#2: Jacob!

‘Jacob!’ I heard my mother scream for me. So i ran towards her voice. Right there on the ground i sat down. She gave me a nice cold drink wich i almost threw over my face. After i finished my drink and i decided to go play outside. So i asked my mother if she could open the door. Eventually she did and i ran out of the opening of the door into the yard. There i saw the mailman. He is my best friend, everytime he visits he gives me some candy. After about an hour i returned back inside to eat. And short after that i had to go to bed. My mother would sing a song while stroking her hand on my head untill i fell asleep. 

‘Jacob? Jacob!’ I hear all of a sudden. I hear my mother screaming for me. And in a shock i stand next to my bed. I scream ‘mom! Mom! I am here!’ I try to reach the doorknob but its too high, i cant reach it. My mother opens the door pushing me on my back. ‘Oh oh, i’m sorry’ she says with tears rolling over her cheeks. She picks me up and carries me to the hallway where we have to go dowstairs. I can see black smoke coming from everywhere. And a loud beeping starts to come from the ceiling wich hurt my eardrums. She carries me down to the living room and puts me on the ground to get her keys so she can open the door. But she is not able to find them. as she dissapears in the smoke, i sit there on the ground waiting for her return. All of a sudden i hear a loud scream, ‘Aaah’ wich repeats a couple of times. I start to panic and run towards the screams. Trough the smoke i can see my mother endulged in flames. She is burning! And as she turns to look me in my face i can see all of her flesh getting eaten away by the hot flames. She falls on her knees and tries to say something to me. But i couldn’t understand her. I screamed at her like i never screamed before. ‘Mom! Mom! Wake up!’ But she wouldn’t move. She was lifeless. I lay next to her so i can be close. The flames catch around me, i cant escape anymore. The flames are climbing on my body. I start to cry… But it doesn’t hurt. what was i supposed to do anyway? I cant open the door, i cant even reach it… i’m just a dog. 

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