i was able to leave. I blinded most of the windows, so no one would see me from a distance. 

The bed was full of dust. So i just turned the big matrass on the back and it looked like new. I slept like a baby that night. And nothing disturbed me. 

This was not going to be as bad as i tought. Or was it?

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