#18 Ways of the galaxy

Our spaceship the cloudsurfer is now repaired and ready to depart. We have a lot of time to make up after that attack on us wich made us take a big tour around the system. But you can expect that when you are carrying a cargo of plasmagold…. 

oh, you don’t know what plasmagold is? Let me explain. When spaceships started to become a ragular thing, people started exploring the vast universe. Some came across planets that consisted of high denceties of gold. And ofcourse they wanted to take it all. So someone, no one knows who. But that person made a material shrinker and expander. It takes the material appart and puts them together in such a way that you can store more in one place. 

See it as packing your bag. If you just throw your clothes and stuff in a suitcase you won’t be able to take as much with you as if you folded everything. That is what the material shrinker does. It folds the materials so small, you can fit 500 kilo’s of rough gold in 1 single gold coin. Wich would be worth about 20.000 credits each. Those gold coins are called plasmagold. It looks a little bit like an old bazooka launcher thing. And it can also unfold the matirial to change it to a lower density.

So when you have a big planet made out of gold, the value goes down. But luckely there are not many gold planets. And most of them have been claimed by rich and powerfull space travelers. But space is full of pirates who would do anything to take anything of value. 

And we are the pirates. We just picked a load of plasmagold from a stranded ship, about 100 plasmagold. So that would be something like 2 milion credits. It is a big amount of credits but in some places in the galaxy it is even worth more. 1 plasmagold that would normally be 20k would be 50k on the outside rings of the galaxy.

So when we headed to the outer rings we got attacked by fellow pirates who had a cargo scanner. A cargo scanner is something like a see trough metal scanner. Every metal has it’s own color, so it is easy to spot plasmagold. There are some materials that have almost the same color, but that would just make them think we have more plasmagold on board. So the smaller the ammount, the better.

But the pirates attacked us. They were however not able to hit us with any weapons. So we got away, but they made us go into a meteor field. Some rocks hit our ship and shields, so we had to get them fixed here in the bay. We also sold the 100 goldplasma here for 5 milion credits. We only needed 2k credits to repair our ship, so it was worth the risk. 

I will explain to you how credits work, every person gets a metal plate in their wrist. It’s a realy small plate and acts as a credits card. The galaxy needed a universal currency so everyone agreed to have credits as a currency. 1 credit equals 2 dollars back in the day. So everyone converted their money into credits. And everyone in the universe started using credits. There are no physical credits but some people also pay in plasmagold, plasmasilver, plasmacopper and all other kinds of plasma matirial coins. Everything that gets converted to plasma turns into a coin you are able to hold in your hands.

In this galaxy everything is about the credits and other valuables. If you are rich you get power, if you get power you are unbeatable.

There is so much more that i can tell you about our galaxy, now. And we will do that some other day. But now my time is up. I have to go aboard the Cloudsurfer, we have a rumor of another stranded ship with plasma coins.

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