#1(traveler of mystery): mystery horror thriller, part 1

As i walk trough the hallway i feel like someone is breathing down my neck. the hairs on the right side of my face, neck and shoulder shoot in the air and give a chill. ‘But there is no one out here’ i think. When i turn my head around to look forward i can see the dark brown oaken wood of the front door. There are 3 big silver numbers on there, 231. ‘This must be my room’ i say softly. as i look on the keychain to see if the numbers match, i nod. 

I turn the key and raise it to the keyhole. as the key slides in it makes a chunky clicking sound. The door opens a few inches with a light creek, As i push the door open. i step inside of the small room filled with little furniture. There is a small white bed that could only fit one person. There is also a light brow clothing closet with one door open. I can also see a nightstand with a little lamp on it wich i can see, is not even plugged in the wall. So i walk to the closet on the soft grey carpet and and slowly close the closet door. I’m looking in a mirror wich seems to be stuck to the closet door from behind. I take a quick look at my self and i can see my hair is quite the mess. To my right is a window wich i am able to open, but i was told not to open the window because the hotel staff had trouble closing it. Wich i tought was fine, because i was only going to stay here for one night. After all, it was dark outside and there wasent realy anything to take a look at, except for a few trees wich were lit up by the hotelsign.

After a little pondering trough the room i plunged myself into the soft white blankets and pillows on the bed and closed my eyes. But i still felt like someone was watching me, i just… could not place it. So i shook my head and tought to myself i was just tired of the long distance i had driven. It was soundless in the room. I could even hear my own hartbeat in the pillow next to my ear. I exhaled with a sigh as i got up from the bed and undressed myself to get ready for bed. I took of my jacket off and threw it on the ground as i did with my other clothes untill i stripped to my boxers. As i get on the bed and pull the warm fluffy blankets over my shoulders i close my eyes.


I jump out of bed as the loud sound travels with a piercing pain trough my ears. I scan the room, but it’s very dark. The light from the hotelsign is not illuminating any light. So i try to make my way trough the dark to the light switch, i can feel with my fingertips i have found the switch next to the door. I try to flick the switch multiple times, but nothing happens. My hand goes to the doorknob. And as i try to turn the doorknob it is stuck in place. ‘Why won’t the door open?’ I asked myself in a panic state. I throw myself over the bed to reach for my phone in my trousers that is lying on the ground. BRRZZZZ… A sound coming from the darkness that makes my hair stand up from my feet to the top of my head. I see a bright light outside that is slowly getting brighter, as if something is slowly coming down. As the room quickly fills with light i can hear slight whistle sounds coming down from outside. The light becomes brighter and brighter, until i have to look away because my eyes are starting to hurt. A warm sensation comes over me. But the warm sensation becomes warmer, hot even. I slowly start breathing heavely as the heat increases and i start to panic, but i’m frozen in place. My mucsles won’t move an inch and i feel like my body is about to collapse. The heat starts to eat at my flesh as i realize im getting burnes all over my forearms and nose. After that realisation my head starts to spin out of controle and i get light headed. Then everything turns black… it’s silent again…no heat or burning sensation. Am i dead? I think to myself. ‘No’ i say, as i’m sure dead people don’t think. 

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