#9,6 My life, chasing my seadream

Massive waves started to form and splashed into the hull of the ships. It was a good thing we secured everything because the ships are bouncing on the waves. Lightning strikes the water with a loud bang and lights up everything in sight. Rain pouring from the sky with drops as big a bullets. 

“I hope the storm passes soon” i think. My stomach is turning a little from all the bobbing. The quartermaster comes in the room and sees me sitting. “First time in a storm eh?” He says. “Just lie down in your hammock, it takes most of the sick feeling away” i nod at him and walk to my hammock. I lay myself in the hammock and indeed, the hammock is not a great fix but it works better then just standing around. 

I get up from my hammock and walk to the quartermaster, who is checking on all the other mates and seeing if they are okay. I ask “when can we talk about the maps?”.” As soon as the storm settles well meet in the captain’s cabin. Don’t forget to bring your map” he awnsered. “Alright” i say as i walk back to my hammock. I lay back down in my and try not to throw up.

I can hear and feel the wind of the storm rushing trough the ship. Water splashing hard against the ships hull. And loud thunder roaring in the distance. The storm doesn’t last long and gets less dangerous. The crew is going back on the deck, so i follow them. The waves were still high and splashing wildly against the ship. I was just about to get up when a massive wave hit us. The sudden movement made me loose my footing and bash my head into the hull of the ship, and everything became a blur and silence took over. Darkness filled my sight as i noticed i fell down. 

I woke up with the sun glaring intonmy eyes. The sea was peacefull again. And seagull sceams and shipmates filled the silence. I squint my eyes and see the quartermaster in a blur standing above me. “Your awake” he says. “Let’s go to the captain’s quarters”. I got up with my head pounding on ny left side. I put my hand on my head and slowly walk towards the quartermaster who is waiting in front of the door. As he opened the door we walked into the room. The room was all messy because of the storm. The quartermaster grabbed two chairs and sat them around the table. 

As he put his map on the table, he said to me “show me the map you bought”. I reach intomy pocket and luckely it’s still there. I take it out and unfold it on the table. “Hmm” the quartermaster says as he rubs his chin while looking at it. “There is no X on my map, your map is a different but drawn in the same style”. As i puck up the quartermasters map i can see light shinig trough it making the map a lightbrown color. I spotted a little circle but i could not see it when i was looking at the map with the naked eye. “Why can’t i see this when i put it on the table” i tought to myself. I take my map while the quartermaster is still looking at it “hey, i was looking at that” he says irritated. “Look” i say while holding the map in the sunlight. The quartermaster and i look at the map. We can see the x become a center point of four lines leading to circles on the map. But there is also another circle on the map wich sits alone, and it is right around the entrance wich looks like it leads to a cave.

I take the map of the quartermaster and the coins outside of the map seem to precicely line up with the items and land on my map. “Why, if that isen’t intersting” he says while looking at the maps with a close look. He points to the corner of the map. “There is writing” he says. “How did i miss this” i tought to myself. “You are right, what does it say” i ask. “Bar…bar..naga, island of many rare… with an… the…that’s all the words on there” he says.”It seems there is still a part of the map missing. 

As we try to look for more clue’s the rest of the day, we get tired and don’t find anything else on the maps. “It seems we have dound everything there is to find on the map” the quartermaster says. I nod yes. “let us go to the captain to tell him our progress on the maps”. “Maybe he knows about any of the clue’s, let’s show him” i say. 

We walk outside to the deck and the quartermaster orders to go to the Medusa with a boat. The crew puts the boat on the water and we get in. Two crew members get in aswell to row the boat to the ship. When we get to the ship we can see the captain already awaiting our arival. The shipmates throw a ladder down and we get on the ship with some help of the captain. 

“We have news” the quartermaster says. “And what might that be” the captain asks. The quartermaster and i walk up to some barrels close to the edge and take out our maps. “When we were docked at bay, we both bought a piece of a treasure map from some curious men” the quartermaster tells the captain. The captain turned his head and made a questionable face. “Show me this” he said. 

We open both maps and share with the captain what we had found. “As you know, a captain always is on the hunt for a new adventure” he says ” this will be our next objective, but we will have to find the other pieces to the map” the captain says. We both nod and cheer in agreement. 

The captain runs up the stair to the steeringwheel and puts his hands next to his mouth. “MEDUSA” he yells. All the crew members look at the captain and stop with what they are doing. “We have a special obective after we are done with the this one” he yells. The crew mates look at each other in a questioning way. “We are going on a treasurehunt!” He announces. The whole crew cheers with happyness and delight to the words of the captain. 

“Land ahoy!” The mate in the crows nest screams. Everyone starts to walk around and getting ready to their positions to fufill their jobs. “We have two days on tortuga! Be back on the shil by first sunlight” the captain says to his crew as his crew cheered another “Hoaa!”

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