#15 a wonderous place

“The reason you are still alive, is because i haven’t killed you yet” my kidnapper said to me while pointing a gun at my head. “But no one had come to pay your ransom so now i will take your life and flee the country” he said. 

“It’s shit when a plan does not come together huh” i tell him while i look at him. He looks at me and says “i don’t give a shit. The world is a shitball anyway” he squeezes the trigger and bang! Blood streams from my forehead on my nose and mouth. I fall face first into the ground and everything becomes light.

I feel no pain from the gunshot, but i think i am still aware. Is this the other side? Is this where you go when you die? Suddenly i see sand under my feet. My feet touch the warm hard sand. I start looking around. It looks like i am in a desert-ish place. 

I set my first steps in the hard orange sand and start walking. I don’t see where i’m going, because everywhere i look there is fog. I can see about 20 feet in tront of me. I suddenly see bones. They look human and are lying on the sand. Almost as if they got there about a few seconds ago.

I walk to the skeleton and examen it. There is nothing out of the ordinairy. Just… a skeleton. I start to wonder, what is this. If this is heaven, then it is weird.

I start walking around again. And the fog seems to clear a little, makimg me able to look way further then i could before. I feel the ground rumble under my feet. And suddenly a massive dark pointy thing crashes down in front of me into the sand. I bounce back and fall on my back. I look up, this thing must be about 50 feet high. 

It looks black. Like the blackest black i have ever seen. It’s surrounded by little black fluffy particles it seems. A little further away another one of those pointy things come crashing down. Wich made the ground tremble.

The fog goes away as if someone would be vaccuming it. And then i can see what the big black pointy things realy are. They are connected to an incredibly massive tower of sorts. It’s not a building, its more like a ship or so. But this one has four massive legs like a spider would have. 

A hatch in the middle of the thing opens, and out comes a big robot looking thing. But it doesn’t look bulky. It looks very smooth and organic. 

In a flash it stands in front of me. There was no wind, so no sand got up from the ground. It seemed like it was hovering from the ground. It reached out its hand wich only had 3 fingers. So i reached back at it, not realy sure what to expect. But i was shot in the head, so what should i care. It picked me up off the ground, and in a flash we were beneath the massive ship thing and we stepped in the hatch. It brought us inside the massive ship.

With wonder i looked around. Everywhere i could see black liquid flowing down. There we illuminating plant looking forms everywhere, wich made me able to look around. But if you’d look upwards, you couldn’t see anything other then streams of black liquid coming down.

We came to a stop at a massive stream of this black stuff. The thing then put its hand into it and grabbed my hand. Suddenly in a flash we were somewhere else. It was a white room, almost futuristic. “Hello” i heard from somewhere. I looked around to see where it was coming from, but i could not see anyone. “h…hello?” I said. “Your body has died, and you are home now” i heard someone say out of nowhere.”You can rest up. Or you can pick a new body to progress your job in” it said. “I preffer to rest up” i said. “So be it” the voice then said.

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