#14,2 Let’s talk dreams

4 years after the dream incident, i mostly forgot what happened. Mainly because i had found a good paying job. And i had some friends. The world was finally a decent place for me to hang out. 

Still, people were arrogant, unfair and selfish. But i guess that is what the specialty of humanity is. Being human… i still have to get used to it. 

Anyway, last night i went to bed again after a long nightshift, it was weekend. So i decided to sleep in. 

I noticed myself falling asleep, and tought i might as well have a nice dream for me to spend the night in. So i tough about an island. A great island where everyone was happy. Everyone had fun. On this island. there was no money. They trade with each other, just like in the time when money din’t exist yet.

I decided to dream myself a decent house. Not to big, not to small. I would have handcrafted objects to trade other people with. So i went out to trade with other people. I found some nice things i would like to have hanging in my house.

The sky was always blue and peacefull. The weather was always soft and warm. There was no reason for me to think about anything i din’t like because i was to busy doing things i did like to do.

But one day the clouds were not blue. The weather was cold and drizzly as the clouds were grey and dark. I instantly knew i wanted to wake up, but i couldn’t. I began to get scared and i only tought about what happened the last time. I tried all kind of things to wake up without hurting myself. 
But honnestly, it was only a drizzly day… right? I started questioning the things i knew. And it slowly drove me mad. But as long as i wasn’t going to hurt myself i should be fine.

The sky went darker and eventually the sky went black. Unable to see, only to smell and feel. I did have torches so i decided to try and find one. Wich i luckely did. But i din’t have anything to light it with, so it was useless. 

I saw a light in the distance. I got drawn to it and started walking. The ground was flat, and all i could think of was to hope not to fall down somewhere. After a While i started to trust the ground was flat all the way. So i ran towards the light. I realy got the urge to get there as fast as i could. My mind was set. I wanted to reach it, no matter what. So i ran and ran as fast as i could. 

The ground became slimy and and sticky, my shoes starting to get stuck. So i took them off and started running on my bare feet. Wich in a way went quicker. 

In the distance i could hear my friends calling out my name for some reason. My feet stopped. They were sinking in the slimy substance. It made me sink all the way to my ankle, and i tried and tried but i wasen’t able to pull them out. The light was there… only a few steps away from me. But i was unable to move my feet.

My friends were still calling my name, and i started to panic. What was going on? Or was this real? I shook my head wildly to the tought. I should know better. I’m a dream expert. This is a dream. I can do what ever i want in here. 

“Wake up man” i heard one of my friends say. Now i knew, i was asleep. My sleep was so deep it cought me. I saw the light slowly fading. I din’t want to end it this way. This is a real selfish way to die. My mind filled with images of the last 4 years of my friends and me. We had such good times, and it was the first time i realy had friends. My feelings began to burn. I never had something to fight for before, so this feeling of being wanted was new. 

My body filled with rage, i did not want to die this way! And i wasn’t going to die this way! I filled my lungs with as much air as i could. I opened my mouth and started screaming all my hatred and rage out. Everything around me started trembling. The floor i was stuck in, melted. The sky started to glow white. The space around me started to flash. The ground under me appeared to be some kind of glass. Under it i could see a massive heart beating very fast. 

I was still screaming and screaming. The light came closer to me. The slimey substance had faded and i started running to the light while i was still screaming as loud as i could. Suddenly everything became white for a split second. And everything was light. I could hear the echo of my scream in the room when i opened my eyes. 

I opened my eyes and i saw 3 doctors and my 3 friends all against the wall. Looking at me as if they just saw a ghost. “You died” one of my friends said to me. I smiled at him, and i said…

“Let’s go and get something to eat with us all” 

Written by michael kraus.

15 thoughts on “#14,2 Let’s talk dreams

  1. This is a good story of someone dying on the operating table and then being revived. First, he wanted to go to the light as fast as possible and then remembered his friends, whom he would miss. The anger is what brought him back. Interesting.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you very much. I wanted to do something else for the second part. And honestly.i dint know what i was gonna write untill i was halfway trough the story. But thats how most of my stories are.

      Liked by 2 people

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