#9,4 My life, chasing my seadream

I awoke early, most of the crew was still sleeping. I must have slept just a few hours. I sat up turned to the side of the hammock and put my feet on my shoes. I rub my eyes and let out a silent but big yawn. There is no light coming from the outside, it must still be dark, I tought. I put on my shoes and walked towards the stairs to the upper deck. There were still about seven crew mates walking on the deck, one came towards me and said. Aye, can you take my shift so I can get a few hours’o sleep? I nodded in agreement. I wasen’t doing anything so just keep an eye out for something to do, he said to me as he walked the stair down the deck. Will do, I replied. I see the lantern on the other ship we are soon going to attack, rocking back and forth on the oceans waves. Everything is still peacefull as the wind slowly blows us forward.

Suddenly I hear footsteps coming closer, and I feel a hand land on my shoulder. I look to my right and there stands the quartermaster. Ey there, did you get some sleep, he asked. The hammock is more comfortable then I tought, I said. He chuckled, yeah it’s not that bad. In a few hours we will drift next to them, he said to me. I looked at him and asked, what am I supposed to do? You will be on this ship, you have to make sure no one boards us as we board them. You, as someone who controles a whip, is very valuable on the defensive side. Ye’ll be provided with a leather chestplate and some leather wristbands, so everyone will know they have to grant you space. We have a rule on this ship, if you take out any enemy, you get to keep what they carry, he said to me smiling. I frowned my eyebrows. I have never hurt someone before in that way, I told him. What do you mean, he said. You are a slavemaster, you surely must have hit someone with that whip. I looked out to the ship and cleared my throat, not sure how to reply. Aah, he says, well it don’t matter what kind of slavemaster you are, as long as you can fend off the enemy. Because they don’t care if you are kind or not. They will slit your throat in a second. I gulped at the tought. I only ever got into a fist fight over a few copper coins, but I have never killed anyone. But if someone wishes me dead I will surely return the favor, I tought to myself.

C’mon then, I will show you the weapon storage, he said. I followed him down two stairs and trough one door right in front of the second stair, therewas one door to the left and the right, he opened the left door and pointed me to go inside, with his hand. I walked inside and saw many different kinds of weapons. There were three whips hanging above the top shelf to the right with two morning stars sitting on them. He pointed to the whips and said, you can take any of the whips you like. Also if you want to try out something else, just grab it. But don’t overload yourself. We also have guns in the chest over there. He walks to the corner of the room where he opens a massive chest filled to the brim with pistols and hand cannons. He takes out a singleshot handgun and looks at it from a closer angle, he then puts the gun back and shuts the chest. Well, that’s only if you know how to use one, he chuckles. As I look to my left I see some knives that are stuck in the wood of the table. Yes, you can take those too, the quartermaster says. I see a nice silver knife with a ruby looking stone in the blade and a dark wooden hilt with a nice silver lining on it. I take the knife out of the wood and get a better look at it. The sheath is over here, he says as he grabs a wooden sheath from the table. He hands me the sheath and I slide the blade in, as it fits perfectly. I think i’ll take this one, I say. Good choice, if anyone threatens to come close, you will always have a dagger as a backup plan, I like your thinking, he says. I clip the sheath with the dagger on my belt and also grab a long dark whip from the hook wich I hold in my left hand.

Come with me, the quartermaster says to me, As we leave the room we enter the room ajacent to the weapon room. This room I filled with body armor. The quartermaster reaches to a wooden chest sitting under a table and slides it from under it. He opens it and he takes out an almost black leather body armor with the left shoulder padded with strips of iron. This will be your armor, he says. He also grabs out two dark leather bracelets with an iron strip on the sides. As he hands me the bracelets he tells me to put it on. I take the chestpiece and push it against my torso, on the backside are two leather straps wich I tighten and the body piece fits like it was made for me. I put on the bracelets and tighten the belts on them. The quartermaster looks at me and says, this was the armor of our last whip user. But he died by a cannonball to the head, so the headpiece is gone. But it suits you, and it is yours to keep if you wish. I look down to the front of the chestpiece and see a ring in the middle. It opens and closes as I fiddle with it, I think this is where I put my whip, I think to myself. I put the whip in the ring and jump a few times in the air to see if the ring holds the whip, and it does.

