#11 I can’t feel.

Do you ever feel?…. i don’t, i can’t feel. I can feel hate, love, fear, dread. But no pain. I even sometimes accidently break my own fingers, because i can not feel my hands nor my fingers. I can’t walk because i have no sense of balance… because i can’t feel my legs or feet. I sometimes look at my toes and see how far they can bend, but they often snap… My wheelchair carries me around. I can’t chew because i might be chewing my own toung off… wich i one time nearly did because i can’t feel my toung. I have to be fed trough tubes. The uneasy feeling of not being able to feel, is a real pain. I can sleep in an instant but i might wake up to bruises and even something broken. I have broken more bones than i have in my body. They often have no time to heal.  

I do however, feel something. But i don’t know what this feeling is. It makes me feel light. It makes me feel… able to feel.

 My theory is that i’m not realy human. But what am i then…

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