#10 Am i ok?

Cold grey clouds are approaching my sight as i look up in the air. The smell of raindrops fills my nostrils, as i breathe in the fresh air. The air makes me aware it’s going to rain soon. As i close my eyes while facing the sky, i can feel a single drop of water fall on my left cheek “I better head inside” i think. I turn to my backdoor and open it. As soon as i step inside the raindrops start coming down in groups.

I wake up, and open my eyes. i notice i am still strapped to the bed because my wrists hurt from the belts wrapped around them. I pull a couple of times trying to break from the belts, but to no result it only ends in more pain in my wrists and arms. 

The room i’m in looks like a futuristic hospital, with white glowing walls and ceiling. I can’t look to the floor as my head is also strapped with a belt, but it seems the floor is illuminating the whole room, like a massive lamp. 

I hear a “kling” sound coming from my right and instantly turn my eyes to where the sound is coming from. I start breathing heavily, and it seems i’m hyper ventilating. 

I hear a footstep, almost like a man’s bare foot on a flat glossy surface. The bare footsteps are getting closer and my hart starts pounding faster as my blood starts rushing trough my veins. I’m in a panic state. But i am unable to do anything about it. 

I slowly see a silluet forming from my left and it doesn’t even look human. It’s looking at me with it’s big black eyes, turning his head while studying me. It places what i think are it’s hand on my arm. Suddenly i feel a stinging feeling in my upper left arm. 

The feeling gets too painfull and i let out a scream. The figure retreats as it got scared by my scream i think. 

Then everything went white. I woke up in my bed with a numb feeling in my left arm… i have been sleeping on it making blood unable to pass trough it wich makes it feel like i don’t have a left arm anymore. 

I walk to the bathroom to splash some water in my face after such a strange dream i had to cool off. I took off my shirt and looked in the mirror to see what my arm looked like, because it was still feeling numb. 

To my shock, there was a black round thing on my arm covered in what seemed like old scars from a burn wound. In the middle was a pulsating red light. I tried to scratch it, but when my nail crossed the surface of the pulsating light it hurt as much as i would cut myself in my arm. 

It’s raining outside, but its clearing up now. Ill go to the doctor tomorrow.

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