Alright, you are all geared up now, if you find anything else in here you want to wear, you can just take it, as long as you leave some for your other ship mates. You are lucky we have plenty of armor and weapons. Many ships don’t have that luxury. When you are done, I want to meet you in the library. You know where to find it now right?  He asks. I nod, and look at the rest of the pieces in the room, as he walks out the door. There are many armorpieces here, big and small. There is even some chainmail. I see an iron helmet with an iron eye piece and some leather hanging from the iron top. I grab the hat and try if it fits, it is a little tight but when I loosen the strap a bit, it fits better. I take off the helmet and hold it in my hand.

The door of the rooms are still open, so I close both doors and walk up the stars, over the deck of the ship. As I look at the enemy ship I see it’s come a little closer now, and the sky has become a dark blue. Signs of the sun rising, are showing. The wind is still very silent and just breezes trough the rolled up sails. The light in the lantern of the other ship went off as I looked at it. But the sails were all rolled up still. I looked up and saw that we also had all our sails rolled up but one, the one sail unter the nest at the top was rolled out. This would be the only sail carrying us slowly to the enemy.

I walk to the library and open the door to see the quartermaster sitting in the chair, looking in a book. Come’ere he says to me. I walk over to him and see him looking at a blueprint of a ship, with some notes next to it. This is the ship we are attacking soon, he says. He points at a room in the ship and says, this is most likely where they hide the valuable stuff. The quartermaster looks at me and says, we were appointed a mission by a contact to take over the ship and get whatever is inside that room, back to him. We could keep the ship as a reward. There are roughly thirtyfive men on that ship, so taking it over should not be that hard. We will attack with seventy men and keep twenty men on our ship and ten men on five cannons just in case they try something funny. We should be able to take over the ship if they surrender. And if they won’t surrender we will have to take them on by force.

With a blow he shuts the book and takes out a paper of his pocket. He folds it out and lays it on the table. I look at it and it looked like an island with items around it, just somewhat like the one I had. But this one was a bit different. There were only coins drawn on the map. A pile of coins, a bag with coins, a few coins, a little purse, and two single coins. The quartermaster looks at me and says, what do you make of this. It’s an island surrounded by coins, I say after looking at the map. Now isn’t that curious, he said. I nod and say, I also picked up a map like this from the mechant in the towni live, but there were some other things on it. I bought this off a beggar for a few copper coins the quartermaster said grinning. I have no idea what it’s supposed to mean, but who knows, maybe it’s part of something bigger. I nod and say, it is very curious indeed. As he folds up the map he says, right, let’s go to the deck. I think we might be boarding soon. As we both walk to the deck the quartermaster walks down to the deck where the other crew  is still sleeping.

I look over the sea to the other ship, and see the horizon getting lighter. the sky was already an orangy red covered under a blanket of light blue sky. With a thump the door, the doors to the captain’s quarters opens and out comes the captain. Morning lads, he says with a slightly loud and tired voice. Slowly the other mates start filling the deck. Now lads, the captain says anouncing. We are going to pretend to just mind our own thing when we fare next to the enemy ship. No one will move a wrong muscle or you are sharkfood, understood? He yells.  Keep your weapons close and when I give the order we throw the grapplinghooks, and when we are close enough we will put the boarding planks down. In the meanwhile the mates in the mast swing over and get them from above. The mates staying on this side have been appointed other jobs, the rest will attack.

The boat slowly gets closer and closer. in my stomach I get a tingly feeling, this felt realy exiting as the blood rushed faster trough my veins every inch we got closer. I went to my spot on the ship and put my helmet and also the whip out of sight . This way it would not look suspicious. I sat myself down on a box and waited for the captain to give his sign. As we got closer to the other enemy ship, we could see the other people on the ship staring at us, wondering what we were doing here. But seeing we had the same flag they din’t think much of it I suppose, just a friendly visit. The captain of the other ship was also visible. He wore a big red hat and a long red coat. He was obviously the captain. I took a stick from the deck and started sharpening it with my dagger. The dagger went trough the wood like butter, it is a very sharp dagger, i tought.

The captain on the other ship looked suspicious, you could see it by the pase he was walking. He yelled to our captain, do what do I owe the pleasure of a random visit on this lovely morning. We came here to get the goods we ordered, Said our captain. Ah the goods, the other captain said. Lads, grab the goods. A small group of eight men went under the deck. A couple of seconds later the captain suddenly screamed, CHARGE!

