#13 I’m not alone

“Now my child, that was the story for tonight. you should sleep now” as my mom walks out the room, turn off the light and closes the door i turn my head and look at my brother who then also turned his head, facing me. “That story was really scary i said to him” he nodded and said “don’t wory, i’ll protect you from the monsters” he smiled and turned hus head towards the ceiling. 

I looked at my brother and tought, “he’s so brave”. I lay there in bed looking at the closet. As i look for a while i can see the closet door opening just a little, and a dark hand starts to appear, at least i think it was a hand. It was dark in the room so i could not see that good. But it was scary, so i pulled my blanked over my head. But then i heard a soft thump and a few seconds later, another thump and another one. I started shivering.
I wanted to see what it was but i was so scared. I managed to pull my eyes from below the blanket and managed to just being able to see in the room. It was short, i think about the size of my brother. I looked to my right and i saw my brother wasen’t there anymore. So i looked back at the figure wich now was facing me directly in my eyes. The room was dark but i could see his face. But he had no face. Ice cold breath came out of my lungs and chills went up my spine as i saw my brother looking back at me with no face at all. 

His face looked as if it was just all meat with no holes for his eyes a nose or a mouth. Another chill went up my spine, and i started to feel light headed and i wanted to scream, but my mouth would not move. He started to walk towards me and bent himself over me. He stood next to me. His face was now next to my ear. I could feel a cold breath chilling my neck. Then a realy deep voice came out of his mouth and said, “Don’t wory sis, i’m here to protect you” 

I din’t know what to do, but i could not move anyway, I was paralyzed. I shut my eyes and wished it was all just a dream. But then the thumping started to go to the window. I opened my eyes and saw my brother at the window. He opened it and got on the edge. And since we are on the top floor of the house he could realy hurt himself if he fell.

He turned to face me and said “see you later sis” i yelled as loud as i could when he dropped backwards down the window. My mother came running up the staires and threw open the door to my room. She switched the light on and saw me crying in bed. “He jumped.from the window” i said. My mother sat next to me and wrapped her arms around me pulling me to her shoulder. “Shhh, I know sweety, but that was weeks ago” she pulled her hand from my back to whipe a tear from her cheeck. Why don’t you stay in my bed tonight honey. I nodded and got out of my bed. We walked to my mothers room together and i got in her bed. She was laying next to me with her eyes wide open. Her skin was already decaying and she looked all dark brown and rotten. I turned around and said, good night mom, and closed my eyes. A cold chill went over my spine as i fell asleep.

3 days later.

Detective 1: So your saying she lived on her own for 5 weeks?

Detective 2: Thats correct, but the food ran out and she sadly passed away too.

Detective 1: Well, that is a very sad ending for that little girl. 

Detective 2: You are right, very sad indeed.

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