#7 Being cured.

Isn’t it beautifull. As the morning clouds dissapate in front of the sun. The sunlight hits my face, and blinds me by it’s warmth and light. i close my eyes and take in the almost flight sensation i get from the feeling of being free from all the ties of worry from the world. I widen my arms and i let the warm breeze flow trough my hair and on the side of my cheeks wich almost feels like being stroked by your loved one.

Have you ever felt the sensation of freedom that you tought you could fly over land and sea. The smells and aroma’s the ocean makes you inhale wich cures illness and dread. The fresh smell of curating salt. Tiny drips of salted water hit your face and vaporize almost instantly as the sun hits your face again. The dried up water makes your skin feel silky smooth when the salted water dries up.

The taste of the air of the sea as you slowly breathe in and slowly breathe out, wich makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside. Having the feelings of butterflies in your stomach and head as you breathe. The sound of the waves as they splash into each other, creating a slight foam layer wich dissapears as fast as it appeared.

You dip your hand into the water and feel the slightly cold but warm liquid flow trough the openings of your fingers. As you put your other hand into the water you feel almost as if you are grabbing the sea. And you feel connected to the water as if it were almost yourself. The water feels so good around your wrists you decide to dip your head into the water. The water feels so extreemly satisfying, you can’t help but slowly let youself slip into the water. The air you take in as you go under the water feels soft and warm. You close your eyes and slightly let yourself sink into the ocean.

The weightless sensation you get from the water that carries you into the flow of it’s currents. It’s as if floating after a long night of worry into your silky smooth bed that makes you feel warm. You cant help but open your eyes and look around. The sea life and the countless colors of the coral is beautifull. Your feet can feel sand between your toes. You wiggle the oceanfloor sands between them as they make you feel as if you were standing on a beach.

You exhale the air from your lungs and close your eyes. You take in all the beauty you have expirienced and you feel liquid coming up you eyelids. Bus as your tears come up they quickly dissapear in the vastness of the salty sea. The current is slow and peacefull. You open your.eyes for the last time and look up. Slight beams of light hit your face trough the clear blue sea. This is it, you cant inhale anymore. And you are to far away from the surface to swim there. Your sight slowly dissapears and your mind feels like it getting blurry, but you don’t struggle as the peacefullness of the sea carries you. You accept your faith. No more worry, no more pressure, no more nothing…

Suddenly you change into a narwhale and the horn you carry pierces trough the salty sea as you rush up to the surface, you jump as high as you can over the surface of the water and you make the most beautifull wave from the water as your tail rushes you into the air. You bow to the sun as you touch the water with your horn again. And went back in the water as fast as you came out of it. You swim swiflty with the fishes and other sea creatures. You rush to the surface once again and fly into the air as you wish you could fly you change into a seagul. You wings carry you into the group of other seaguls. Together you rush into the fresh wind of the salty air. You see a bright light wich reminds you of the sun so you decide to part youself from the group and fly towards is. You fly and fly untill your wings can’t carry you anymore. Everything becomes bright and warm. You feel a soft sensation as if standing on the softest carpet you ever stood on. Then out of nowhere you hear a voice saying softly: no need to worry my child for you are safe.

Your mind gets funny when it’s on the brink of death.
Written by Michael Kraus.

28 thoughts on “#7 Being cured.

  1. Wow 😳!!
    Great description and very explicit visualization.. of a wonderful feeling how you are affected by everything around you…

    But I was actually taken aback 😲 by the ending when it all came down to death..

    I can always feel those feelings and enjoy the effects of it all..
    I love to go off in a world of my deep senses and bring out thoughts of these..

    But I never thought death…

    I always so thankful to be alive to enjoy 😊 it all…

    Did get lost in your deep description of your thoughts and emotions though…
    thanks for sharing

    Liked by 2 people

    • I was actually going to stop at the part you were surprised. But i tought id add a very strange twist to the story just because its something differen. And i love stories with an extreme wow factor, something that makes you think: omg i never expected that. Or something that gives you the chills.
      But the story wasent realy about death so much. The story was about enjoyment, and enjoyment that went to the fullest and deadliest extend.
      I realy realy appriciate you comment. This is realy what keeps me going. I realy like it when people judge my work like this. So thanks again c:

      Liked by 2 people

      • I have lots of toughts and creativity. I dont think it is ever going to run out to be honnest. But if i keep to one story a day, it actually makes me pumped up to make a realy good story. Thank you very much. And i dint realy mean judging but rather giving your opinion :p i cant realy find the right word :p

        Liked by 1 person

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