I jumped of my crate and grabbed my whip and helmet. a lot of men from our ship swung over to the other ship. The mates on the deck at the edge grabbed grappling hooks from under the railing and threw them over the railing of the other ship, pulling the ship closer. The other captain was caught by surprise and stepped backwards because he did not carry a weapon. He retreated to his cabin and left his men to fight alone. The men that swung over to the other ship were now climbing down on the ropes of the other ship. Three big wooden board planks were spread on the opening between the two ships, making it easy’er for our crew to board the other ship. I walked to the ege of the board plank and looked over to the other side with my whip ready to lash. I also looked above me if no one passed the ropes to our ship.

Suddenly out of nowhere, a guy from the enemy ship jumped up the plank and ran screaming towards me. I rushed backwards, but I went to fast and fell on my back. The guy charged at me with a hatchet and was to close for me to use my whip on him. I rolled over to the side and took my dagger out of my sheath. He was grinning at me, as if he knew I never killed anybody. But I was very focused and walked around him. I knew he was out to kill me, i tought. He then charged at me, swinging his hatchet at my face, I could barely dodge him. As i went under his arm and used my dagger to cut him in his side. He collapsed to the ground with his left hand on his side, and dropping his hatchet. I ran towards him with adrenaline rushing so fast trough my blood I was nearly blinded. I held my dagger high up in the air, ready to stab him with all my might, when he suddenly sobbingly screamed, I yield, I yield. In an instant my sight returned to me. I saw him laying on the ground, he was in much pain. So how could he do anything to me anyway.

I lowered my dagger and walked towards him. I kicked his hatchet away and put the knife to his throat as he turned around. Please don’t kill me, he whispered with tears streaming on his cheeks. I looked in his eyes, and I saw fear, a lot of fear. I then lowered my dagger again and put it back in my sheath. Can you get up, I asked. He shaked his head no. I pulled him on his arms on the crate I was sitting on before. Thanks, he said in pain. I looked around, and saw the captain was fighting two other people. I left my victim behind and grabbed my whip. I ran towards the captain and from a distance whacked one of the fighters on his back. He fell on his knees and the cutlass of the captain penetrated his throat, gushing blood out on the floor. The other guy raised his sword above the captain and I lashed the guy in his right side. As he collapsed, the captain slid the edge of his cutlass through his neck, decapitating him. Heavily breathing he looked at me and smiled, while he regained his footing. The captain saw the guy I cut in his side witting behind my on the create, and started waking towards him. I looked at him as he stared back at me with fear in his eyes. Don’t, I screamed to the captain. The captain looked at me and with his head in an angle and raised his sword above the guy. He is my prisoner, I yelled. The captain started laughing and lowered his cutlass. Take care of him then, he yelled at me.

I ran towards the guy, swung his arm around my neck, and brought him to the medic of our ship downstairs. Patch him up and put him in the prison cargo hold I told him. After I told the medic what to do I rushed back onto the deck. Our captain was waiting for me outside and made a gesture with his cutlass so I would come to him. I jogged to the captain and he said slightly out of breath, now begins the fun part he says.

The captain asks the quartermaster how many people are wounded, only one captain, he says. Today is a good day, he shouts. three men came up from under the deck of the enemy ship, tied with their hands in a rope. We have three more prisoners, the ship mates shouts. With a smirk on the captains face he knocked a few times on the door of the other captains quarters, with the back of his cutlass. The fight is over captain! He yelled trough the door. Come out and you will live. If not, well who knows what is going to come trough that door. The lock from the inside unlocked and the door opened. Out came the captain with the long red jacket. Surrendering his weapon by throwing it out of is hands in front of him. Tie him up, the captain shouted, and bring him to an isolated cell on our ship. Two men grabbed the arms of the captain and dragged him on our ship.

Alright, the captain said. Let’s go search tho holds!. Leave everything in the hold, and only take the special things. Quartermaster, I want you to take someone and check out the chamber we need. Said the captain. The quartermaster pointed at me to my surprise. Let’s go check out whats in there, he said. As we walk down and navigate trough the cargo holds to the chamber of interest we come across much cargo, from realy rare goods to other expensive goods. If we sell this we could afford a whole fleet of battleships, the quartermaster said lauging. I grinned, and kept walking behind him.

