#9,7 My life, chasing my seadream

We neared the docks of tortuga, while men and women were watching us sailing. “Lose the wind and drop the anchor” The captain yells as we get close enough to set out a boat. “We have arrived, get something to drink and fill you’re bellies. We will haul goods early in the morning”

As one of the boats get put into the water the quartermaster and me get in and row to the bay. “We have to go to the store and talk to the merchant about the goods onboard the ship. Then when we have the coins from the goods, we will look for more crew for our second ship” the quartermaster says. We walk around the town and we see the ‘store’ sign hanging on the side of a building.

We walk towards the store and open the door. Inside the building is a very large amount of random goods, from pearls to pistols. The quartermaster walks directly towards the merchant as i still look at all the stuff in wonder. “Oi” the quartermaster says while waving at me in a way to get my attention. As i walk towards the quartermaster i can see a whip hanging on the wall. It is a white scaled whip like the skin of a snake with a silver elegant tip on the end shaped like a hammer. The handle is a black leather, protected by a golden guard and golden strips around it. On the end i can see a skull with red ruby shaped eyes

“Who’s whip is that?” I ask the merchant. “The white one?” he asks. I nod, as he awnsers “that whip belonged to a very ruthless pirate. But it wasen’t just an ordinary pirate. This pirate was a woman. And she had many riches plundered. Rumors say she is still catching the waves on the water. If you ever see a flag with a white skull and red ruby shaped eyes, flee with all your might for she is mercyless” i walk over to the merchant and say “can i buy this whip, i will give you everything i own”

“This is a piece of a legendary set of gear” he says. “In total there are rumored to be seven legenday items with a skull with ruby eyes on them. All i know of is a whip, this one. A sword and a pirate hat. The rest is still unknown to me. So if you want that whip, you will have to do something for me. Would you do that?” He asks. I nod in agreement. He says “right, i have a barque sitting in the shipyard. But i can’t pay for the repairs it needs. If you can somehow get my ship fixed you can have the whip with a nice reward on top.” 

I look at the quartermaster as he looks at me,”go on, grab any oppertunity you can to make your dreams come true” he says while pulling the left side of his mouth up. “I’ll see what i can do straight away” i say. The merchant nods at me and goes into the back room with the quartermaster to dicuss the cargo.

I walk outside and see a bunch of people walking around. Seagulls screaming for no reason and the crackling of the stones and sand from under the sandals and shoes of the people walking by. I look around and ask a person walking by if they could point me to the shipyard. As they point me towards the shore and walk towards it. I soon see the sign that says ‘shipyard’ on in. I push against the door and walk in. 

I see a nicely dressed man with a berret on his head. “Welcome lad, what dingies need fixing?” He says politely. “The mechant in town wants his ship fixed, can we come to some kind of agreement?” I ask. “Well now, and then he sends an errandsboy to pay for him, how curious. You do know he is unable to pay for the repairs of his ship, do you not?” He asks. “Yes i do. Can i help you with anything that can make me pay for his repairs?” I ask the shipyardmaster. “Well there is one thing” he says with a grin “there is a fellow that will come here tomorrow morning to sign a contract. You don’t need to know the details. But when he signed the contract i want you to kill him. You can keep anything he wears or has with him, as long as his blood is not on my hands. He has been a annoyance to the shipyard for a while.” I clear my throat as i think “i have to kill another person… is that realy worth it… taking someone’s life for a whip? No… i have to do this. The skull on the whip was the same as on my ring. I’m sure of it.” As i look up at the shipyardmaster i say “i’ll do it”. He nods and smiles “ok then, i will see you tomorrow at sunrise, don’t be late” he says.

“Thank you” i say to him and walk out of the shipyard. “better go to the inn, get something to drink and eat. And then go to sleep, as tomorrow wil be an eventfull day” as i see the quartermaster come out of the inn i call him over. I tell him about the assignment and he frowns at me. “You will do that for just a whip? You must a mad” he says. I nod and smile “i’ll stay at the inn tonight” i say. The quartermaster agrees and goes back to the boat to go back to the ship. 

I open the doors of the in and greet the bartender. “Good day sir, do you have any spare rooms i can spent the night?” The bartender looks up at me and says “yes we do as a matter of fact we have only one room left. So it’s your lucky day. That will be 1 silver” he says. I look at the bartender with a serious look and he looks back at me and says “mate, you don’t have to rent a room, you can also sleep on the stools here in the bar” i reach into my pocket and put the only silver coin i have on the table. “There you are, now please, show me my room” i say. “Certainly sir” the bartender says. He gets out from behind the bar and walks in front of me.up the stairs to my room. 

“Here tis” he says as he hands me the key to the room. I thank the barkeper and unlock my door and enter the room. I take of my shoes and lay on the bed. “I wonder what things will happen tomorrow. I need to get that whip, no matter the cost” i tought. I turned my body on my side and closed my eyes. And soon fell asleep. 

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