#16 The transport union

“Tonight, dear ladies and gentlemen, i will show you my latest of creations… BEHOLD!, ‘THE TRANSPORT UNION'” I pull off the big silk cloth and there she was, my invention. It took me 13 years to complete and perfect. Also testing was a big factor. I could not afford for things to go awry. My reputation would be crushed.

This machine i built can do several different things. If you stand in it and program it to make you younger, it can make you as young as an infant, it can also make you older if that is what you wish. If you ever need time to make something that takes a lot of time, you can enter the maching and program it to stop time everywhere but in the machine. That way you would have all the time you need. And for people around you it would look like you went in there for only a second. 

You can also travel with the machine. And with travel, i mean travel trough time. Explore the unknown of the past or future. Imagine the possibilities.

Ofcourse the making this machine did not go without any casualties. People have died for this machine, testing its capebilities, wich sometimes resulted in someone dying because they got lunged out of the machine. Or some people got fried when the machine became too hot. But all those death were not in veign. The machine is complete and works.

I even visited the future to see what would become of it. And i didn’t find any record of the machine, wich is good. Because that mean it did not blow up at a certain time. 

And now it was time to show the world.

I sat in the machine and looked at the crowd, they were all looking at me on the edge of their seats, waiting for something to happen. So i looked at the crowd and back in front of me and closed my eyes. For a few seconds i was silent. I opened my eyes and turned my head to the crowd and said “i have succesfully traveled a few second trough time” some people laughed, but most were silent and still looking. 

“I will come back with something from the future” i said to the crowd. I turned the handle, pushed some buttons and then opened the lid to the ‘travel’ button. The machine started with a loud sigh, as if letting out steam. Then it was followed by a noise like a microwave makes. People in the audience looked fearfull but also curious as to what might happen. Then it the buzzing started getting louder and louder. People started covering their ears. And then….zap. i was gone into the future. 

I was not in the same place. the world turns and makes it nearly impossible to land on the same place you started of. It is bound to earths magnetic field however, wich makes it not drift into outer space. So i ended up somewhere in a street. There was no soul to be seen. I only went 50 years into the future. But everything was destroyed. I din’t see any people around. The sky was grey and filthy and a strong oder of rot filled my nostrils. All houses i saw were broken and crumbled, They were ruins. 

I went onto the ruins of one of the houses and saw a photo of 2 grown ups and a kid. When i turned it over it read 2067. I nodded and went back into the machine. I set the time exactly the way it was before i went here and pushed some buttons. I pressed the travel button and… zap! Into the past. 

I landed about 3 meters away from where i left of. And people were still in the seats. But everyone was silent and it looked like everybody was… dead. Torn open from every angle. The stage was burned and broken too wich made the machine tip a little. The roof was also gone, but it dint fall down. Bacause it was not on the ground. So it must have flown upwards and around the theatre.

I din’t mean for any of this to happen but it seems like the shockwave of The Transport Union was so big it broke everything close to it, Even in the future. I only tested my machine in isolated rooms, never in public. But it seems to me i should only activate it in non urban enviroments.

I think i have to fix this by warning myself in the past. Yeah, what could go wrong right?

Written by michael kraus.

Ps. 2 busses broke down while i was in them, traveling to school while writing this. How odd.

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