#12 The ‘Wow’ signal

People read the paper in the train, on the bus, in the morning while eating breakfirst. They read about an article that says that UFO’s have been abducting cartain people. And now they have finally come forth with the story to the papers. 

They talk about their expiriences. Like they saw a lot of light. Some see nothing and some see it all. With all, they mean the spaceship, the aliens, the tools they use. Some even say they could communicate trough their minds.

Well, i think it’s all bullshit. I don’t belive in aliens. I mean, i like movies with alien beings and alien planets. But they can’t be real right? I have watched some documentaries about aliens. And i have also watched the one about the ‘wow’signal. It got me thinking. What if they really send a signal back with radio waves. And we just dismiss the hints as waves of our own planet that messed with the signal. 

I wanted to know it the tape was real so i travled to the tower were the signal was detected. I acted as if i were just a passerby and knocked on the door. They said there is always someone inside and sure enough someone opened the door. He said hello and i replied with a smiling hello back. 

He invited me inside because it was a long walk to the radiodisks park, and gave me some water. We talked for about 2 hours about aliens and other life in the cosmos. He would give me a statement and i would logicly awnser it. He also told me about the wow signal. I said i knew about it, but i had never heard of it. So he pulled out the tape and put it on the ord and dusty tapeplayer. 

You could hear some silence in the tape. The same silence as the tv on a snowy channel, like you recieve no channel and you only see black and white dots. It was ‘white noise’ he said. We were listening and suddenly the man pointed his finger up so i would pay close attention. You could hear more white noise, krrrrrrr. But then i heard something different. Krrrshhhss…krrshhssvvvvooowwww krrrrrrr. The sound sounded like a sound you would get while scrolling trough some frequencies of a radio. It got me stunned.

He said he had more matirial that he had never shown on the documentairy. He grabbed another tape. And asked me.if i believed in aliens. Ofcouse i said i was very skeptical about it. He then smiled back and put the tape on the player and turned it on. Again the same noise, krrrrrrr. It kept going as i listened silently. When suddenly the white noise stopped. I looked at the tape, but it was still rolling. Then a voice came trough, soft at first, but it got louder as seconds passed. 

“Snamuh uoy ot sregnarts on era ew” it said. “Netfo dnik ruoy tset ew” it then said. I loooed at the man sitting in the chair ocross me. “It’s not over yet” he said to me while pointing at the player. I once again pointed my attention to the speakers. “Eurt emoc lliw smaerd rouy” the speakers then said.

He then told me i could keep a copy of the tape and go unravel it by myself. I thanked the man and went home. 

I am now typing this, but not everyone aproves of me spreading the awareness of aliens around. It might sound unbelivable, but if this stort gets deleted you know it is the truth. But they might also not delete it now that i said they might to make you think it is fake. That is how they keep it from us. 

In the end, what you belive is yours to decide. Best wishes.

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