#17 A toughtless mind.

My mind is empty, it is totally blank. I can’t think of anything and i can’t feel anything. But i want to do something productive. The only thing i can think of what to do, is think about things i want to do. But the ideas are just not entering my mind, it’s empty.

My hand feels at ease, they are in a comfortable position on the armrests of the chair i am sitting in. But i don’t want to move them. It would disturb the rest in my muscles. 

My feet are resting on a little feetrest in front of me. My heels lean on the soft kushin while my toes reach up in the air. I could wiggle my toes, but i do not want to do that.

My head is leaning on the pillow of the chair, it’s the perfect hight for my neck and head to rest comfortable. 

My mind is still empty… i think i hear a ticking sound. Tick…. tick…. tick…. tick…. it’s my clock. But i won’t open my eyes to look at it, even tough i am curious about the time. But i am holding them shut tight. 

The sun is shining on my face trough the window, warming my face. Even though i have my eyes shut, the light of the sun still passes trough the thin skin of my eyelids making them glow red on the inside. I could move my eyes, but they feel like they are in the right place, so i sloudn’t 

Suddenly my sister come into the living room slaming open the door, making me jolt in the air. All my concentration and rest is gone. But i still have my eyes closed. She screams “WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU NAKED IN THE LIVING ROOM” I smile and say “leave the room”. I can hear her smashing the door behind her as she leaves the room. 

A tingly feeling in my stomach makes me smile. A feeling of happyness and embarasment fills my throat. I suddenly BURST out laughing while my mind fills with images of what my sisters face would have looked like when she came into the living room. 

Written by michael kraus

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