#14,1 Let’s talk dreams.

The reason i like sleeping so much is because i love to dream. I’m what you could say, a real dreamy person. You can alter everything in your dreams and do whatever you desire. You just have to know how to enter a state of lucid dreaming. This means that you know that you are aware you are dreaming. 

Once you entered the state of lucid dreaming you can do whatever you like. You can even have dreams that follow up on each other. Or dreams you realy like to play over and over again. 

But sometimes it does not go as planned. Lucid dreaming can get you into trouble. The dream could be over but you are not aware you are not dreaming anymore. Then you might do something that you normally only could and should do in your dreams. 

Lucid dreaming can get you into a state of paralysis, wich will make you unable to move anything for a while. 

Lucid dreaming can also make you hallucinate in the real world because you brain puts both the real world and the dream world together.

Finally lucid dreaming can get you in such a state of lucid you don’t wake up and eventually starve if you are not helped. If you are in this ‘coma’ state, you have either a realy good dream or a realy bad dream. 

The last thing happened to me. I was lucid dreaming. I was the king of a race that did not exist in the real world. I had my own city made and implemented some of the rules in the real world. They loved me as i thrived in my world. But then a dark entity entered my world. And at this point i noticed i was not able to wake up. Because if something realy scares you in a dream you usually wake up.

This dark entity was not something like someone with arms and legs. It was more like a feeling. My feeling of hatred and dread for the real word. This entity was the person i am behind my mask in the real world. I hate being in the real world. You are limited by everything and all you see is influenced by money and greed. But not in my world.

My population lived on love and life. Everyone helped each other and no one fought. There even were no wars. It is hard to immagine a world without jellousy but i did dream it. 

The dark entity came in my world and ruined everything. It made my people for the first time fight each other. They killed each other and hated each other. Slowly but surely they killed most of my world. And i was left with a small amount of people left. I assigned these people to start a peacefull state of mind. But in the end they still killed each other because of jelousy.

I was staring at my world, and i hated it. I wanted to get out of it and start a new one. But i was not able to get out of my dream. And the entity slowly sucked me up into his world. Everyone was getting hurt there. It was what we call on earth ‘hell’. The people here were getting poked with sharp objects and put on fire. They got pieces of their bodies cut and ripped off. All you could hear in this world was pain and agony. Screams and cry’s were heard all over the world.

But the weird thing was, no one stood up to the torture and torment. It’s like they were unable to do anything about it. It was normal.

I started getting sick in my dream. Coughing up blood and feeling a burning sensation all over my body. It felt like my skin was melting off my bones. I felt so overwhelmed i looked for a sharp object and punctured my chest to wake up. 

And i did wake up. I fell to the floor with a bloody knife trough my chest, gasping for air. I survived it tho. Medics were close and were able to pick me up quick and bring me to a hospital. They helped me get back on my feet and helped me with my hatred for the world. 

Eventually the real world was better then my dreams. And i din’t sleep as often anymore. But it was alright, since i still sometimes see hallucinations of my people. And they made me feel warm and loveable inside.

Written by michael.kraus.


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