#3 It’s an easy choice, right?

You have 2 choices. Choice one, you get to save someone you love that is very ill with an uncureable desease. Or choice two, you get to feed 100 people that are very hungry. If they won’t eat something soon they will die. But they won’t know you did not help them if they die. What would you choose. It is a diffucult question right? I know it is, because i had to awnser this question once. And i chose one of the choices. But it does not matter wich you choose. In the end the decision you make will give you nothing but regret. It wil eat on you untill it starts driving you mad.

One day a mysterious man came up to me. He looked very crooked, like a homeless person perhaps. And he asked me if I had any spare change. I looked at the man with discust and told him to move aside and let me trough. I pushed the man away and ignored the man. He yelled at me, “You will regret that!”  I tought nothing of it, and the man disappeared in the distance and crowd behind me. I went on doing my usual day routines and at night I went to bed.

The next morning when I walked to the front door I saw an unadressed letter under the mailbox. I took the letter and put it on the coffee table in the livingroom. And I went to get something to drink. I called my brother in the hospital who was diagnosed with uncureable braincancer. He had been in the hospital 3 days now since he got a stroke and then was brought to the hospital. I asked him how he was doing and he told me he had a great deal of pain in his whole upper body. I told him to hang on and that I would come by right away. I grabbed my keys and got the car out of the garage and drove to the hospital. When I arrived at his room a doctor came out. He asked if I was family. “I’m his brother” I awnsered. He nodded and let me trough after telling me, he is not doing well. I thanked the doctor and went to see my brother inside.

He looked very pale and tired. As I grabbed his hand he started crying. I asked him why he was crying. “I have only got about 3 more days to live, the doctors concluded doing anything was too late and an approach would kill me. I felt water coming out my eyes as I got a lump in my throat. I talked for another 2 hours with my brother and eventually I went home. Being upset with all that has happened to my brother I decided to try and get some sleep.

The next morning still thinking about my brother, i rememberd i still had an unopened letter on my table. With my cup of coffee in my hand i walk to the table and pick up the letter. As I take a look on both sides of the letter and see nothing, I open the letter. There is a folded piece of paper in there. I decide to put my coffee down and sit down on the couch. I take the letter out of the envelope and fold it open. It reads, “this is a letter that is only to be viewed by you! Do not share this letter with anyone, not even your family. Now then, I will tell you why I have sent you this letter. I know your brother is in a life threatening situation. But so are 100 other people. I have the power to grant you one choice of the following options. Your brother will be healed and he will live a long life. Option two is, you can save 100 people from dying from hunger. There is no need to question what I know and any of my methods. All you need to know is that if you choose to cure you brother, all of the 100 people will starve to death. And if you choose to be able to feed the 100 people, your brother will lose his life. All you have to do is burn or destroy this letter in any way if you want to save your brother. Keep the letter and show it to your brother if you want the 100 people to starve and your brother to live. Only you and your brother will have to live with the tought you killed the 100 people. Also, don’t think this is fake. Because ask youself this, how am I able to know your brother is sick. This also is not a fake letter by any means. But it is your choice to belive me or not.  Also if you leave the letter alone, you will get the same illness your brother has. The choice is yours.”

I din’t think much of the letter to be honnest, so tough about it and I took the letter with me to the hospital to my brother. I showed him the letter and he laughed. “you realy believe this bullshit” he said with a smile. “you would even let 100 people die just so I could live?” 

As soon as my brother read the whole letter it became grey like ash and pulverized in my brothers hands. We both looked at each other and knew the letter wasen’t a joke anymore. That night i sat the whole night in the chair next to my brother. Then in the morning the doctor came to check up with my brother who saw me in the chair half asleep. “I know it must be hard for you” the doctor said to me as he walked to the machine. A few second later he gasped and looked at my brother, and then back at the screen. “what’s wrong?” I asked. “How do you feel” the doctor asked my brother. “better then ever” he said. I saw fear in the doctors eyes as he looked at me. He ran out of the room and yelled for another doctor.

Two other doctors ran into the room and I was ordered to get out of the room. At first I din’t want to leave, but my brother said it was okay. So I waited in the hallway. Inside I heard all kinds of sound of doctors gasping and saying “oh my god, how is this possible”. After about ten minutes a doctor came out with a somewhat happy but also a little fearfull face he told me “your brother is okay”. “what do you mean?” I ask the doctor. “His cancer… it’s gone!” he says with a loud voice. I couldn’t believe my ears. I ran inside the room and saw my brother crying while he sat on the bed. “your okay!” I screamed. He looked at me with fear in his eyes and nodded. Then it struck me. Suddenly everything became black before my eyes. A few seconds later I wake up in a chair with my brother sitting beside me. I feel my head… it hurt. “you landed on the back of your head” he said to me.

All of a sudden we see about 10 doctors running towards the entrance of the hospital. With curiosity we look to see what’s happening. We hear many sirenes coming from the distance. Then many carts are brought in the hospital with white bags. Everyone looks scared and steps away. As we look at the carts we see body’s of men, body’s of women and the fragile body’s of children laying in the open bags… lifeless. The carts never seemed to stop coming. My brother and me sat there in the chair, crying.

We have tought about doing things to save people, donate money to charity. But nothing is ever going to be enough for all the deaths we have caused. What we chose was unforgivable. We have even tought about killing ourselves, but then all those deaths would have been for nothing.


I hope you will never have to make a choice like this. Everyday I think about the faces I saw passing by in the hospital. We knew what happened, they din’t. and it was my choice. I killed 100 people, and I can never forgive myself.

Written by Michael Kraus


4 thoughts on “#3 It’s an easy choice, right?

  1. Wow stunning write up, a frightening perspective on the choices of a life. I use to think that it is a boon to us, this ability of choosing, but this story of yours does question our choices.

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