There must be the room, he says. We walk closer to the door and he pushes down on the handle making a click sound. The quartermaster slowly pushes the door open. And we saw many chests neatly ordered. We walked to the chests and opened them. There we four chests filled with weapons, two chests filled with tabacco, six chests filled with alcohol and there was one chest with a lock on it. The quartermaster and I were curious as to what might be in the locked chest. We took an axe from the chest with weapons and smacked the lock off. When the quartermaster opened the chest he saw a strange iron metalic shiny cube, with some kind of strange symbols carved in it. And it was filled with cheap gemstones. Nevertheless, they looked pretty. The quartermaster shut the chest and bound the chest with a cloth.

Alright, we have seen enough. I think it’s all here, the quartermaster said to me. We went back up to the upper deck and told exactly what was in the room with the chests. The captain was impressed by the finds. But the cargo that sits in the ship will make for a grand profit, the captain laughed. We head for the pirate island to sell this cargo on the ship, and we should keep the ship and start our own fleet, as we then would have enough money to get a good second crew together. Also we can sell the prisoners on the pirate island.

Getting into the docks wont be easy captain, said the quartermaster. Aye, you are right, we need a plan. He said. The only thing I can come up with is to change the flag into a pirate flag. But we will have to fare a long distance with a pirate flag, as pirates are always scouting the area around that island for their enemies. Said the quartermaster. Good thinking, the captain said. Then it’s decided. We will first go to Tortuga and sell our goods, then we will return to your home island, as he looked at me. After that we will try to find a good crew to make a second combat ship out of this big bucket, the captain said. It’s almost bigger then my own mighty medusa, but I would never leave her.

I would have to appoint a new quartermaster and the current one will be the new captain of that ship. We will fare in a fleet to make other sea travelers think again about aporaching us. We can do very profitable and more transports, the captain explained to his crew, as they gathered around. We devide our crew we have and my quartermaster will take the wheel of our new ship. Let’s set sail to tortuga! The captain cheered. And everyone cheered with him.

13 thoughts on “#9,4 My life, chasing my seadream

  1. I like where the story went today, and is going. You asked me how you can write better. Well, there should be quotation marks, commas etc. But if the grammar part is too hard, what some people do is pay someone to copy it with the grammar all done for you. I think this would make a nice book for young people who like an adventure story.

    I think your descriptions of the fighting and the ship are good. I think it would be interesting to have a bit more on what the boy is thinking about and his feelings. The weapons room scene was good, I thought. And him thinking about killing someone for the first time was good, but you could add more thoughts from him on that.

    I don’t know how pirates fought back in the day, so all you wrote may have been right about that. It is good to do some reading on what you are describing. I especially like that the boy uses a whip, which is very different. And it is good how you introduced that into the story as the Captain misunderstanding him. You have real talent for thinking up stories and putting a twist on them and making them your own.

    I remember reading about a famous author who never put grammar marks in his works. The publisher did it for him. Like I said, you can pay someone to do that for you if it’s a pain in the neck. Lol One thing about writing that I know from experience and from my mother, who got some writing published. That is to write it once. Look at it again the next day. You will see mistakes and you will get more ideas. Then put it aside and look at it the next day. As you write, you will get better and better.

    Now that it is possible to self-publish on Amazon, we all have a good chance to sell books one day. It is pretty exciting.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I am realy trying to get my english better each time i write a new story. And indeed i can put our protagonist in thestory with more toughts. Yesterday i dint sleep that night. I think it would have been better if i have a good night sleep to be honnest. Ill pur more toughts in his head. And maybe i will pay someone to correct my writing when i actually think i have an almost complete book. But ill try to think of something, maybe my english teacher can help me. Thank you very very much for.your input and tips. It will deffenitly help me c:

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  2. MINDBLOWING STORY! NO NEED 2 be to much possessive about perfection & English.I mean little Spelling mistakes can be Ignored & even Readers can also Understand very well…Don’t worry,that much about spelling while Writing Bcoz U’r Stories r that much interesting & better,As reader might love 2 complete the reading Instead of pointing Spelling mistakes,My Dear……..👌👌👌

    Liked by 1 person

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